Hidden Pack

What was once a secret Pack in Yellowstone became a rag-tag group of loners as three young wolves must go on an epic journey to save their friends, family, and right to live.


1. Soot | The Omega

Dark, grey clouds billowed above the dark grey wolf. He looked up at them with intelligent green eyes, seeing what animals or the relative he could make out in their swollen, puffed forms. His ear flicked as he heard the alpha, Komet, call a pack meeting. Probably announcing my new rank, his thought left a bitter taste in his mouth as he dragged himself unsteadily on his paws and wobbled over to where the Pack was gathered. His only friends, Juniper and Pyro, two twins of different mothers and fathers, walked with him.

He was quiet throughout the meeting, more quiet than usual. The young brute looked down, examining his injured leg, wrapped with crudely placed leaves and a mixture of mashed-up berries and chewed-up herbs of some sort. Soot did this over and over, cursing himself for sustaining the injury in the first place. His throat uttered a low growl, which gave him several insulting barks from the gathered wolves who didn't care about him much anymore. Not even the kind Alpha Komet looked his way anymore. Juniper and Pyro were truly all he had left.

Keeping his distance from the Pack, he limped to the far edge of the den site, giving a breath of relief as he found absolutely no wolf at all there. Soot treasured every second of this time he stood alone, an urge to explore the wide, wild world beyond the confines of the den. Yet he couldn't, because he was the newly appointed omega and couldn't leave of his own will until two moon cycles had passed. It hadn't even been one yet. He lay down and placed his head on his front paws, ash-colored tail curling around his injured leg, as if it could protect it. 

His peaceful silence was broken by a hunter barking orders to his patrol. Three brown, bulky wolves followed a large black one with yellow eyes and scars dotted throughout his body. One particularly large one covered his muzzle and went down his neck. Soot winced at the thought of what creature was powerful enough to do such damage to a wolf's face. The black brute, Jax, saw the younger brute and left his patrol. He walked over to Soot, who shook violently. This would not end well, not at all. 

"So you're the new practice volunteer," Jax commented, giving Soot a glance over, like he was sizing up an opponent. Apparently, he liked his odds. "Komet could've done better." The large, bulk wolf's slender tail whipped Soot in the face as he turned, causing the younger of the two to whimper quietly.

"Hey, dirtfur!" the sweet voice of Juniper came from Soot's left. He turned his head to see a fiery brown fae and a slightly darker brown brute walking towards him. The sight of Juniper and Pyro made a smile creep up his face. His tail gave an involuntary wag as his friends approached.

"The only practicin' he's goin' to do is watch you run away from a couple of scouts!" Pyro laughed, a wolfish grin plastering his face.

"Go hunting," Jax ordered his patrol. "I can fight two at once." A smirk replaced the stern look on his face as he sized up his two new opponents. Then he leaped at the two young wolves with teeth bared.

The fight was relentless. Jax fought hard; it was everything Soot could do to prevent himself from sustaining more injuries. He sulked back a few fox-steps, and sat down to watch the fight break out. This isn't right, he thought. They'll get in trouble. All of them.

Pyro broke from the fight, his pelt stained with blood, the crimson liquid dripping from his open wounds. The blood almost blended into his fur, but it was still noticeable. Plus, he smelled like he'd been in a fight with another wolf. He'd get in trouble with Komet instantly. 

"Don't worry 'bout me," the brute said, shattering the silence that had formed between the young wolves. "I'll go wash it off in the pond." 

"No!" Soot yelped. "They'll just track you!" 

"You rest that leg. Perhaps it'll heal soon and you can hunt with us again,"Juniper said, as she dashed by, but leapt back into battle. Claws met flesh. Teeth met fur. Blood dripped from both remaining warriors. Jax has skill and experience; he'd been hunting for the Pack for seasons upon seasons. Juniper, however, was young and strong, her ginger pelt a blur like a wildfire to the forest. The two both had yellow eyes, but Juniper's were more golden than yellow, Soot recalled.

He turned his focus back to the fight. Juniper was doing her rabbit-hunting technique: she bounded on Jax's back, who counterattacked by rolling over, forcing the fae to retreat to the ground, her long, slender legs making her escape quicker than Jax could process, which gave the ginger wolf an opportunity. A quick flick of her head and Pyro jumped back into battle, stalking up behind the black brute like he was creeping up on a bull elk. He pricked his way slowly towards the fight, while Juniper kept Jax preoccupied with her speed and stamina. With a quick tail flick in Pyro's direction, he jumped on Jax's back, digging his claws in and crushing, but not killing, the black wolf with his weight. 

"Okay, okay!" Jax grunted from underneath the younger brute. Pyro hopped off, and Jax looked relieved. He took a few deep breaths, then ran off to catch up to his hunting patrol, who were probably near the hunting grounds by now. 

"Yeah, you better run!" Juniper yipped. The three friends laughed, and went to the pond, with Soot leaning on Pyro for support. In wasn't the shortest trip, despite the den being right in front of it.


A raindrop fell on Soot's nose. Then another, and another, all around him. The dark, grey clouds above them were filled with rain. Great. Just great. Wobbling on his three good paws, he started to limp back up the hill to the den, which was no easy task when you're a wolf with a limp. As the slope grew higher, his legs refused to cooperate more and more. Move, you legs! He thought angrily as he legs just stopped working. He wasn't even halfway there yet! A growl escaped his throat.

"Soot!" Pyro yelped and rushed towards him, though he was slower because he was just a bit heavier than his friends. Juniper dashed past him, her long, lithe figure approaching him with graceful beauty. Of course, Juniper got to the crippled brute before the brown-ish ginger one did. Pyro narrowed his eyes, as if jealous at her speed.

"Soot, you know you can't go far on your own," Juniper scolded, then gasped. "In fact, you can't even leave the den yet! Oh my Lupus, we're in so much trouble!"

"It's fine," Soot whispered. 

"No, it's not fine!" Juniper exclaimed. "Jax has a fox's tongue, he'll tell, and we'll all be in big trouble. When they find out we drew blood and you went out of the den site, we'll be eating scraps for seasons!"

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