The Dead GIrl

She mistook her life and ended up between the world of the living and the world of the dead. She didn't know that here, is where she would find the happiness and love she had waited for....

Waited for until her last breath.


1. Prologue


High School! Shall I say more?

                Well, I’m going to anyway. High school is its own society of popularity confused with intelligence and education. To many, it is a time of life to be remembered, a time of finding yourself and figuring out life. To others… it is a waste land of mockery, terror, and cruel memories.

                As you’ve probably guessed, the latter is how it was for me. A junior girl with average brown, average blue eyes, and an average GPA, average family and average friends. Literally nothing special about me whatsoever. My name is Grace Love. I lived in an average house with my parents, and of course my dog Milo. So, you see, everything was average, common, not important. I, Grace Love, was your typical average teen girl. Except for one thing; my growing obsession with perfection.

                High school takes its toll on everyone, but for me it was negative. High school is about the time where media comes in to play. I saw the way models looked, how they were shaped, and I felt the pressure of looking like “her”.  I first experienced it at a young age, although I never quite thought about it until sophomore year. It started when I came across the cheerleaders, every school has them. The stereotypical blonde, skinny girls with the whitest of smiles and the deadliest of glares. I wanted to feel like they did, be beautiful like them. Because of that want inside me, I started to eat less, work out way more, I changed my look all the time, but nothing really satisfied me. Every day, my self-image decreased until it got so bad I couldn’t even look in the mirror.

                The depression came junior year. I sat in the back of classes, talked less. My social circle decreased to the point of only one friend stuck around. The depression, I assume, came from the weight loss pills I got myself hooked on. Or maybe it was the popular boy I liked but wasn’t good enough for, but he will show up a little later. Don’t forget him. Hot. Boy. Chemistry class. Important.

                If someone would have told me that high school would ruin me, I would have confidentially denied such a claim by sticking my tongue out. Mature, I know. Yet, it happened. So much pain occurred because of my three-year high school career. It led to depression, self-hatred, drug addiction, overwhelming stress, and ultimately my end. I would never graduate. I would never have my first kiss. I would never lose my virginity or get married. I would never study to become a business major, or even go to college. All because of high school.

                Oh, oops! I forgot to mention in the beginning.

                I’m dead.

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