Dragon heart

Please excuse the mistakes! I hope you like it.

Queen Sandra, the pack leader of all dragons finds that her own dragon got murdered.
But as a her dragon had a baby... Would that brighten up everything?


4. Something I never knew

Different scene



I named the cub fire heart.

It felt right to me that he had a warm heart already and he was full of joy.

I sat on my bed with fire heart in my arms, snuggled up on my chest.

It eyes were shut tight and it was breathing heavily, in and out.

I shut my eyes and tried to imagine fire heart, soaring in the air, teeth bared out and all the magical powers we still had to find out.

If ice hearts were camouflage, poison, and ice, would fire hearts still be the same?

Or what about the father? I never got to know about the father.

I drifted my thoughts away and fell into a deep sleep.




"Fire heart! Stay out of it!" I yelled harshly at fire heart who had he's head dug into a bowl of porridge.

"Eliza, can you get him out of that bowl?" I said, rubbing my temples.

"Yes your majesty"

I watched her grab fire heart by the tale and gently, pull him out.

I had the urge to laugh at he's face, all smudged up with porridge and he's gold eyes standing out.

But I knew that was not polite for a queen todo.

He gave out a little whine, scrawling in the air and biting Eliza on the wrist.

"I'm so sorry Eliza, here let me take care of it."

I rushed up to her and catched a glimpse of her face in pain. Her beautiful blue eyes didn't look blue anymore. They looked like an ocean with grey clouds above.

"Fire heart! No biting again."

I gently held him in my eyes and rubbed a towel over he's head from one of the kitchen maids.

Then fire heart did this weird face. He's eyes squinted and he's mouth was open, revealing tiny teeth. He tipped back its head and sneezed.

A whole gush of fire came out of he's mouth and landed on the maids apron who was now stomping every where, screaming "IM ON FIRE!!!!!!"

Maids and servants rushed to her aid and threw buckets of water on her apron and the fire died down.

A Giant black spot appeared on her apron and I apologised like crazy.

"It's okay your majesty" she said in an uneasy voice.

In my head I was quite happy that fire heart had powers already revealing.




I aimed steadily, my hands sweating on the grip of the knife.

I looked at the bulls eye, not tearing my eyes from it and threw with all my might at the target.

The knife stabbed in the bullseye and joy rushed threw my body.

Claps echoed the room and I smiled happily taking the next weapon.

A bow and arrow.

when I was younger I would never put down the bow. Each day I would practice and keep practising until my arms were about to fall of. 

Ice heart loved the bow and arrow as much as I did.

I set up my arrow and gently placed it in the bow, I stretched my right arm and aimed at the next bulls eye. 

I breathed steadily and squinted my eyes, my fingers slipping...


BANG! The door slammed open and I set my bow down and whipped my head around. 

People gasped and scattered away clinging on to each other. 

My jaw dropped. 

The killer of my dragon, the one who destroyed my life. Simon was standing at the door way, hands in fists and eyes stirring with evil.

He wore a red cloak that reached to the floor hiding weapons strapped around him.

I gazed in shock at he's face, scars splattered on he's face and a wicked grin. 

Anger rushed through me and I could feel my face becoming red. My heart pumping in my ears.

Without thinking I ran towards him and screamed in anger, but quick as a whip, he's hands shot up and a powerful blow hit my stomach, sending me in the air and knocking my head against a wall. 

The world felt fuzzy and I blinked trying to see where he was. 

Pain rushed up to my head and I gritted my teeth holding the urge to scream.

People whimpered and screamed backing away from Simon who was now making he's way to me.

I tried to say something but a cough came out instead. He was coming closer, and by the time he got here, I would be dead. 

I crawled my way to the weapons table and reached out my arm to find any sharp weapon, objects shattering on the floor beside me. 

My hand landed on a sharp tip and I quickly grabbed the handle, clenched in my fist was a knife.

Simon was now behind me with he's hand stretched out to do another blow but I held out my knife in front of me. 

He stopped and grinned wider, a chuckle escaping he's mouth. 

"if you take one step near me, I will kill you the exact same as you did to ice heart!" I said spitting the words out.

He froze he's brown eyes staring deep inside me.

Then out of no where, he tipped he's head back and laughed. 

I looked was completely confused and my head was spinning with questions.

"What?" I asked harshly. 

It took a while before he stopped laughing and paid attention to me.

"Did you really think I killed ice heart?" He asked dazed.

Everyone in the room stopped and had the same face I had.

"Yes" I said.

"Well... it wasn't me" He said and then he continued laughing.

I was speechless with words now. I forgot the pain in my head and stomach and everything else around me. 

Simon didn't kill Ice heart? Was I tricked all along?

Guards spilled through the door, weapons ready in hand and running toward Simon.

Some of the guards came to my aid and started to ask questions about whether I was shot or something like that but I didn't answer any of them.

I watched the guards wrestle Simon and chain him to the ground, and pulling him away. 

"Wait!" I yelled.

The guards stopped and shot me a look like I was crazy. 

"I need to ask Simon one more thing" 

Simon looked at me with plead in he's eyes. 

"Why did you come here?" 

He paused for a while and stuttered out words.

"It was an order to kill you."

"An order from who?"

He gulped and looked down. 

"Your sister, Eliza"




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