The Wolves of Durwol

The Wolves have lived on Durwol for thousands of years. Only once have they ever encountered humans, and with that encounter brought hatred and fear to the Wolves. Now, a second encounter threatens war between both the humans and the enemy Felines. But a new generation of humans and wolves could change the way all their Elders think.


1. Chapter 1

     I ran with my brothers, through the night forest, the ground rushing beneath my paws, the full moon hung low on the forest line that night.  Our breath in sync, our paws steps in rhythm, we were truly one.  The moon shone through the forest, briefly silhouetting my brothers and I, five wolves, one as white as snow, the others darker than midnight.  I looked to both my flanks, my four brothers behind me, two on each side.  Their eyes reflected the joy we felt as we ran together.  

     Suddenly, something shut on my paw, I yelped as pain flashed up and down my leg.  My whole body was thrown as my momentum threw me forward only to be jerked back by the metal thing holding my paw.  It felt as though my whole leg had been torn off.  I finally settled at the end of the chain that held this mysterious object.  


     One of my brothers yelled into our Mind-link.  All four of my brothers wheeled around coming back for me.  I tried pulling my paw out, but the teeth were clamped too hard on my paw and the more I pulled, the more pain shot through my leg.  

     It’s okay, stay still, we will find a way to get you out of this.  Faolan said, nosing my shoulder.  His eyes were gold-brown, the only one of our pack that had eyes of that color.  He was slightly smaller than the others by a hand or so, but where he lacked in size, he made up for speed and bite. His lean muscles rippled as he paced around me.  Gunnolf and Nuntis, the biggest of our litter, grabbed the mysterious object with their jaws and pulled, the thing released my leg and with their strength, they snapped it in half.  The metal was cheap, we were strong, it was no problem for such wolves like my brothers.  

     Whoever did this, will pay with their lives.  Randi said.  His coloring was more unique than his brothers, along with being midnight black, he had a streak of red running down his left side.  I nuzzled his shoulder.

     No, it is okay.  We do not need to kill, let us first discover the cause, then report back.  His eyes were still full of fury, though he persisted no more.  I tested my leg, my healing had already kicked in, and I was almost able to walk on it, though the scar would remain.

     Come.  I beckoned with my head and we proceed through the woods more carefully.  For thousands of years, the world had remained used by only creatures of animal blood.  So, what creature had set this trap for the creatures of the world?  I smelled it before I saw it.

     FIRE!  Immediately, four sets of heads came up searching for the source.  If there was a fire, we would have to warn all animals.  But something was different, it did not smell like a real fire.  I continued on, finding a clearing where the red and orange flames taunted me.  The once deadly fire, seemed almost tame in where it was.  It crackled and put of heat like a fire, but it was contained in one small area, how was this possible?

    I reeled back as I saw a creature that I had never seen before.  It walked on it’s hind legs and used it’s forelegs in ways that the Wolves could only dream of.  It’s whole body was completely void of all hair.  It wore colored things all over it’s body, and it’s face looked squished and disproportionate.  And that thing on the front of it’s face, what I could only think of as a nose, how could this thing smell?  It clearly did not have animal blood in it, it would have sensed us from miles away.  The royalty of the Wolves was sensed by all creatures and obeyed, all creatures except one.  

     Amoux, what is this creature?  Gunnolf asked, his temper evident in his message.  I shook my head.

     I do not know, brother.  Let us go home and tell the pack.  If it is dangerous, we must be prepared to fight.  A gleam of dangerous light flashed in his eyes.

     The Felines are coming soon, in the warm season they will come.  We cannot fight a war on two sides.  If they are a threat we must get rid of them, if they are not, then we must warn them.  Randi regarded his brother with the same dangerous gleam.

     The Felines will always lose this fight, but we must go warn the pack.  We cannot kill them if they are not a threat.  It would go against the Code.  Gunnolf was about to rebuke when I jumped between them, breaking they eye contact.

     Enough!  We will go back to the pack.  The sun has set, and the moon still shines.  These creatures will not attack if that is their intention.  Just touch their minds, they are confusing, unorganized.  They will not win tonight.  My mind bore down on theirs until they submitted.  I was to become the Alpha when our father died, and my powers were already growing.  They could not disobey me once I said something, what I said was law.  

     Yes, Amoux.  We started the long trek back to the pack.  Even at full speed, it would take at least an hour to arrive back.  


    The packs clearing came back into sight just as the sun began to rise over the tips of the trees.  My father stood in the middle of the clearing, waiting for our arrival.  His head was held high, and his blue eyes bore into my own.  I had warned him earlier that we were coming.  

    Amoux, Foalan, Gunnolf, Nutis, Randi.  He greeted us by name as we came to stand before him.  

    We were not expecting you back for another three moons, what is the urgency of this?  I stepped forward, as was my rank.  Bowing my head, I showed my respect to him.

    Father, there are new creatures in the forest.  Creatures unlike any I have seen before.  I related what we had seen, and what had happen in our journey.  His eyes flashed with the same dangerous anger as my brothers had when he heard of the trap.  And when I got to the description of the creatures, fear flashed behind his eyes.

    Humans.  The word was foreign to me, but it sent chills up and down my spine.  The moment he thought that word, the Elders cowered back into the deepest corners of their minds.  Not even I could pierce their minds.  That’s when it hit the younger of our pack.  The fear that rippled throughout the pack was evident, but what were they so afraid of?  These little creatures could do us no harm.  My father’s eyes sought my own; he had heard my question.

    Amoux, you were just a pup in your mother’s stomach when they came.  The humans as they called themselves came over the seas, into our world.  They were foreigners from another world.  They cut down our trees, they burned our forests.  They dug into the mountains and brought machines that our claws nor teeth could rip through.  But most of all, they brought the Felines here.

    Shock and anger flowed through our pack.  Hundreds of voices were raised into the mind-link.  But my father’s raised above them all.

     SILENCE!  The power and authority shook them all visibly.  

     Listen to me closely my brothers and sisters.  We will run these Humans out of our world again, we defeated them once, we will defeat them again.  We will show these Humans what this world is now.  Because we are the Wolves of Durwol.  Yips and growls of approval went through the pack.  And my brothers threw their heads back and began to howl, the others following in suit.  The howl ricochet through the forest, to the valleys below, up the mountains, and to the furthest reaches of the world.

     The look on my father’s features were nothing that I had ever seen before.  In his eyes I saw only one emotion.  Determination to kill every last human who had come to our world.  

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