What If?

What if your best friend became a famous actor?


1. New Beginnings

Sebastian and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. We did everything together from when we were small children all the up to our teens. We were inseparable, no matter where we would go and no matter what we were doing, we were always together. That is up until the summer he moved, Sebastian started becoming more and more distant until he completely stopped talking to me all together. I soon found out that him and his family had moved to the states and was in some sort of school. It killed me that he wouldn't tell me what he was doing or talk to me at all for that matter. I tried calling his home phone, his cell phone, even his parents cell phone. Nothing was working, apparently he just did not want to talk to me his best friend. That was when I finally decided to forget him and move on with my life. I told my mum and dad about this and we had moved from Romania to London and I told them about this school I had been researching about online called New York Institute of Photography. I printed out the application and sent it in. Within the next couple of days I get a phone call that goes a little like this, 

"NYIP- Hello is this Kaydence Anastasia Benedict? 
KB- Yes, may I ask who is calling? 
NYIP- This is the dean of The New York Institute of Photography, I was calling in regards to your application that you had sent in. 
KB- Really, oh my gosh! Is there something wrong with it? 
NYIP- No, there is nothing wrong with it. It is one of the most outstanding applications I have seen in a very long time. I was just calling to ask you when was the best time for you to fly out for your interview. 
KB- Um, I will have to speak with my parents about that. Can I give you a call back after I talk to them? 
NYIP- Yes, that would be perfectly fine. 
KB- Thank you so much, buh-bye" 

I got off the phone with them and I scream at the top of my lungs, and can I say I have the extremely scary horror film girl scream. I talk to my parents about the interview and they called the airport and made arrangements for me to fly out tomorrow. After talking to them I call back the dean, 

"KB- Hello, this is Kaydence Anastasia Benedict calling back about my interview. 
NYIP- Ahh Yes, Kaydence, Did you talk to your parents about it? 
KB- Yes I did and they made the arrangements for me to fly out tomorrow 
NYIP- That is great! How about we schedule your audition for two days from now that way you can get your sleep and rest up from the long flight. 
KB- That would be perfect. Thank you so much again for this opportunity." 

I run into my room and start packing my bags. My first bag is just the basics; shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste the list goes on. My second bag consists of my four favorite outfits; my Hawkeye inspired, loki inspired, my 'girly scene' outfit and my "scene kid" outfit. After packing my bags I put my iPhone on the dock and "Safety Pin" by 5 Seconds Of Summer starts to play and I put on my bright blue block yoga pants, nike pro sports bra, 'cute and going to hell' crop top and I put on my nike studio wrap shoes and I start dancing, I haven't practiced in so long so I know I'm going to be sore in the morning. After a couple of hours of good practice I fall into my bed and right to sleep. I'm laying in bed after my alarm goes off and I hear a scream from downstairs, 


I roll over and check the time and it says 3:45 am I sigh and realize that my flight is in just a short hours and after another 20 plus I will be in New York City. I get up and dance down the stairs and into the kitchen where I find my parents staring at me like I'm on crack. I look at them and flash them my famous wire filled smile and say, 

"What is look for haven't you seen a girl excited at three in the morning?" 

They look at me and smile and shake their heads and laugh. I dance around the kitchen when I hear my phone blare "Never Enough" by One Direction and I look to see that it's a number I don't know, I answer it and say, 

KB; Hello, who is this? 
Anon; Hey dude I'm sorry I missed your call 
KB; Who is this 
Anon; Oh Im sorry I thought this was one of my friends, I missed his call and I guess your numbers are close. 
KB; Oh well I'm sorry that you got wrong person 
Anon; No it's all good. You seem like a very lovely person to talk to. Can I get a name for the voice? 
KB; Well first of all I don't even know your name so why would I tell you mine? 
Anon; Well you got a point right there. My name is Aaron. 
KB; Well hello Aaron my name is Kaydence or Kade for short 
Anon/Aaron; I have another friend named Kaydence but she doesn't like when we call her Kade. 
KB; Well it's her loss 
Anon/Aaron; We've been talking for like an hour and I'm now just realizing you have an accent 
KB; WAIT! WHAT! We've been on the phone for an hour? I'm really sorry Aaron but I have to go get a shower because I have a flight to catch very soon. 
Anon/Aaron; It's okay, I'll guess I'll talk to you later than. 
KB; Yeah I'll call you on my way to the airport and when I land 
Anon/Aaron; Okay I'll talk to you soon Kade 

