Dragon heart

Please excuse the mistakes! I hope you like it.

Queen Sandra, the pack leader of all dragons finds that her own dragon got murdered.
But as a her dragon had a baby... Would that brighten up everything?


2. burnt to ashes

The night air gave me shivers crawling down my back. The stars were glittering, watching the fire warm up everyone who was watching.

My people and guards stood around in a large circle, surrounding ice heart with torches in their hands.

I stood up on a stand high enough so everybody could see me. They were so many people wanting to watch ice heart burn. So many.

"Excuse me your highness." A deep voice sounded from below.

I looked down and saw a man, with tough shoulders and long black hair, tied into a bun at the back of his head.

He had a bow and arrow strapped behind his back. I could make out his face in the darkness from the glowing light.

Big green eyes, angular cheek bones and a small mouth.

The captain of the guards.

"Shall we start now?" He asked doing a gesture with his hand at the crowd.

"Oh okay then, is ice hearts wound stitched?" I asked blinking away tears.

"Yes, Gina just fixed it your highness."


He gave me a stern nod as if to say 'when ever your ready'

I looked at the crowd, the wind blowing my silky blue dress behind me.

The crowd seemed to notice that we were starting.

"Tonight we celebrate a dragons life who protected us from harm. She was strong and powerful, nothing could get in her way." I yelled among the crowd.

"This dragon is ice heart, and we shall burn her to ashes into the depths of the sky, where she will live in peace."

The crowd cheered, throwing up roses and lavenders into the sky. I could see the torches, bobbing up and down us people jumped around.

"Captain of the guard?" I say bending down again.

"Yes your highness?"

"Get the people to line up in two lines so they can burn ice heart's body, two at time."

"Yes your highness"

I watched the captain of the guard yell to the guards my orders. They all swarmed this way and that way, making two separate line. After that, i got of from my stool and went to ice hearts, cold body. A white blanket wrapped around her. One of the guards gave me a lit up torch. I Bent low and touched the torch on its body and Fire lit up on its arm.

"You may now begin!" I say to the crowed.

Happy music began and everybody danced throwing hats and flowers In the air. Two people began burning ice heart, and she grew up in flames.

I watched, seated with two guards by my side, clapping along to the music. I tried not to think of the negative thoughts other wise I would of started to cry.

The night took along time and I waited for the very last two people lighting her up.

Ice heart ashes flew up to the sky, the smoke surrounding the trees.

I was happy for her now. I'm glad she burnt to ashes.

I smiled the whole way through the night.

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