Jess falls in love with Shawn Mendes and their relationship is what everyone wishes for. One day Jess breaks up with him......then the song MERCY comes out....about her


3. Secrets

"Excuse me? Who's Liz?" A dark haired woman in a tight gray pencil skirt and black button down looked utterly confused as she answered the door.

"Liz Brown. Diana Brown. Jeremy Brown. Any names ring a bell?" The lady gasped and then smiled.

"Diana and Jeremy. They used to live here." The lady said dumbly.

"I know. I'm looking for them." I said and sadness filled her eyes.

"I'm sorry. They sold me this house. A bit over a year ago. You're welcome to come inside. My maid just baked cookies." The lady pointed to a plump lady pulling a cookie pan out of the oven.

"Thank you Miss. what's your name?" I asked and she grinned knowing possibly what I was going to do.

"Arlene Thompson. I can have my maid check the attic for any real estate forms to help you once she's cleaned my rooms." Arlene spoke with formality and looked so...well...formal.

"No. Thank you. I should go." I raced off and back to my house falling into my bed.

Why hadn't I fixed it with Liz?

Why didn't anyone contact us that they moved?

Why did she move anyway?

Was it because of me?

I scanned my room and found a photo album underneath a few tank tops. Lifting it up I brushed the light layer of dust off the cover. It was the photo album Liz made for me when we were 7. Its photos of us and we were going to finish it together. I hugged it to my chest and tears streamed down my face.

"Jess? Are you alright in there?" My mom knocked on the door.

"Actually I was planning on taking a shower. Do you mind?" I called wiping hot tears from my pink face.

"I don't mind. Go ahead. Dad and I are downstairs watching the news." She called and I heard her socks sticking to the wooden stairs.

A warm shower could help. Would help. It had to help.

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