Kimberly is a 17 year old girl who is in relationship with a 21 year old boy by the name Jack. All took place well in between them, but only at the beginning. Jack starts and be different after several months, he was not himself, he did not give Kimberly attention, he pushed her away yelled at her .. But she loves him too much to leave him. Kimberly went to her best friend (Amy) and told what is going on, and she can not find a solution to go away from him. Amy supports her up and help her but there are several things about Kimberly and Jack's issues that would later in the story reveal.


1. Eye to eye

I am so nervous  my hands is shaking, and i feel warm and maybe i just sick. "Honey you are going to be fine, you going to meet new people, and get some friends. i am so happy for you! " Said mom, who was really happy, but i am not... i want to move back where we lived before, and i dont want to meet new people. I am going to be the new girl nobody knows about. "Greaat mom, so happy" i tried to smile a lot just not for disappoint her. W-O-R-S-T day ever..

My mother parked beside a real nice Mercedes, and I could not remove my eyes from the boy, who was sitting in the car .. "you hear what I said honey?" she said she and start shaken me, "Hmm, I see .. You saw a cute boy? she said, I turned immediately my head on against her" Wait what? No no boys, I just think the car was real cool" i looked at her, and trying to confess her that it was the truth. We both start laugh, i gave her a big hug and kissed her goodbye and then she drove away. "Hey yo, I've never seen you before here, what's your name?" I looked back, and looked around just to make sure he talked to me  "You're the one I talked to, no need to look anywhere else," he said and smiled. "I am Kimberly, i just moved here for couple for weeks ago" i said, and smiled, and got nervous again.. Serious! He is so hot and i cant believe he is talking to me.. Oh jesus. "I am Jack, nice to meet you Kimberly, hope you will feel comfortable to go on this school, if you need anything come to me alright?" I just really cant believe what he is saying, a hot friend! i just got there! "Thanks.. Jack! Thats sweet of you, i will definitely feel comfortable now you here!" I looked shock, "I mean as a friend.. But thanks, i go to class bye" I turned away and walked fast.. That was awkward. 

I only have 10 minuts to find the classroom number 330. So i went to the officer "excuse me

me, i cant find the class.." and then she interrupt me  "You go down to the hallway and go to left to 330, your welcome" and she walked me out of her office. Really? Such a great school, so happy for it! So happy! ARGH!!!  

I finally found the classroom, everybody was just talked to each other and i knew nobody and is first day how can they know each other that quickly. I found a table then suddenly i  feel someone is tickle me in the back, i turn around and she gave me a huge shock, "Hello my name is Amy, you must be the new girl Kimberly? She asked, "Yes..Yes it is nice to meet you Amy, take a sit" I removed my bag to let her sit, we start to talk and then ended up being best friends. Suddenly i feel i am going to be nervous again, i look across from me and i saw jack! He sits and looking at me a lot, and i start to freak a little bit up. "So.. Have you found a guy" she looked at Jack, "No no boys, not this year. What about you?" I ask her "I mind found, we are going to see him after class. I look at Jack and start to smile and she smiled back, then i turn around to the teacher. 

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