Forgotten Snow

A man named Finnigan Grayson has been locked up in an asylum for most of his life, thinking he was sick. After meeting his new psychologist and Specialist, Doctor Kiel Sterling, Finny soon realizes that either he's sicker than he thought, that Sterling may also be a patient, or there's a hidden truth to why he's there. It's up to them both to uncover the truth and keep each other safe, but how?


1. Grayson's New Doctor


    Nothing could ever feel better than soaking up the warm aroma of the man who gave me a new life. There's always something that made me think less of him, but he was always above me. I was just as insane as him, and I knew this. He would make me realize every day with a single touch, either on the shoulder or on my neck, that I was slowly losing it. Just hearing him whisper, feeling his touch, or the smell of his cologne and just thinking of him drove me nuts.


    I knew he would be the one to finally crack me as soon as I was taken to the hospital. Most of the time, I would just sit there, staring out the window to take in the view of the snow-covered city below. The hospital was located at the top of a bluff that surveyed the city of New Maryland. I hated it there, yet loved it. It was terrifyingly fascinating for many reasons. One being the man who became my doctor.


    It had been a normal, simple day. Virals at 6:00 am slept in till 8 and took my meds, before heading out to the courtyard where they attached a mask to me to let me roam the gardens with utter gloriousness, but with the face of fear. I didn't care for anything at the time. I knew I would forever be in that wretched place till my skin fell completely off my bones. I spoke to no one except the psychiatrist, Dr.Elijah Torian, that would come in every Friday, 


    He told me that I would be getting a new Doctor the next day, for he was retiring from his position at the asylum. I merely nodded at this, thinking nothing of it. I wasn't here to make friends or chat about simple things like family and home. It wasn't until the next day that I realized I had agreed to something that will change my life forever.


    I was laying on my cot, a wet towel covering my face from a migraine that had started that morning. I didn't hear anyone enter my room, I didn't even hear the lock come undone. All I heard was a voice, smooth and relaxing.


"You are Grayson, yes?"


    I sat up quickly, letting the towel fall to the ground before staring at the doctor.


"Yes...that's me..." 


    He walked over to the far wall near the window and picked up my information clipboard. He was fairly tall, and his hair was slicked to the side, almost as if it had been freshly combed. His green eyes were bright as if to lighten his look from his dark strands. He wore a suit of mostly gray, a darker jacket to cover his lighter vest, a plain, white, button-up shirt, and a black tie. His pants matched the vest and his shoes were as black as his tie. His skin was fair, but his eyes were what I loved most about his looks.


"Mr.Grayson, can you tell me something about yourself?" he asked, raising a brow towards me


I stayed quiet at first until swallowing hard and laying back down on the bed "What's there to say..." I mumbled


He gave a small chuckle before pulling a chair up next to me and settling himself in it "What's your first name?"




"Finnigan? Would you like me to call you that?"


"It doesn't matter..."


He gave a sigh then smiled slightly to reassure me, "Well, Finny, my name is Dr. Kiel Sterling."


    I glanced over at him and took in his visage again, noting his smile and such before sitting up and turning to him.


"What do you want."




I stood up and went to the window, pushing away the white drapes to stare at the sky "You're new here? Or no? You don't seem like it..."


"Well, you'd be right there. I'm not new here. I'm actually quite old if you'd like to call it that."






"You already know what's wrong with why come see me on a Saturday..."


    Dr.Sterling stood up and sauntered over to me before looking out at the view through the glass. He turned towards me and spoke softly, keeping his eyes set on me as I tried to ignore him.


"Yes, I do know what's wrong with you, but I also know that your story has more in it than the documents suggest," he said


"So, I'd like to hear the story from you instead of a paper. If that's alright."


"You want to hear it? What's wrong with reading it?"


"I'd like to hear what you have to say."



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