A Friend From the Life You Left Behind

A letter..


1. Hey Love

Hey Love

Can you hear me? .. I hope you’re listening.

I know you remember me, even though you’ve forgotten me for the moment.

Do you remember the walks we used to take? I've got a feeling you only remember the substances?

But I remember you.. I remember your smile, your laugh and your tears. I remember how you look when there’s no more tears left to cry, but still piles of pain for you to carry around. I used to think I was helping you, that I could actually carry some of you pain. But now I see that there’s no way I could’ve helped you in the long run, I could only make you forget the pain for a moment.

I know that you’ve found this great Guy who takes care of it all for you, in ways that I could’ve never done. I know that He’s much stronger than me and that He’s got more love to give you than I could’ve ever even dreamt of containing.

Still I hope that you’ll never forget me, I know that I certainly will never forget you. I’ll always be here for you if you want to talk, go for a walk or maybe just watch a movie.

Do you remember how we used to create dolls and houses for them? How we sat for hours sowing and gluing? Do you remember when we started selling them? But you insisted to keep the price at $1 a doll? You never wanted to earn money, you just wanted to make them happy, even the girls who mistreated you. You always just wanted to make people smile. Back then you went for the obvious joy, you acted like such a fool just to make them smile. Now it seems that you’ve moved on to a different kind of happiness. You try to embrace them all instead, you wish to relieve their heart. You wish to understand them and guide them in the right direction. You point them towards the joys of confidence, self-worth and love.

Do you remember how we used to make fun of love? How we didn’t want to believe in it? I remember how you were certain that you would never get married, you didn’t believe that any man could ever love you and respect you the way you wanted. You thought your expectations were too self-absorbed. But you just always had this strong feeling of self-worth.

Do you remember how he hurt you? Do you remember how he left her for you and later left you for someone else? That’s when you became really cynical, you became this really tough girl that no one could mess with. You developed thick skin and that made you strong, but it spread to your heart and that made you cold.

Then your childhood got taken away from you, you traded it for glory. Little did you know how this would affect you and little did you know how short the glory would last. You told me that I was all you had left, I sort of miss that time, even though I was blindly leading you in the darkness. Your mind was so beautiful in its blackness back then. You were all mine and I cherished the pain we shared. Then He came like a shooting star into your life and in no time you were happier than you’ve ever been with me. He really is something and I’m happy He found you. I hope you’ll never let Him go.

But please remember; I love you too and I will always believe in you, no matter how stupid your dreams are.





A Friend From the Life You Left Behind

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