The Troubles

"The Troubles " the story is set in Belfast and the North East in 1969.
Seamus Webster and his family flee the riots in Belfast and come to live on Barnstaple Road in North Shields - where he takes up work as a crane driver in Smith's Docks his wife Annie finds a job in the Co-op in Whitley Bay - Seamus is good at DIY and gets lots of work decorating or fitting out new kitchens for people. His father Michael is serving a very long sentence when he is implicated in a
bombing of an army base- his skills as a bomb maker have been passed down to his oldest son and Stephen Mcgill is on the look -out for him as a bombing campaign has begun on mainland Britain. Newcastle has been chosen as the target - can Seamus avoid getting mixed up in this. Read what happens in this tense thriller.


75. 75

Ralph didn’t press him, he allowed Seamus time to gather himself.’

“We need to get away Mr Mason.’

“Call me Ralph; what’s happened?’

“It’s not what’s happened but more what going to happen.’

“I had a visit tonight and they want me to make bombs, six of them.’

“Where are they going to be placed, do you know?’

“I haven’t been told the target but they say it’s big and will kill and injure thousands of people.’ It’s going to happen this weekend that’s all I know.’

“Thousands you say.’

“Was he exaggerating?’

“He seemed pretty damned sure to me.’

“What kind of explosive device is it you are about to make.’

“Boobies, with semtex, nails, and ball bearings.’ “It would cause maximum damage.’

 “How much are we talking about?’

“60 lbs pounds in each I think.’

 “They must be going to place them in a confined space.’

“Car bombs maybe.’

“Possibly, but how would a car bomb wipe out thousands of people it would have to be in a crowded place to kill and maim so many.’

“They are not giving any warning Ralph.’

“Look Seamus can you fix the explosive devices so that they don’t go off.’

“I could yes, but my guess is that McGill will want to test one out first and if they choose one that doesn’t work then I’m dead.’ and my family too.’

Ralph drove them back to his head quarters where he went to see Dennis Lord his boss and told him of the plans the gang from Ireland had set up.’

“Get the team in and let’s find out where they plan to set these bombs off.’

Ralph didn’t disclose his source. “It was on instinct somehow; Dennis always was a bit shifty and distant with Ralph.’ Was he being blackmailed?’ What ever it was Ralph aimed to find out.

Dennis Lord never kept him up to speed on things and that was why he distrusted him.’

Why were the IRA always ten steps ahead of the game? Someone had to be feeding them information and it had to be coming from the top.

Ralph had a tap put on Dennis Lords phone and bugged his house too. He had to be sure that his boss was clean. So far it had revealed nothing.’

One of his men was sent to watch his house and report anything untoward they followed his every move, who he met who he called everything in the hope of a break through. He hoped by telling Dennis Lord about the bombs it would make him careless and he would try and contact McGill to inform him that the team were onto him.

He said nothing to Seamus as he got back into the car.

“Lets go, I’ll drop you off.’

“What if they are there at my house now?’

“I will drop you before we get to your house you can make some excuse if they are there “you are wearing the wire so I will know if McGill is there.’ “Why don’t you just arrest them now?’

“We need more evidence; “I want to get this lot and the others in Belfast who are behind this bombing campaign.’

“Are you going to risk the lives of thousands of people in order to catch these people?’ “No I’m relying on you Seamus to prevent it from happening.’

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