The Troubles

"The Troubles " the story is set in Belfast and the North East in 1969.
Seamus Webster and his family flee the riots in Belfast and come to live on Barnstaple Road in North Shields - where he takes up work as a crane driver in Smith's Docks his wife Annie finds a job in the Co-op in Whitley Bay - Seamus is good at DIY and gets lots of work decorating or fitting out new kitchens for people. His father Michael is serving a very long sentence when he is implicated in a
bombing of an army base- his skills as a bomb maker have been passed down to his oldest son and Stephen Mcgill is on the look -out for him as a bombing campaign has begun on mainland Britain. Newcastle has been chosen as the target - can Seamus avoid getting mixed up in this. Read what happens in this tense thriller.


98. 98

Dennis Lord was too late when he reached the house Seamus had already left but he had intercepted a radio message and knew where he was going. This time there would be no mistakes.

Dennis planned to retire with the money that he was going to get from Sean McStiefain. His pension on top of that would see him live comfortably for the rest of his life abroad of course so he would avoid the British taxes. He smiled to himself knowing that he was going to make this happen for him and Julia. The IRA was paying him £250.000 to kill Seamus and his family. It would be simple all he had to do was locate the caravan and wait until they were all asleep. There wouldn’t be many using caravans at this time of year so finding it would be easy. He had a five gallon drum of petrol in the back of the boot he would pour it all over the caravan and set it alight once they were all asleep. They would all be cremated and no blame would come his way. The verdict would be a tragic accident. He could would wait a month then ask for redundancy after getting a sick note from his doctor for stress related problems.

He had asked for the money to be paid into his bank account before he carried out the murders. Going into the branch of Barclay’s that afternoon he asked for a balance statement. He checked it twice and sure enough the money had been paid in.

He turned on the radio and the news was all about the explosion of earlier that day so he put on Metro Radio and listened to some music as he drove along and sung along to “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum. Dennis took his time getting to Bewick; he was in no hurry at all. He stopped off at a Little Chef Café; He drank several cups of coffee, ate mince and dumplings, and then finished off with a big piece of apple pie and ice cream. He sat for over an hour afterwards reading the local papers. Glancing at his watch it was now ten thirty. It was going to be a long night he thought.

He was only twenty minutes or so away from the caravan park. He ordered more coffee and the woman running the café asked if he was waiting for someone.’

“Yes I was meant to meet a friend here; there hasn’t been anyone asking for me has there. My name is Dennis Lord but they call me Jesus as a joke.’

The woman with the broad Scottish accent laughed. She was from Glasgow and had moved when she met and married her husband Tom Lorrimer who she pronounced as Tam. “What’ your name then love?’

“They call me Ellen but all my friends call me Ella.’

“Well Ella has there been anyone in here asking about me.’

“Actually there were four people who came in earlier asking to use the toilet. One of them was a young boy; a big handsome lad with an Irish accent. I do love the Irish they are so funny.’

“Did they say anything else?’

“Aye they asked if a man fitting your description had been in and I told them no because you hadn’t.’

“How do you know it was me they were after?’

“They said you’d be driving a gold coloured Capri just like the one you have.’

Dennis’s mind was now working over time. How would they know that he was onto them? Had someone informed them?

They might be expecting him he thought and he thanked the lady for letting him know.

He now had to be extra careful he thought. Looking around the shop he saw some hats for sale, he never wore a hat as a rule but he needed a disguise he picked up a blue tweed deer stalker like that of Sherlock Holmes used to wear and a cheap pair of 

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