For Power or Love

One girl from each state is chosen for the Cupid Engagement Event. For a girl to be selected her family must be wealthy, have connections, or have a beautiful daughter which outshines others. At this event the most powerful Male suitors of the country select out of these girls to be there wife. With only 6 Males suitors available and 25 girls trying to impress, drama may unfold.

When Elenora is invited to this event riding on her once powerful family name which is quickly decomposing. Will she be able to find love in this competition or will it all be for power that everyone thinks she has.


2. Chapter 1-


(Picture of Elenora above)


My "luggage" was all pilled up waiting to be piled up into the car which would escort me to the Airport. With only two suit cases and a small carry on bag I could easily remember everything I brought. I quickly got changed into a plain pink tank top covered up with a denim button down, cropped black leggings, stud earrings, and blue vans. Causal but comfy considering I have a long flight before I get to the event this outfit should work.

Two weeks ago I received my invitation to the Cupid Engagement Event, which I easily accepted. It is every girls dream to be a member of the competition, to be able to find love with the most suitable bachelors in the whole entire country. Who wouldn't want compete it's a win win situation. You end up with a loving husband or you have a great experience with a bunch of new stories to tell. It's not like you die if you don't win.

My small family waited near the car to wish me goodbye. My younger brother Rhett stood next to my half sister Tera with tears in his eyes. Tera wore a scowl looking disgusted at what I was wearing. 

"Like that outfit will impress anyone" Tera scoffed 

"I'm only wearing this on the plane i'm going to get changed before we land Tera" I said gritting my teeth together  " it's a 6 hour flight". 

Tera was my Step Mother's daughter, she is 19 only a year older than me. Once my mother passed away from having Rhett,  my father got remarried to her Mother. Who has been the source of my living nightmare for the past 5 years.

" Mother this is unfair" Tera whined "Why does she compete in the Event, she can't even dress herself properly and look at her hair it's disgusting."  

"Like you have room to talk" I muttered under my breath

"what did you say" she shouted back

"Oh I was just complimenting your hair, I absolutely love what you have done with it, but how do you get it to come out of your nostrils like that" I questioned her looking innocently

"Ugh! I hate you" She yelled walking away while covering her nose.

"Good bye Step Mother and Father" I said nodding at both of them ignoring the scene that just happened.

"Now Elenora if you somehow get someone to marry you, I will make sure to "help" you manage all your money " My step Mother said with an evil glint in her eye. She and I well knew that she would try to rob my furture Husband and I from all of our fortunes. Just like she ad done with my Father.

She then walked away in without waiting for my response and dragged my Father with her.

Only Rhett and I were left outside. He was the only person I really considered family in that house.

"I'm going to miss you Buddy" I said hugging him, with tears now in my eyes as well.

"I'm going to miss you too, I don't know how I will be able to live here without you" he replied

"Only three months, then you can come with me and live in my new home" I said hoping to give him some hope.

"Bye Rhett" I said giving him one last hug.

I hopped into the car hopping that this would be worth it.

"where to the Driver asked"

" the airport" I replied waving to Rhett as we pulled away.


First chapter done! tell me what you think.

The next chapter will be longer i was a bit rushed today.

What do you think of her family?

Was Elenora's outfit really that ugly?

Here are pictures of everyone in her family:

Mr. Kingston (Her dad):


Mrs Kingston( her step mother):


Tera( step sister):


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