I get off the phone with Aaron and I grab my, well Sebastian's long sleeve black henley shirt, my light wash skinny jeans, all black converse, black baseball cap, gold star necklace and my moon and star ring and I hop in the shower. I get out of the shower and put on my underwear and bra, then my jeans and as I'm about to put on Sebastian's shirt the memory of the day I took it hits me like a ton of bricks and I break down crying. I eventually calm myself down enough to finish getting dressed. I head downstairs to find my luggage and my parents, who when they see the shirt smile. I walk up to them and my mom asks, 

"Still no call?" 

I look at her with a frown and say, 

"No, I'm starting to think Sebby doesn't even want to talk to me." 

She looks at me and puts an arm around my shoulder as my dad grabs my bags and says, 

"Well maybe this new school is going to be good for you then. A new start in a new place. A chance for you to forget him. Hey what about that guy you were talking to for an hour." 

I look at her in disbelief and just turn around and walk out to the car that is waiting to take us to the airport. I'm sitting in the car and Ipull out my phone and plug in my headphones and press play and "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" by Darkness starts playing and I start dancing to it in my seat as I text Aaron, 

KB; Hey Aaron! 
AA; Hey Kade! I thought you were going to call on your way to the airport? 
KB; I was going to but my parents are in the car and my mum is being nosy. 
AA; Well moms are like that though, what is your mum being nosy about? 
KB; Well, it's a long story 
AA; It's okay, and I never found out where you were flying to 
KB; Uh yeah... I'm flying to New York 
AA; that's really cool, I actually live in New York 
KB; Oh really! What do you do there? 
AA; I'm actually an actor 
KB; That's so cool, I actually have an interview the dean of the New York Institute of Photography in a couple days 
AA; Really! We should get together and hang out before. 
KB; That would be lovely, well were at the airport now 
AA; Okay, I'll talk to you later and I'll see you tomorrow 
KB; okay ttyl 

We get to the airport and I put my headphones back in, because my mom ripped them off to tell me we were at the airport, and I press play and 'Wonderwall' by Oasis comes on. I start making my way through the airport when I run straight into a group of guys. I look up to see a pair of piercing blue eyes, peak out from under a black ball cap, that I know all too well. The guys all turn to see who ran into them when the one with blonde hair says, 

"Hey Sebby! Having girls fall over you already?!" 

I look at him with sad eyes and apologize and go to find my parents. When I'm walking away I hear him say, 

"Was she wearing a shield backpack?" 

I find them standing by the entrance and when I walk up to them my mum asks, 

"He didn't even know it was you, did he?" 

I turn around and see the five guys walking up behind us as my eyes start to fill with tears I lock eyes with him and say to my mum, 

"He may have not known it was me but I would know those eyes anywhere!" 

I turn around look at my mum as she wipes the tears from my eyes and says, 

"Well he won't realize what he has till it's gone." 

She puts her arm around my shoulder as we give the lady our tickets and we start to make our way down the hallway when I hear from behind us "NYC BOUND!." We walk onto the plane and head to first class as I find my seat I see two of the boys from the group sitting on both sides of my seat. I put my carry on in the overhead compartment and sit down as 'Crazy Love' by Jason Manns featuring Jensen Ackles starts playing through my headphones when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I look to my right and see the guy with the blonde hair and he has a huge smile on his face and says, 

"Oh my gosh! You're the girl that ran into us earlier! My name is Chris Evans, my friend next to you is Tom Hiddleston, my two friends in front of us are Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth and the one behind us Sebastian Stan." 

