Dragon heart

Please excuse the mistakes! I hope you like it.

Queen Sandra, the pack leader of all dragons finds that her own dragon got murdered.
But as a her dragon had a baby... Would that brighten up everything?


6. Eliza was my sister

I couldn't believe it. Eliza was my sister.

I stared blankly at the soldiers knocking out Simon in one blow and dragging him to the dungeons. I watched my worried people with pale faces giving each other nervous glances at me and each other. I watched the soldiers asking me a dozen questions, grabbing my shoulders with their weary hands. 

I was too speechless to say anything. An image of Eliza appeared in my head, her beautiful face and eyes, long dark lashes and hair... She was too beautiful to see the evil in her. 

"Queen Sandra! Please listen to me!" 

I snapped awake, blinking harshly and focused on the guard before me. 

"u-uh... sorry" i said quickly. 

The door snapped open and my brother came stalking in, he's green eyes wide like saucers. 

"Sandra, My god are you okay? He said and gave me a bear hug. I pulled away from him and stuttered my words out.

"M-Mike, Eliza..."

He nodded and said "I know everything"

"How could she?"

Mike's eyebrows furrowed together. 

"We need to get out of here"

He lead me down a series of hallways with the guards following behind, there armour clattering on there strong bodies. My head ached and pounded endlessly and my vision went blurry again. I blinked hard trying to get my vision back again. 

"Are you okay?" Mike said scanning my face. 

"I think i have to go to the..." before i could finish my sentence, the world turned black.


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