Jess falls in love with Shawn Mendes and their relationship is what everyone wishes for. One day Jess breaks up with him......then the song MERCY comes out....about her


2. The explanation


"You can't catch me!" I shouted as Shawn chased after me catching me from behind.

"Gotcha!" He laughed and I joined in quickly.

I kissed his lips and slid out of his hold. I bounced onto the blue swings as Shawn sat down next to me. We swung gently. Back and forth. Back and forth.

"Who was that girl who was with you when we met Jess?" Shawn asked me and I giggled.

"What, you into her?" I laughed and Shawn grabbed my hand softly but seriously.

"Baby were you guys close? I never see you two together anymore. Did I ruin a friendship?" Shawn's face filled with sadness.

"Shawn. You didn't ruin a friendship. Liz and I did." I whispered and Shawn urged me to share why we weren't friends anymore. I agreed to tell the story.

"After Liz pushed me toward you she texted me. An awful text. She said "Why didn't I get his number? He's totally into me. Get over yourself little brat." I was hurt but thought maybe mood swings. The next day I called her and invited her to the diner for a milkshake. She came but there screamed in my face about how our relationship was doomed and she had gotten with you for months and then you disappeared and she thought you died. Her boyfriend Jackson died and she went crazy. She was with a different guy everyday and she was all over the news for running away. I guess her parents got her back because they sent a holiday card a few months back. Then her older sister had a baby and she gave up the baby since she had college. But Liz's mom and dad wouldn't let her sister Katie give up the baby. So they took custody of the baby. Eventually Katie took her back. They also sent a holiday card. I guess the baby got all the attention and that made Liz crave it more. So she hangs over boys and reeks of weird foreign perfume. I don't know what happened to us. She never called me again and never replied to my invites out. So I went over to her house one day and told her I couldn't handle a friendship as toxic as ours. She always put me down after we got together. So she punched me in the face 5 times and that's why I really had the black eye. My mom talked to her mother about it and Liz couldn't leave her house for 1 whole month. I guess we drifted apart." I explained it to Shawn and he wrapped me up in his arms.

"Baby. Just know I never hooked up with Liz. I never even heard of her until really now. You're my happiness Jess." He whispered and I heard a cry in his voice.

"Shawn I know that. You're my smile and my sun. You're my other half baby." I kissed his cheek and he smiled at me lovingly.

"Jess I think you should go over to Liz's house. She obviously was close to you and had issues parting with you and your friendship. She deserves at least another talk." He murmured and I wrapped an arm around his waist.

"You're good at giving advice mister. I will. For you. For me. For Liz. For us." I said and held Shawn's hand.

"I should go. It's getting late. Movie tomorrow?" I kissed his hand softly and he winked at me adorably.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world." We kissed one last time and I watched him walk away toward his house.

I broke into a jog and rushed in my front door. My mom was playing Candy Crush on her phone when I approached her.

"mom can I run over to Liz's house? We need to have a conversation. For good. It's a good talk." I smiled as mom nodded over at me.

When I knocked on the maroon door of Liz's house I was shocked at the girl who opened the door.



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