As he says the last name I turn around and see him. He looks up at me and gives me that same old signature smirk. I turn around before he could say something I break down crying again. The guy to my left, Tom I think his name is, looks at my and all he does I pull me into a hug and just holds me. My mum walks back towards us and she sees this guy holding me and she asks, 

"What upset her this time?" 

Chris looks up at her and says, 

"Well she ran into us earlier and when I saw that she was sitting in between me and Tom here I got excited and as I introduced myself and everyone else she turned around and looked at Sebby and turned back around and started crying." 

She looks at Sebastian and back at me and turns and walks back to her seat by my dad. I look up to see Tom, Chris, Chris and Jeremy staring at me. I release my hold on Tom's shirt, which smells like tangerines, and press the little button for the flight attendant. She walks back by our row and asks me what I want and I say, 

"Can I get a pillow, blanket and a bottle of water." 

She looks at me and nods her head yes and walks away. A few minutes later she walks back to me with my stuff but before she leaves she tells the boys around me that she can't wait for the movie. They thank her and she gives me a dirty look before turning and walking away and as she does I flip her off. I hear a chuckle from behind me but I ignore it. I hear a voice pull me from my thoughts, I look up to see Chris and Jeremy looking at me and Chris asks, 

"Do you want to do a periscope with us?" 

I look at them and smile and shake my head yes. I stand up and stretch and I walk around and sit in between Chris and Jeremy and let me tell you it was a tight squeeze so I was pretty much in Jeremy's lap. Chris pulls up the periscope and starts by saying thank you for all the support him and the boys are getting then he looks at me and says, 

CH: hey everybody this is our new friend! Would you care to tell everyone your name and reason for being on this lovely flight today. 
KB: Well first of all my name is Kaydence or Kade for short and I have an interview with the dean of New York Institute of Photography in a couple days so we're heading to New York 
JR: That's cool but I feel like everybody calls you Kade so I'm going to call you Kitten :D 
CH: I'm going to stick with calling you Kade, it's simple :D 
CE: I'm going to call you Kayden 
TH: I'm going to call you Sweets 
KB: Those are lovely guys, I'm going to call you Muscles, Renni, Lovebug, Cap 
JR: Why don't you call him Darling Cap that's what Tom calls him 
KB: Oh my gosh! Chris that is freaking adorable I'm so calling you that from now on!!! 
CE: I would try and argue and say you can't but you seem like the kind of person who can't lose an argument 
KB: well my Darling Cap, you are right my fine friend. 

They all start talking about random things and Renni looks at me as I let out a small yawn. He looks at Muscles and says, 

"Well everybody it looks like Kitten here is getting tired so we're going to say bye"

C,J,T,K,C: Bye everyone 

As I detangle myself from Renni's arms I move back to my seat and curl up with my blanket and pillow. I fall asleep and feel someone lower my head to their shoulder. I peak my eyes open to see Lovebug smiling down at me. I wrap one arm around his and grab Darling Caps hand and play with his fingers until I fall asleep. After what seems like ages I feel someone shake me awake and say, 

"Sweets, it's time to wake up we're about to land." 

I stretch my arms and legs and adjust everything in my seat just in time to see the New York City skyline come into view. I grab one of Lovebugs hands and one of Caps hands because I hate landing in planes, I always have. We land safely and I grab my bag from overhead and I start to walk ahead to my parents when Cap pulls me into a hug and takes my phone out of my back pocket and puts his number (DarlingCap), Chris's (MusclesForDays), Tom's (Lovebug), and Jeremy's (Renni) then text's their phones from mine so they could have my number also. He sticks it back in my pocket and they all give me hugs before we part ways to get our bags. I get to the bag area and see my parents standing there with our bags in tow on one of the big bag carriers. I see it and I hop on top of our bags light enough not to break anything. My dad looks down at me and laughs. We start to walk out of the airport when I see the boys pull up next to me. Muscles looks at me and says, 

"Great minds think alike!" 

