Kara, a female dog/wolf is captured and taken to a horrible dog farm. Can she and her friends escape and achieve freedom?

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1. ~Prologue~







 My eyes open and I squint to adjust to the lighting. I hear a noise. " There you go mutt, your own death cell". Then a slam of something metal. My head banged as I stood up and my thighs ached. I suddenly remembered what had happened before I got in this musty cell. I froze. MONSTERS, DEMONS, RED, GUNS, STREETS, LIGHTS. I blinked and started to lick a wound on my shoulder. "Hey!" I heard a dog. But where is he? "Hello..." I said cautiously. "Hi are you knew?" He barked. "Um I guess"

"I'm Aaron by the way!" He shouted. "Oh I'm..." Then I realised I forgot my name.

"You are?" He asked. I tried to remember. PUPS, BROTHERS, SISTERS, MUM, BLACK FUR, WARMTH, KARA.

"My names...Kara"



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