For Power or Love

One girl from each state is chosen for the Cupid Engagement Event. For a girl to be selected her family must be wealthy, have connections, or have a beautiful daughter which outshines others. At this event the most powerful Male suitors of the country select out of these girls to be there wife. With only 6 Males suitors available and 25 girls trying to impress, drama may unfold.

When Elenora is invited to this event riding on her once powerful family name which is quickly decomposing. Will she be able to find love in this competition or will it all be for power that everyone thinks she has.


1. For Power or Love


Elenora  is the daughter of what is considered a very powerful family. But what everyone does not know is that a couple years before she was born her family lost nearly all of it's money. In the last hope of saving her Family's name her parent's pressure her into accepting the invitation the the Cupid Engagement Event. Where she must get a suitor to propose to her or all will be lost.

Although her parent's sent her there for money, Elenora has a different agenda. She hopes to find love somewhere in the three month long event. 

With the competition only containing 6 suitors and 25 girls fighting for there hand in marriage is it even possible for Elenora to find love? Will some people just try to befriend her for the power associated with her family name? Is it even worth competing since the unlucky 19 girls who do not leave with a ring on there finger will be killed?  



So excited to start this story!!!! It will also be available on my Wattpad account. Please do not copy any ideas characters or anything else from this story. All covers, trailers, fan art will be accepted.


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