I look at the way he's sitting and look to my right and see Cap sitting the same way. I laugh at how immature they both are acting. That's when I hear a voice say, 

"Boys! Do you always have to act this immature in public?" 

I look up to see where the voice came from and I see none other than Robert Downey Jr standing Iine front of me. I jump up off the bag carrier and walk up to him and say, 

"Wow! I have only dreamt of the day I would get to meet you" 

He looks at me and flashes that famous RDJ smile and says, 

"It's very nice to meet you. What are you doing with these hooligans?" 

I look at him and say, 

"It's very nice to meet you also and well the reason why I'm with the hooligans is because I ran into them literally and we ended up sitting next to each other." 

He looks at me and laughs and says, 

"Yeah, I saw part of the periscope Chris, Jeremy and yourself did. So your name is Kaydence but most people call you Kade." 

I look at him and smile and say, 

"Yeah I really do hate to cut this short but my parents are waiting for me and Boys text me later." 

He looks at me and shakes his head and the boys run up and hug me again. I walk away from them with a sad look on my face and head towards my parents. I reach them and hop back on the carrier when my mom says, 

"Don't forget to call Aaron!" 

I instantly perk up and pull my phone out and before I can get to my contacts it starts to ring and the picture that pops up is the one of Sebastian and I after a big paint fight we had in my studio. I look at the picture for a minute and press the ignore button and got to my contacts and press the call button on 'Anon/Aaron.' I hear a voice come on the line and say, 

KB: Hey Aaron! 
AA: Kade! Does this mean your in New York now? 
KB: Yeah, were headed to our hotel now 
AA: Awesome! DO you want to meet up or do you want me to come meet you there? 
KB: It would be best if you came and met me because I don't know here anything is here 
AA: Okay what's the place? 
KB: The Michelangelo Hotel 
AA: Okay love, see you soon 
KB: Alrighty love see you 

I get off the phone with Aaron and a smile is plastered to my face. My parents look at me and smile as we walk into the hotel. We head to the room and I plop down on the bed and put my headphones in and 'Bright' by Ecosmith comes on and I just lay there and sing along to it when the room phone starts ringing. I get up and answer it and say, 

"What's up room 1016" 

The voice on the other end says, 

"Yes, Miss Kaydence there is someone by the name of Aaron Taylor here to see you" 

I answer back, 

"Okay, I'm on way down!" 

I run to my bags and grab my, well Sebastians, metallica shirt, black skinny jeans, my black high top adidas and I grab my jacket I was wearing and I change and head downstairs. I walk down the hallway towards the lift as I enter it I see my lovebug standing there. I let a small scream of excitement and he looks and realizes it's me and pulls me into a hug and says, 

"what are you doing here sweets?" 

I look at him and say, 

"well this is where I'm staying until my interview and if I make it in we'll be finding a place out here. We'll still have the place in London, Romania and Vienna for when we go on holidays and all that fun stuff." 

He looks at me with a big smile and says, 

"The guys are going to be excited about this news!" 
"You can't tell them I'm staying here just yet. I want to surprise them when they are least expecting it." I say In a hurry 

He looks at me with a mischievous smile and says, 

"Tomorrow about noon I'll get the boys all to go up to the pool and I'll text you and have you come up and I'll act all sad about not getting to see you again and that's when you'll walk up behind us and say 'missing me already lovebug?' And all the guys will jump up and scream in excitement and attack you in hugs." 

I look at him and smile because that's a fabulous plan. As it hits the lobby I step out and a see a guy about 5' 11", short curly dirty blonde hair, biker boots, black jeans and green plaid short sleeve shirt. I walk up to the front desk and the guy says, 

"Miss Kaydence this is Mr. Aaron Taylor Johnson." 

I turn to him and he smiles real big causing me to smile also and he pulls me into a hug and I hug him back and when we pull away I look into his blue eyes and say, 

"It is so great to finally meet you and see the face behind the voice!" 
"If I had known the face behind the voice was so beautiful I would have come to the airport to meet you" 

I look down at the floor as I feel my cheeks heat up. I look back up at him and say, 

"Well do you want to stay here or go find somewhere else to talk?" 

