Meet and Greet

Winter break. Your boyfriend dumped you on last day of school. Your best friend won tickets to One Direction's concert... What will happen?


1. Dumped.

**Alarm clock ringing**

Me: Shiiiiiiit!

I heard my door open and felt somebody jumping on my bed and yelling... it was Audrey, my best friend since kindergarten. She's my soul sister, she knows me better than anybody else.

Audrey: Time to wake up baby! Last day of school!

Me: Why? No, I was about to kiss Ryan Gosling!

Audrey: I'm sorry, but today is last day of school before winter break, and we have plenty of things to do together. I'm going back to New Jersey on Monday and I won't see you again until January.

I moved to New York when I started high school because I want to study at NYU. My parents didn't supported my decision so I had to look for a job and study at the same time. It was tough at the beginning but everything got better when Audrey decided to move to New York We live in a small apartment in Stuy Town Me: Fine! I'm going to get ready for school!

Audrey: Ok! I'll prepare breakfast while you get ready!

She left the room, I went to my closet and grabbed a gray turtleneck sweater, a pair of black jeans, my favorite leather jacket and a pair of high heeled booties and took a shower.

I went to the kitchen and had breakfast with Audrey, we ate pancakes and yogurt with red berries. School is just a couple blocks away from our apartment, so we usually walk.


Audrey: Baby, I'm going to look for Nick. Ok? See ya later.

(Audrey and Nick has been together since 1st year of high school)

Me: All right. See ya Aud.

I walked into my classroom and surprise! I found my boyfriend kissing Becca, the most popular girl in the school. By the way, she hates me. I freeze and then tears started to steam down my face... When Alex realized that I was there, pushed away Becca I turned around and leave the classroom. He ran after me.

Alex: Baby, please wait...Let me explain, it's not what you're thinking!

Me: Don't call me that and leave me alone! This time, it's over!

Alex: Please (your name) just give me one more chance!

He grabbed my arm and turned me around, he put his face against mine trying to kiss me.

Me: Let me go Alex, I'm tired of this shit, you did it again, I don't deserve this anymore! Go and fuck every fucking girl you meet! I'm done with this.

Alex: Please baby, it wasn't my fault!

I pushed him and ran away looking for Audrey. When I finally found her and she saw me crying, se ran into me and gave me a hug.

Audrey: What happened (your name)?

Me: I found him again with Becca... It's over I'm done with this... I just don't deserve this.

Audrey: Of course you don't deserve that, don't worry everything's gonna be all right, I promise! Me: He did it again... I'm so stupid, I trusted him!

Audrey: Why don't we go home? Let's buy some ice cream, movies and let's spend the rest of the day together!

Me: Ok!


Audrey: How do you feel? Better?

Me: Yes, I mean it's hard, we've been together for 3 years, it had has to happen again, because he did it before, I don't know how I trusted him again... I'm so stupid.

Audrey: Hey, do you wanna come with me to a concert tonight? I was going to go with Nick, but I think it will be better if you come with me, Nick hates boy bands, what do you think?

Me: I don't know Audrey, I'm not in the mood and I don't want to ruin your fun...

Audrey: Of course you won't, we can go to the concert and look for an afterparty somewhere!

Me: Sounds like fun, I think I'll go, I really need this...Audrey, you're the best. Thanks for being here for me.

Audrey: Aww, baby this is what sisters are for! I will never let you down. Now it's time to get ready, the concert it's at 7pm and it's almost 5pm. And guess what? I got first row tickets!

Me: Oh wow! How exciting...

She gave me a hug. I headed to my room and took a shower. I was thinking about texting Alex... but my cellphone ran out of battery, so I thought it may have been a signal. I went to my closet and grabbed a Rolling Stones t-shirt, a pair of ripped black jeans, a pair of black booties and a red velvet blazer.

Me: Audrey! I'm ready!

Audrey: Me too, lets go! I'm so excited! I can't believe I'll see Niall Horan!

Me: Haha all right...

We took the bus, we talked about Alex... Then we arrived to the arena.


Me: Geez! Look at all this people! It's crazy!

Audrey: I know, I can't believe that I found tickets in the first row! That's our entrance, come on!

Me: I'm going right behind you!

We walked thru all the people until we found our seats. It was insane, I have never seen so many people in the same place. But let's see what happens...

We were talking with the other girls that were sitting next to us, when the lights went off and the music started! Everybody started screaming and clapping! And suddenly appeared 4 boys and Audrey told me one by one their names, they were good looking, but I think that the most handsome was Harry Styles not Niall, as she says...

