The Troubles

"The Troubles " the story is set in Belfast and the North East in 1969.
Seamus Webster and his family flee the riots in Belfast and come to live on Barnstaple Road in North Shields - where he takes up work as a crane driver in Smith's Docks his wife Annie finds a job in the Co-op in Whitley Bay - Seamus is good at DIY and gets lots of work decorating or fitting out new kitchens for people. His father Michael is serving a very long sentence when he is implicated in a
bombing of an army base- his skills as a bomb maker have been passed down to his oldest son and Stephen Mcgill is on the look -out for him as a bombing campaign has begun on mainland Britain. Newcastle has been chosen as the target - can Seamus avoid getting mixed up in this. Read what happens in this tense thriller.


65. 65

In the school playground Matthew Stewart was picking on some young kid as Liam walked in.’

“Give me your money now or I will kick your face in demanded Stewart.’

He searched the terrified second year pupil and found seventy five pence.’

That’s my dinner money give it back.’

“Looks like you will be starving all next week then doesn’t it?’

“Give him that back said Liam from behind.’

  “Or else what said Stewart who had an older brother who would stick up for him.’

“Or else I will rip your head from your shoulders.’

“Wor Kevin will rip your head off if you dare lay a finger on me.’

Liam grabbed Stewart by the lapel and lifted him clear off his feet and pushed him backwards into a muddy puddle in the middle of the school yard. Stewarts arms went flailing back as he ended up in the mud bath.’

“Right you’re for it now just wait till I tell wor kid on you.’

“Give Harris his money back.’

“Piss off its mine.’

Liam bent down and dragged Stewart to his feet; he took hold of the hand that held the money in one huge fist then squeezed it.’

The pain registered immediately and Stewart’s face and then he cried out.’

I’ll crush you and your brother like a grape if you don’t give Harris his money back.

“Alright, Alright said Stewart as more pressure was asserted onto his tiny fist Liam released the grip but held onto the lapel of his coat as he opened his fingers that had been almost broken by the sheer force from Liam’s grip.’

He gave Harris the money that he’d taken and Liam then told him to say sorry.’

“Sorry he spat.’

Now remember this; there is always a bigger stronger person who will come along and crush you Stewart.’ Harris you come to me if he tries to take money off you again.

Thank you Liam said the young boy and walked away. The bell went and the classes lined up waiting to go into school. Gillian Grant blew the whistle to stop the first year pupils from carrying on in the line up The girls moved off first then the steady trail started to diminish.’

The Kids placed their coats in the cloakroom on their own peg that had their name on them. They were written on a sticky label that was removed as the children moved to a higher grade. The cloak rooms were in another area of the school. The caretaker had the job of removing them after the school year and fresh labels were then added.

Mr Fairbrother shouted “Quiet please.’ as the children made their way to the classrooms. Mr Fairbrother taught Music and Geography and he was very strict.

Pupils were often disruptive and he meted out detention and cleaning duties for any graffiti on the toilet walls or in the cubicles. Mr Lawrence Fairbrother took pride in his school; he had been there some twenty years and had seen the best and the very worst of pupils in that time and experience taught him that anyone who thought that they could flaunt the system soon found out otherwise. He checked the toilets both before the lesson and during the break. Woe betides anyone found defacing his classroom or toilet area.

“Sit down and shut up until you are spoken to; anyone who fails to understand will be put on detention is that understood. “ You will answer “Yes Sir. “ Do I make myself clear?’

“Yes sir the class responded.’

“Good, now as I call the register just a simple “here” will suffice.’

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