The Troubles

"The Troubles " the story is set in Belfast and the North East in 1969.
Seamus Webster and his family flee the riots in Belfast and come to live on Barnstaple Road in North Shields - where he takes up work as a crane driver in Smith's Docks his wife Annie finds a job in the Co-op in Whitley Bay - Seamus is good at DIY and gets lots of work decorating or fitting out new kitchens for people. His father Michael is serving a very long sentence when he is implicated in a
bombing of an army base- his skills as a bomb maker have been passed down to his oldest son and Stephen Mcgill is on the look -out for him as a bombing campaign has begun on mainland Britain. Newcastle has been chosen as the target - can Seamus avoid getting mixed up in this. Read what happens in this tense thriller.


36. 36

He had his team check every conceivable place on the ship that a device could be placed then he went down in a small mini sub and checked under the ship; it was there that he discovered the massive charge. He was trained on how to defuse various mines from limpet mines to land mines but not a bomb of this magnitude. The wiring was different and there were four detonators. He assured Admiral Blake that he could defuse the bomb given enough time to work out the sequence of wiring. Instead of blue and red standard wiring the Germans had used green and yellow stripes- purple and black and orange. Ralph had to work out why the wiring was coded like that. There wasn’t much time either. The time switches had been set for one hour. Gunter was being interrogated but he would reveal nothing.

Ralph had to open the casing of the bomb carefully there was a trip switch inside and any sudden movement would set off the bomb. He carefully located where each wire was fixed, if he was to cut the wrong wire then the bomb would surely go off blowing up the ship and the missiles.


There wasn’t time to get the missiles off the ship now so Ralph deduced that if the orange wire was the dummy wire and it was only the purple and black or the green and yellow wires that would defuse the bomb. His team mate Alan Douglas pointed to the green and yellow wires but in his head he was questioning everything. Why had the Germans used purple and black wires? It didn’t add up. Ralph sent Alan away and the yard was cleared of all civilian and military personnel.  He took the wire cutters and placed it around the purple and black wire his hand was shaking with fear and he could feel the sweat running down his back there was less than three minutes to go when Ralph snipped the first wire nothing happened – he breathed a sigh of relief now were they all the same or had the Germans used trickery again. He prepared himself to cut the next purple and black wire but at the last second cut the green and yellow. Again he had chosen correctly the bomb didn’t explode. He had now less than ninety seconds left to work out the next sequence; did he cut another green and yellow or did he cut the purple and black he cut the purple and black. He was about to cut the last sequence of wires with the forth detonator the clock was ticking down and with only fourteen seconds left he made a decision.

He was going to have to cut a wire an quickly. He thought if the Germans had made it so each of the three detonators were either purple and black or green an yellow the average person would cut the green and yellow again and that would be their mistake the bomb would go off. If he cut the purple and black again would the bomb go off? He closed in on the wires. With three seconds to spare he cut the orange wire. He’d done it; the bomb was defused. He disconnected it from the ships hull and placed it on the submersible

He surfaced then informed the Admiral that the ship was now safe.

“Bloody marvellous Mason; I’m recommending you for a commission and a medal too I expect.’

“Thank you sir.’

Ralph saluted the Admiral then made his way out of the dock yard.

The Ark Royal did fire the missiles on the bunker but someone working for the resistance had been captured by the Germans had gave them information about the planned bombing of the bunker when he was tortured. The Generals from the Third Reich who were meant to be there were sent elsewhere.

However it proved that the British Navy now had a formidable weapon.



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