What you left behind

"Follow the tragic tale of Ben and Ava as they learn the true meaning of love, growing up, heartbreak and the unmissable goodbye"


1. prologue

Laying there in the dark with my head on his chest was definitely one of my favourite things to do in the world. His heartbeat and steady breathing was enough to send me to sleep almost instantly but not tonight...I was determined to not fall asleep tonight. I knew I had to tell him at some point and I swear I was going to tell him but I just couldn't bring myself to.

"No" said the voice inside my head

"It's not fair on him and you know it"

It was right I had to tell him...I couldn't believe I was about to ruin the best thing I'd ever had but I knew I had to do the right thing. I closed my eyes and burned this memory into my brain savouring every second, mentally recording the sound of his breathing and his heartbeat. I took and deep breath and said

"Ben" I asked with my voice shaking

"Yeh babe what's up?" Concern in his tone

"I need to tell you something but you have to promise you won't freak out okay?"

"Okay sure whatever's wrong you know you can always talk to me"

"Okay here goes nothing...

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