He looks at me and says, 

"We can stay here if you want." 
"How about we go find some ice cream. As soon as I got into the hotel room I have been craving ice cream" 

As we start to walk out of the hotel I turn and yell to the guy at the desk, 

"Tell my mum I'm out with Anon" 

He looks at me with a confused look on his face but before he could answer we were already out of the door and walking down the street to find a cab. We finally find a cab and Aaron tells the guy to go to Ellens Stardust Diner. I look over at him with a confused look and he says, 

"Don't worry you'll love it!" 

I smile and sit back and look at Aaron as he's staring out the window. I'm talking in all his features and he is actually really attractive. I'm sitting there staring at him and he turns and looks at me and smiles snapping me from my gaze. I turn and look out the window blushing. The cab stop and I look out and see a bright red wall and I start to get excited and Aaron sees that. He gets out of his side of the cab and walks around and opens my door for me and he grabs my hand as we walk inside. He looks at me and says, 

"They have the best java chunk ice cream in town." 

I look at him with wide eyes full of excitement and say, 

"I'm going to be honest with you. If you do not want to end up doing something completely stupid and reckless by the end of the night you would not have told me that because me on anything that has to do with coffee is like giving a two year old sugar for the first time, not a good thing. Even though I go completely nuts on coffee I still drink it." 

He looks at me and smiles and says, 

"Well lets start off with something not as lethal" 

We find a booth and a waiter walks up and Aaron looks at me and says, 

"What kind of ice cream do you want?" 

I look at the waiter and say, 

"If you have cookie dough and m&m, double scoop, that would be awesome." 

Aaron looks at him and tells him he'll have the same. He then turns and looks at me and asks, 

"So besides photography what else do you like to do." 

I let out a small laugh and say, 

"Where do I start? I dance, sing, paint, act, produce and I dabble in a bit of the technology side of productions." 
"Is there anything you can't do" 
"I can't rap" 

He lets out a laugh as the guy brings us our ice cream. I shake my head and laugh along with him as I start in on my ice cream. I hear the door bell ding signaling someone just walked in. I look up to see Sebastian and the guys standing there. I see him look my way and I look down at my ice cream with a sad look. Aaron reaches over and takes my hand in his and I look up into his blue eyes and he asks, 

"What was that about? You looked like you saw a ghost." 
"Well you know how I said it was a long story," I ask, He looks at me and shakes his head and I continue, "Well, Sebastian and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. We did everything together from when we were small children all the way up to our teens. We were inseparable, no matter where we would go; no matter what we were doing, we were always together. He started becoming more and more distant until he completely stopped talking to me all together. I soon found that him and his family had moved to the states and that he was in some sort of school. It killed me that he wouldn't tell me what he was doing or talk to me at all for that matter. I tried calling his home phone, his cell phone even his moms cell phone. Nothing was working apparently he just did not want to talk me, his best friend of many years. That's when I finally decided to forget him and move on with my life. And here I am sitting a singing restaurant who accidentally called my phone and who just so happens to be going to the school I'm applying for in just a day." 

By the end of saying all this I'm in tears. Aaron looks at me and just pulls me over into his chest and just hugs me. I eventually start to cry less and less until I'm just sniffling and red eyed. I look up at him and say, 

"I think I have to be getting back now." 

He looks at me with sad eyes and stands up and offers me his hand and I gladly take it. He puts his arm around my waist as I walk beside him out of the restaurant to find a cab. We find one and we get back to my hotel and he walks with me into the lobby and the front desk guy as soon as we walk in says, 

"Miss Kaydence your parents have gone out to dinner and told me to tell you that you could order some food, they left some money in the room for you." 
"First of all quit calling me Miss Kaydence you can call me Kade and second of all did they not think that I would want to go with them." I state 

He looks at me and just shrugs. I look at Aaron and say, 

"Well would you like to come up and stay for dinner?" 
"Well we did have desert first so yeah I think I'm due for some dinner." 

