Jess falls in love with Shawn Mendes and their relationship is what everyone wishes for. One day Jess breaks up with him......then the song MERCY comes out....about her


5. Treats and sweets

Later that day I changed into bootcut jeans and a cropped maroon top for my date with Shawn. We met first for ice cream at the local ice cream parlor, The Freeze.

"I'll have strawberry ice cream on a waffle come with rainbow sprinkles." I ordered and Shawn stepped up next to me.

"I'll have vanilla bean ice cream in a bowl with a cherry, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles." He said to the girl behind the counter and paid her for our ice cream.

We slid into a booth and sat across from each other.

"Delectable!" I giggled and Shawn laughed.

"I can't believe you don't like chocolate Jess. Still amazes me." Shawn had a look of total confusion on his face.

"I'm allergic to it!" I laughed knowing that was a lie.

"Okay, okay." Shawn said sarcastically as we finished up our ice cream.

"We only have 30 minutes to get to the theater and get seats we have to go!" I pulled Shawn into his car and we drove quickly to the movie theater, The Showings.

Inside Shawn had already pre-bought tickets. He handed them to the staff member and we saved seats in the last row with our winter coats. We waited in lane for about 10 minutes before we were up to order snacks.

"I'll have a medium sized Sprite and a large popcorn for us to share." I ordered and Shawn smiled.

"I'll also have a medium sized Coke and a bag of Sour Patch Kids." The man handed us our order and we quickly walked back to the theater.

"Jess, are you okay? You seem different." Shawn whispered gently.

"We should talk."

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