I really was enjoying the concert, when they started singing a song called "Love you goodbye" and I started crying uncontrollably I couldn't help myself to stop... Audrey looked at me and gave me a hug and then we noticed that Harry was staring at us while he was singing. I started to feel much better when they performed "Drag me down" and we started dancing. Almost at the end of the concert a security guard came to our place...

SG: Hey girls, good night. I don't want you two to be loud, you have to keep this as a secret while you're here with the other fans, deal?

Audrey: DEAL!!

Me: K...

SG: Mr. Harry Styles invited you guys to go on a meet and greet after the concert, if your answer is yes, you girls have to come with me right now before the concert ends...

Me: Of course we are going, right Audrey?

Audrey: OMG! I'm shocked... I can't believe it, this is a dream came tr...

Me: Shut up, let's go!

SG: Follow me, this way.

We walked following him thru the sea of people. Then we walked thru a hall, I think it was behind the stage and he took us into a room there were couches, and racks with clothes, tables full of food and beverages... he told us that we had to wait in there for them.

We were totally shocked, I wasn't a biggest fan of One Direction, but get to know them, was absolutely amazing...

Me: Shit, tell me this is a dream. We're so lucky. Remember when I cried with a song at the concert?

Audrey: Yes, I'm so sorry baby. I'll always be here for you...

Me: I know that silly, but the thing is that I saw Harry staring at us when you hugged me...what if that's the reason he invited us backstage?

Audrey: YES!. Thank you Alex, for kissing Becca this morning and breaking my sister's heart! We wouldn't be here waiting to meet One Direction if you hadn't done that!

Me: Hahaha screw you, I love you! But definitely, THANK YOU ASSHOLE!

Audrey: Oh my... I think I heard footsteps. Do I look good? Do I have something in my teeth? With or without the jacket?

Me: Yes. No and without. Relax, you look gorgeous. What about me?

Audrey: Beautiful.

I was pretty nervous, I took my iPhone and pretended I was texting somebody, while I heard a sexy raspy voice. I looked up to find a tall, curly haired boy with emerald green eyes.

?: Hiii

Me: Hello I'm (your name)

Harry: What a beautiful name! I'm Harry, did you enjoyed the concert?

Me: I did. I'm going to be honest, I wasn't a big fan of yours, Audrey, my best friend invited me, but tonight you guys won my heart! And thank you for invited us backstage.

Harry: You're welcome. I'm glad to hear that! We are going to an afterparty, would you like to come with us?

Me: Oh, i don't know what to say, I mean, that would be awesome!

Harry: Perfect! Let's go, we'll get to know each other at the party. Let me just grab my coat, it's bloody freezing outside. I think it'll snow.

Me: I love it when it snows.

Harry: Me too!

We got into a van and headed to the party. We were talking all the way to the club. We asked them a lot of things about their career, personal life and all that stuff.

Niall: I think we're here...

Liam: Finally! I was falling sleep.

Louis: Let me call Danielle to see if she has arrived.

We got into the club, music was so loud and I followed Harry into a reserved area, we sat down, the waitress brought us drinks and shots. Harry and me talked all the night about everything, he was so kind and nice.

Harry: Do you like dancing?

Me: I do, how about you?

Harry: Yeah, I'm not very good at it, but I enjoy it. Can I ask you something, why were you crying at the concert?

Me: Hmm, well. I found my boyfriend kissing another girl at the school this morning... We were together for 3 years and that song reminded me of him.

Harry: I'm sorry (your name) but you deserve much more than that!

Me: Thank you Harry, I've just met you and you made me feel really good.

Harry: It's good to hear that. Here you are another shot!

Me: Ok. Cheers!

It was 2am and we were all a little drunk. The club was about to close, so they invited us to their hotel suite and we accepted to go.


Music was loud, we were playing and chatting we were all drunk. Audrey was talking with Niall, we lost Louis, last time we saw him he was kissing passionately his girlfriend Danielle, so I think they went somewhere more private. Liam was talking with his girlfriend Cheryl. There was a lot of people, Lottie Tomlinson with her boyfriend, Harry's sister Gemma with some guy and some others I didn't know. I guess they were close friends of them. I really was having a good time! Harry was so sweet, I was really enjoying being around him. He made me feel so good.

Me: Yes, we were together for 3 years. But I knew this was going to happen someday. I was just blinded by his lies. I'm really glad I met you tonight, you made me forget that I was heart broken.

