Dragon heart

Please excuse the mistakes! I hope you like it.

Queen Sandra, the pack leader of all dragons finds that her own dragon got murdered.
But as a her dragon had a baby... Would that brighten up everything?


1. gone forever

Hey guys! Pls excuse the mistakes and I hope you like it!



I sat staring at my mirror, my pine green eyes seeping into my reflection. My long lashes curved swiftly as I blinked.

I gazed at my chocolate brown hair in a tight braid reaching down to my hips.

I paused for a while looking down towards my black suit of armor and my sharp knife.

A knock sounded from the door.

"Come in" I say softly, tearing my gaze from the mirror.

The door creaked open and I could see Eliza staring at me with a thousand guards behind her.

"Your highness, you have to come and see this."

My heart skipped a beat.

"It's your dragon"

Ice heart. I should of known, Simon and his dragons warned me they were coming to get her.

"Show me now!" I yelled at Eliza and the guards.

She nodded, her head down and lead me through a series of hallways.

My eyes scanned around, gazing at the people outside, staring at me and whispering:

"Queen Sandra" and "the news she's going to find out"

Normally my people would be cheering and bowing and pushing over people to see me.

I was worried and concerned and I was bursting to know what happened.

I gazed at Eliza.

"Eliza what has happened" I said grabbing her shoulder and turning her to face me.

She looked at me, her lips parted to say something. Her beautiful blue eyes stared longing at me, then she whipped around and continued to walk.

I always hated it when she did that. She would never answer to anything only if I ask her what was in my tea or if my bed was done. I gazed around again, looking into the windows of the training rooms, dragons teeth bared out and swishes of the tale. I smiled thinking about ice heart. My very own dragon. She was the best in the kingdom and everybody wanted her.

We stopped to a halt outside in the courtyard. Before my eyes was deep purple blood that flooded the grass. The grass wasn't green anymore, it was a yucky dark color.

"Dear lord, what has happened?" I asked the guards, bent low examining the blood.

They ignored me.

"I said what has happened?" I asked more louder.

My people backed away from the blood, frightened.

I wanted to go over to them and tell them everything was alright.

"Queen Sandra, I think it's better of if you should go see for yourself." One of the guards said.

I scanned my eyes around the crowd and spotted a little girl, holding her mums hand and asking"mummy? What happened to the dragon?"

The mother only looked up at me eye to eye and hurriedly looked away.

I started following where the trail of blood ended. My guards stared at me their faces hiding a bit of worry in them.

I found a group of people in a massive circle crowding around something. I followed Eliza, weaving my way between the crowd.

The the world stopped. I wanted to dig up a hole and never come out again. I was too speechless. My mouth turned try.

Before my eyes was my dragon. The size of it was huge. It's ocean blue scaly body was crumpled, purple blood spilling out of its neck.

It's green eyes stared in one spot and its body was still and cold.

It was dead.

"No!" I yelled on the top of my lungs.

"It's impossible! Ice heart is still alive!"

I ran towards my dead dragon but soft tough hands grabbed my arms.

"Sandra listen to me" I could hear my brothers voice. My brother, Will.

"There's nothing you can do"

I struggled from his firm grip, the people staring mildly.

I didn't care about anything anymore, I didn't care about myself.

"Let go of me!" I said through clenched teeth.

More rough hands grabbed me and I knew they were my guards.

"Queen Sandra you have to stop, she's gone."

Eliza stared at me, her eyes told me to stop.

I relaxed and sank to my knees, the guards hands releasing me slowly.

Blood soaked my trembling knees as I looked at the deep cut on ice hearts Neck. Her eyes were glued on the castle behind me.

" Ice heart" I whispered tears streaking down my face. I knew they were coming after her.

My brother placed a hand on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry" he whispered back. "It was to late, there was nothing I could do."

I couldn't bare to look at Ice heart Anymore.

I imagined ice heart In so much pain, wishing to see her baby...

"When did this happen?" I asked looking at my brother.

He's short brown hair swooshed in the wind, covering his ocean blue eyes.

"An hour ago"

An hour ago. How could I have not known she would of died then?

"Is the baby alive?" I asked worriedly.

There was a long silence.

"It is alive and only hatched right after Ice heart died." My brother said in a rush, blinking away tears.

Ice heart didn't even see her young dragon hatch or grow up.

I dug my face into my palms and wept for ages, my hands soaking with tears.

I could hear Will yelling to the guards saying to bring the baby dragon over here.

I was so annoyed at my guards, not noticing that Simon came along and killed the best dragon in the kingdom.

There were hustling footsteps running closer. I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Everybody grew silent.

One of my guards was holding a brown basket, bits of white egg surrounded it. I looked up more closely over the basket, tears dripping of my chin.

There I saw a baby dragon. It's eyes slit closed and a beautiful light green color. It was the size of my arm, puny wings grew on the sides of its scaly body. I gazed at its mouth open with tiny teeth inside. It was yawning and it tumbled around trying to find its mother. It gave out a little yelp and swooshed its spiky tail, side to side. A bit of hatched egg sat on the top of its head. I took out a shaky finger and grabbed the bit of egg on its head. Then to my amazement, it opened its eyes. It's eyes were amazing, fluttering gold that sparklers in the sun. It blinked once then twice, looking at me.

I smiled happily, starting to stroke its neck downwards.

"Just like your mother, happy, gentle and so strong." I say wiping the tears of my face.

I stopped stroking it, and walked slowly to ice heart, to where her eyes were. Gold and magnificent. I looked at her eyes, one last time. I pulled out a hand and closed them both.

My dragon I grew up with, loved and cared for, didn't exist anymore.

It was gone forever.


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