We walk towards the lift and when the doors open I see Tom standing there and he just smiles as he walks past and as soon as were on the lift I get a text, 

Lovebug- You still on for the plan tomorrow 
KB-Yeah I'm still on for the plan 
Lovebug- Who was that guy you were with 
KB- that's Aaron, he's my first friend in NYC 
Lovebug- What about me and the guys? 
KB- Technically I met you boys back in England so he is my first friend here in NYC 
Lovebug- okay well I'm off to find the guys and food 
KB- I saw them at Ellens Stardust Diner about 30 minutes ago 
Lovebug- Okay I'll check there because he has been down in the dumps about something lately and he won't talk to any of us about it well until tomorrow my lovely little kitty ;) 
KB- Until tomorrow my Lovebug ;) 

The lift gets to my floor and Aaron puts his arm out for me to go first and I think to myself could this guy get any more sweeter! I walk out of the lift and we head into my room as we walk in my phone starts to ring playing 'HeavyDirtySoul' by Twenty One Pilots and I realize it's my best friend Valerie Carter. I pick up my phone and say, 

KB- What's happening 
VC- What's happening? What heck are you saying, when were you going to tell me you went to New York City for a interview for a photography school 
KB-My question is how the heck did you find out and plus I haven't even had my interview yet 
VC- Well... um.. Sebastian called me actually 
KB-WHAT!! WHEN!?!?!?! 
KB- VC! VC! 

I look up at Aaron as tears fill my eye and he just hugs me for 2 or 3 hours until I fell asleep. A few hours later I hear three different voices talking at hushed tones. I start to stir around and I feel a grip tighten around me. I look up to see Aaron looking down at me and my parents sitting across from us. I start to get up when I hear a knock on the door. I walk up to the door and open it to find Lovebug, Muscles, Darling Cap and Renni standing there with terrified looks on their faces. I look at them and ask, 

"What's wrong guys? Where's Sebastian?!" 
"That's the thing we don't know, we thought you might!" 
"When was the last time you saw him?" 

Tom says, 

"It was when we got back from dinner, he said he was going to go swimming." 

I look at him and throw my shoes back on and I run out of the room towards the roof with everybody following behind me. I get to the door and I see it propped open and I walk through slowly and see Sebastian standing at the edge. I turn around to everybody and shush them and I say, 


He turns to look at me and I see that there are tear stains on his cheeks. I start to walk towards him as I see more tears start to fall down his face. I get to him and wipe the tears away and he says, 

"Kade A! You don't even know how sorry I am that I haven't called or text or even talked to you. I have wanted to but people that it would be better if I didn't and that killed me! I started talking to you less and less because I thought it would be the easiest way but it wasn't. I am so so so very sorry about everything!" 

I look at him as tears fall and say, 

"Sebby you don't even know how long I have waited to talk to you or even hear your voice! I missed having my best friend around and not having you around these past couple of months made me realize something." 

He looks down at me and asks, 


I look at him as it starts to rain and say, 

"Sebastian Stan I have fallen in love with you." 

As it starts to pour down he looks at me with that signature smirk and says, 

"You don't how long I have waited to hear you say that because I fell in love with you the moment we met." 

Everybody already back inside to give us some privacy and because of the rain. As we were standing here in the rain Sebastian looks down at me and pushes the we hair out of my face and lifts my face up towards his and he lightly presses his lips to mine. They mold together with mine like they were created to kiss mine and mine alone. As things start to get more heated I feel Sebastian slide his hands up under my shirt and rest on my hips. We pull away and rest our foreheads on each others and stand there, his hands on my hips and mine playing with the end of his hair. As were standing there he kisses me one more time and lets his lips linger. In the middle of the moment my dad opens the door and says, 

"Come on you love birds you'll catch your death if you stay out here any longer and Kaydence remember you have an audition two days time." 

I look up at Sebastian and smile and say, 

"Come on love! We have a lot of catching up to do!

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