Harry: It's good to hear that (your name) you deserve much more!

Me: Thank you Harry, hey I'm starving...

Harry: Yeah, me too, there's a McDonald's a block away from the hotel... Wanna go?

Me: Sounds like a good idea, I'm dizzy, but I can still walk haha

Harry: Don't worry, give me your hand, I'll help you not to fall.

Me: Oh! How kind Mr. Styles!

Harry: You're welcome mademoiselle.

We took the emergency stairs, it was Harry's idea... I almost fell in the stairs and he held me in his arms, I couldn't help myself and I searched for his lips and kissed him, he respond my kiss passionately, he started to going down to my ear, my neck and he turned me on. His body was pressed against mine, he took my blazer off and kissed my neckline and went down to my boobs he turned me around and pressed his pelvis against my butt I suddenly felt something hard down there. It was huge. I heard him whispering in my ear "Oh fuck, let's do this" we took the elevator and headed to his room. I took off his jacket and white tee. Oh my god! His body, those abs, those arms! Geez! He took my clothes off and pushed me to the bed.

He pulled off his black jeans, all I can saw was his erection through his boxers. I took his boxers off and gave him a blowjob, it was big, I heard him moaning. Then he threw me to the bed, he desperately searched for my lips, I felt his humid tongue inside of my mouth meeting mine, it tasted so sweet. Then he penetrated me, I moaned of pleasure when I felt his cock inside of me, he was moving slowly and saying things like "yes (your name)", "Oh god", "fuck". I could barely breathe. He took his dick outside of me and sat down on the edge of the bed and I literally rode him. He was sucking my tits while penetrating me, he really knew what he was doing. I couldn't help myself and scratched his back, I was holding him so tight. When he was about to finish he bit my left shoulder and let out a loud moan. We did it 2 times more that night. It was the best time of my life.

Harry: Wake up sleeping beauty.

Me: 5 more minutes, I'm so tired.

Harry: I had a great night, thank you.

Me: I did too...

Harry: I'm going to take a shower, come with me...

Me: All right...

He filled the bathtub and we got in. We started talking about everything, he kissed me, it felt so good being around him.

We got dressed and went to the hotel's restaurant.

Me: At what time will you get to the airport?

Harry: In about an hour.

Me: Oh, all right...

Harry: Yes, we will fly to Australia.

Me: Sounds amazing!

Harry: It is, its such a beautiful country

Me: I bet so. I think I'm leaving now Harry, i have to work, I'm going to look for Audrey.

Harry: Oh, ok. But first give me your phone number, we can talk from time to time...

Me: Sure, it is 9-1-7-9-4-4-5-7-6-3

Harry: Ok! Saved!

We went to their suite I asked Niall about Audrey, he told me that she has already left. I texted her, she told me that she took a cab to home, I said goodbye to the guys, Harry hugged me, I inhaled his scent, I was trying to keep it with me forever, he kissed me. I was trying not to cry. I got into the cab. Probably, that was the last time I was going to see him. And guess what? I forgot to asked him for his phone number, so if he wasn't planning to text me in a nearly future, I'll never talked to him again.


Me: Audrey!!!

Audrey: Hey, you slut haha. Where were you last night? In one minute you where out of my sight!

Me: Haha, I was in Harry's room.

Audrey: No way! Did you have just fucked with Harry Styles? Details...

Me: Well, it sounds terrible if you say it that way, but yes. I did...

Audrey: Oh sweet lord Jesus! You're so lucky, did you get his phone number?

Me: No, he saved mine. But if he never writes me, I'll never see him again.

Audrey: No! How could you forgot to ask that!

Me: Yes, I know! You won't believe me, but I kind of miss him, he's so kind and sweet, I've never felt like this before...

Audrey: How about his friend? Does he have a know...

Me: Audrey! I'm being serious!

Audrey: Oh! Come on! Just answer that...pwease?

Me: Haha, ok! Hmm, he does have a big one and he really knows what his doing. Omg! I felt I touched the stars...

Audrey: I wish I could at least kissed Niall...

Me: Haha, ok Audrey I have to go working, I'll see you later, ok? Do you want me to bring pizza for dinner?

Audrey: Actually, I'm going to stay at with Nick tonight.

Me: Oh, ok! Don't worry, I'll see you tomorrow then! Have fun! And thank you for last night, It really was the best night of my life!

Audrey: I told you! And thankfully you forgot about that asshole of your ex.

Me: Yes! I love you Audrey, see you tomorrow!

Audrey: Bye baby, love you!

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