Kara, a female dog/wolf is captured and taken to a horrible dog farm. Can she and her friends escape and achieve freedom?

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2. ~Inception~


 "Aaron!" I called, bored and hungry. But there was no reply. I thought to myself, wondering how long now I have been stuck in this musty cell. My belly longed for food, growling uncontrollably, and my body longed for a warm bed. My midnight fur was matted and covered in dust. I shivered and lay down it felt like I had been here for weeks maybe even a month, I couldn't tell except that cobwebs were forming on either side of my cell. My eyes heaved with loss of sleep so I curled up and closed my eyes on the hard concrete floor.

When I woke I heard the noise of metal doors being opened. So I sat up stretching with discomfort. My legs felt uncomfortable from not running for ages and ages. And I felt lonely. Not even Aaron had replied for at least a week or two. Suddenly my cell door creaked. I jumped up and stepped back. It lifted up releasing extremely bright light, that was to bright to behold but as well as that there was fresh air and the lovely noise of birds singing. I couldn't hold it back anymore so I took a deep breath, smiled and ran. Urging myself onwards feeling the air run across my belly and back. My nose breathed in many scents. I closed my eyes trusting my legs to keep me going. Suddenly I heard a small bark. "Stop!" It shouted, I opened my eyes but all I saw was a flash of grey fur. I spun around skidding on along the dusty dirt. "Whoa, I'm so sorry! You just came out of nowhere, are you ok?" I heard a muffled voice. Aarons voice! "Aaron!" I said astonished. "where have you been?" I stared at him, he was a muscular looking grey furred Husky with deep brown eyes. "Oh Kara, its you! Sorry I was taken into a different cell by the demons." He said angrily.

"Demons?" I asked. 

"Yes you know those two legged aliens" He said, seeming like he was stating the obvious. "Oh right yes!" I said. I always wondered what they were called. " That was some fast sprinting you just did then, you must of had a lot of energy." Aaron said his eyes wide and curious. " Oh no not really I just felt like it." I said not feeling tired at all and feeling as though that was just a walk in the park. "Oh well come on, Ill show you to my friends." He said. Walking off. I followed looking around curiously. I saw fences. Wire fences. I sniffed the ground, just sand and a very strong dog scent. I padded on happy to feel earth beneath my paws. "Come on!" Aaron said. I shake my head to release the trance coming from inside my body and nodded. He stood next to two dogs and a she-dog or "bitch" as the demons call us. "Kara meet my friends, friends meet Kara." I nodded and stared at them. One was a stocky French bulldog with hazel eyes, one was a small brown and white coloured Jack Russell and the other a small fury snow-white West Highland Terrier. "Uh...hi" I said. "Hello." They all said in unison. Aaron looked kind of awkward so I decided to start conversation. "so what are all your names then?" I barked.







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