A group of Neko girls, have been sent to survive, each of them from different kinds of cat family's.


1. Departure.

It was a cloudy afternoon, when the Elderly Cat family's decided to send the younger Nekos of the village away to learn survival skills. However, they didn't send all of them out. Because in the entire town, there were only a few Nekos, a small group of girls, who would be mature enough to handle it. These girls, didn't know each-other very well. But they'd have to get along. Fionna Cat. "Why do i have to go, Mom?" Fionna Asked. Fionna, was from a cat family, she was a Neko girl with white ears, and she was rather sweet. "Don't question it my dear, its for your own good." her mother replied. "Fine..." Fionna picked up her two bags, and stood still, staring blankly into the room. Then her mother hugged her. "You gotta get going dear, remember, Mommy loves you, be good, and don't peer pressure the other girls, alright?" Her mother laughed and wiped a tear from her eye. "Don't Cry mom! Of course il be good, and,..i dont peer pressure.." Fionna pulled a face. Then her mother let her go. "I love you dear" she said one last time. Then Fionna and her said goodbye. As Fionna ran out the small doorway, she hit her ears. "Ow!" she yelled. Then she ran into the town center. Tamara Panther. Tamara was rushing around, grabbing her stuff, doing last minute duties. Tamara, lifted a picture seated on her bedside table, and then when her mother enters into the room, Tamara jumps into the air, dropping a box of pencils, But luckily she caught them just in time. Her mother stood still in the doorway, quietly staring at her. "Mother?" Tamara stood in front of her mother, her tail moving behind her, her ears twitched for a second. And she smiled a sweet smile. "Give me one last hug, before you go" Her mother extended her arms, and Tamara, dropped her now completely packed bags to embrace her mother. "where is father?" she asked. "He will be in town, along with the other girls say goodbye" Tamara's mother shed a tear. "im going to miss you" she said, then she let go of Tamara. "I will miss you too mom" Tamara smiled at her mother. Then after their last goodbyes, Tamara left for town center, to go on her journey, she was excited and nervous at the same time. Paris Lioness. Paris was a optimistic Neko, who loved everyone around her with a heart of Gold. As she stood in the living room, awaiting her father's goodbye, she overlooked the room she was in and started falling into a deep ocean of thoughts. Then her father walked up to her, and handed her a small bag of food. "Eat this at lunch time, you hear? Don't starve yourself" He said, and hugged her, she hugged him back. "I won't dad, But will you be coming with me to town?" She asked. "Of course, your brother is getting the horses ready right this moment" he put his hand on her shoulder. "Right, lets get going?" Paris asked. "Yes, lets." her father said, then they went outside, and her brother pat her on the back, a pat of goodbye. "Goodluck surviving out there, i bet you won't even last a day." he laughed. "shut up" Paris said, brushing her tail purposely through his face. "watch it!" he yelled and she got onto her horse. Then they took off toward town. Cheran Tiger. Cheran was already hugging her mother goodbye. "Mom, why does our town want me and other girls to go away?" she asked still curious. "No time to answer, get your bags from the table, and me and you will drive to town, your father will be there too" Cheran's Mother smiled. Then they rushed out, after Cheran gave her Siblings a goodbye. As they drove towards the town center, Cheran noticed other girls coming along too. "I see there are definitely others...." she thought to herself. Then they stopped at the center, and Cheran lifter herself off the horse. Then the final greetings took place. Cheran Watched as the other girls hugged their parents goodbye, Cheran's parents had to leave, because they had to take care of the other siblings. Then she saw every other girl walk toward the village gate, And she decided to do that as well. As everyone waved back at their parents one more time, Cheran decided to walk around a bit. "Hey! A-Aren't we supposed to stay together?" A Panther Neko girl said as she went after Cheran. "Oh..i..yeah sorry" Cheran looked downard as they walked back to the other two, then the rest of them decided to go together.
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