Just Can't Let Her Go

Ella thought her life was all worked out until she gets offered a once in a lifetime oppunutinity and has to leave some of her life behind, well i'm gonna stop giving it away so just read it lol.


8. Driving Away

I was so upset that i couldn't even see the road because of all my tears, then my phone bleeped

From: Harry

I'm so Sorry come back and let me explain

harry xx

From: Ella



Harry didn't reply to the last message i sent which was good, i guess.

Then i let the tears go, they all leaked like a waterfallI was so upset that i couldn't even see the road because of them all.

then i heard a truck horn obviously telling someone to move out of the way, i check my rear view mirror to look at my mascara.

I saw the truck lights, it was coming straight at me i swerved off the road to get out of the way for the truck but i skidded down a hill that flipped my car over and over until a tree stopped my car as the car was skidding i was blacking out the last thing i saw was me with blood leaking everywhere upside down in my car.


okay i know i seem like a dick at this point but the reasoning behind me doing what i did with Mel was because she told me that Ella did the same thing with Louis, because Louis told her.

"I still feel bad that we did that and she caught us, but i had to get back at her she can't do that and get away with it." i said looking at the ground.

"yeah haha plot twist she didn't have sex with Louis, she he force kissed her, i just really like you." she says looking nervous

"what. the. fuck. melanie. WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME," i said feeling more mad than i have ever been " GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW"

Melanie got up, didn't even bother to get dressed grabbed her things and left.

as she left my phone started ringing so i checked it, it was a private number so i answered it

"hello, this is Harry Styles speaking."

"hello, Harry this is cheshire hospital, do you know a Ella James?"

"yeah i do, why?"

"i'm sorry to inform you, but Ella got into a major car crash, which ended with her being stuck in her car upside down with a tree on top of her, she is now in a deep sleep we are not sure if it's a coma yet though, you can come up and visit her now if you would like too."

"yeah i'll come up now."

then i hung up the phone, how could i have done this to Ella, why did i have to do that with Melanie in the first place, ugh i hate myself for that.

I got in my car and called the boys and they're girls and they are all coming up too, i explained to them what happened and for a bizarre reason they don't blame me.

I got into the waiting area and told the lady at the front with my arms crossed on the desk "which room is Ella James in?" "E14" she told me and i nodded got into the lift and went to E level and found her room, the others were already there.

when i saw Ella with all the cords connected to her i almost broke down in tears.

"I saved a seat next to Ella for you, haz" Perrie said to me

i sat in the chair and held her hand and sang to her while rubbing her hand

"isn't she lovely,

isn't she wonderful

isn't she precious

less than one minute ol-"

i stopped because she made a noise and she opened her eyes, Sophia ran to go get a doctor.

When she came back with a doctor he took a look at her.

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