Just Can't Let Her Go

Ella thought her life was all worked out until she gets offered a once in a lifetime oppunutinity and has to leave some of her life behind, well i'm gonna stop giving it away so just read it lol.


6. BreakFast


the next morning when i woke up, i honestly thought i would of forgotten if the kiss, but it scared me even more, to be honest i didn't completely hate it.

It reminded me of when we dated, the way he looked at me.

As i was walking down the stairs, i saw Melanie sitting at the desk scrolling on instagram.

I walked past her to get to the fridge to get a drink, "Hey Mel, how did you sleep?" i said while scratching the back of my head, she was jumpy, when i said that to her she jumped, "look we need to talk!" she said to me closing her phone and standing up to put it on the counter, "yeah sure…" i said feeling nervous, did she know about me and Louis, "Why did you kiss Louis?!?! what were you thinking" she said looking me straight in the eye, "He kissed me! he grabbed my face and made out with it, i promise i wouldn't to that to haz!" i told her with a serious face on.

Harry then came downstairs, so we shut up, he gave me a quick soft peck on my lips, "Morning babe." he said in his sexy morning voice, " Hey melanie how are you?" he said to her and she nodded.

"Okay so, i have to go to town to do some errands, like shopping and picking up some t-shirts, you guys stay here okay?" you told them while you all were eating breakfast.

When it was time to go do my errands, i grabbed my purse and keys, "bye guys!" i scream at the bottom of the stairs, Harry ran down and gave me a very passionate kiss on the lips "bye love you!" he said between kisses he gave me on my neck.

When i got in the car, i put the radio on and the weeknd was on it was my favourite song "star boy" after 19 minutes of driving to the shops, i realised i forgot my phone in my bedroom.

i turned my car around and started to head back home.

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