For Power or Love

One girl from each state is chosen for the Cupid Engagement Event. For a girl to be selected her family must be wealthy, have connections, or have a beautiful daughter which outshines others. At this event the most powerful Male suitors of the country select out of these girls to be there wife. With only 6 Males suitors available and 25 girls trying to impress, drama may unfold.

When Elenora is invited to this event riding on her once powerful family name which is quickly decomposing. Will she be able to find love in this competition or will it all be for power that everyone thinks she has.


3. Chapter 2

Once I got onto the plane, I realized this was not an normal one that I would take to fly to different states over the holidays. This was a private 5 star jet, something that only the richest people in the country could possibly afford.

"Oh my gosh there is a coffee machine and a flat screen TV and....

My thoughts were cut off by a deep voice

"Hello Miss Kingston, I'm glad that you are liking the jet" spoke the deep voice

I turned around to see deep brown eyes intensely staring into mine. He looked around my age maybe a couple of years older.Although he was in a suit you could see his muscles seeping through. He had messy brown hair which slightly spiked up and....

I realized that maybe I was staring a little to long and ripped my eyes away from him with a blush creeping up on my cheeks

"sorry I don't believe I know you" I answered regaining my voice

He smirked down at me, he was really tall considering my five foot nine build

"My name is Beau as you probably already know" He replied cockily

"No sorry I don't think I know you from anywhere" I said confused

He now rose a brow eyeing me seeing if I was really telling me the truth.

"Wait so you are competing in the Cupid engagement event and you seriously don't know who I am"

I shook my head as a response, and he frowned.

"All passengers please buckle up the plane will be taking off" Said the pilot over the speaker

Me and Beau both sat in seats across from each other

"So now i'm interested, how did you end up in the cupid event" Beau asked

"I am a Kingston, why wouldn't I be in this competition"

"No I don't mean it like that I mean why did you personally want to compete you don't fit the typical Cupid Event girl" He answered

"What kind of girl am I then" I asked confused

"You are not some power hungry gold digger" he answered completely serious "You seem like a girl who i'm sure everyone with be envious of in this competition since you are beautiful on the inside and out" he said the last part looking directly into my eyes

We were both leaning in when

"A young girl around my age rushed into the room were in

"Hi Miss Kingston, i'm Mia your" She started to say but stopped when she noticed the position we were both in.

"Beauregard What are you doing here" She asked threateningly

"I was in Town on business and I was offered a ride back to the event" He answered

"Can I speak to you privately" She whisper yelled to him

"Yeah sure whatever"he replied and then looked back to me "I'll see you later then" He said with a wink and then kissed my hand "this is goodbye for now Elenora Kingston" and with that he followed the girl named Mia to the other room which was only blocked by a thin divider.

I could hear their hushed whispers talking about something like it was against the rules to be talking to me. I decided to not snoop in their business so i went t to go get changed.  

I put on a loose flowing printed dress, and threw a black draped cardigan over it, knee high black heeled boot, and lastly I curled my hair into giant bouncy curls. 



I walked back out to see Mia sitting in Beau's seat. she quickly informed me that she was my manager which meant she would help me with clothes hair getting around and anything else I needed.

I decided it was a good time to go take a nap since it seemed as if Beau wasn't returning.

"Miss Kingston the plane just landed" Said Mia waking me up from my nap.

We both walked off the plane, I looked around hoping Beau still might be around somewhere. But I couldn't find him.

Mia dragged me off toward the direction where a bunch of girls were standing, whom I assumed were the other competitors.

"Miss Kingston glad you could finally make it" A lady with a check board said giving me a nasty glance

She was cut off when a bunch of girl started screaming

"IT'S BEAUREGARD LAWSON" "MARRY ME" "I LOVE YOU" A bunch of girl yelled random things but the one caught my attention.

"Beauregard, I think I know that name from somewhere" I thought out loud

"Ladies this is one of your suitors Beauregard Lawson" "He will be joining you on the tour around the Buildings" said the old lady who checked off my name

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you" Said a deep voice which I recognized right away

"Beau" I whispered turning around

"Told you I would see you soon Elenora" He whispered looking directly into my eyes once again and his gaze swiftly looked down at my lips.

"Mrs. Broom, I think you should take the girls on a tour" he said now talking to the grumpy old lady "I have some unfinished business to attend to" 

"Of Course Mr. Lawson" She said dragging us all away

I turned around to look at Beau who was smirking a little bit.

"So you are a Suitor?" I asked a little bit offended that he didn't tell me before but also happy since I was starting to develop feeling for him.

"I am" He replied smiling and looking down at his feet. "May I say you look beautiful in that outfit" He said running his eyes over my body.

I was about to say something back but we both got snapped out of our little world by Mrs broom Yelling me to come along.

"In till next time Elenora" He said and kissed my hand.

"Goodbye Beau" I said before running after the crowd of girls.


Beauregord Lawson (Beau): played as Dylan O'Brien


Mia: played as Shailene Woodly


Mrs Broom:



Chapter 2 done!!!

I didn't edit this chapter yet so tell if there is any major mistakes. So excited to see where this story is going!!!! And I still desperately need a cover. chapter 3 will be up soon

What do you guys think of Beau?

tell me what you think.

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