What If?

What if your best friend became a famous actor?


2. Holly Sparkle Batmans!

After spending the rest of the night catching up with Sebastian I finally fall asleep wearing his jacket. I wake up to my parents jumping on my bed and I scream, "What in the name of all things cheetos are you doing?" "Well this was the only way we could get you up so we did it!" "Did you not try, you know pushing me out of bed or even just yelling in my ear?" "No we didn't really think of it" "Okay well why in the name of all things cheetos did you wake me up?" "Were going out to breakfast with Sebastian, the boys and RDJ and then we have your interview remember!" "OMC! That's today isn't it?" "Yes it is today!" "Okay I'm going to get ready!" I jump up out of bed and head over to my dresser and I get out my 'hawkeye inspired' outfit and I go hope in the shower. I get out of the shower and I fix my super bright red hair and I put my sunglasses on and walk out of the bathroom. My parents see me and their eyes almost bulge out of their heads. I look at them and ask, "What are you staring at?" "Umm...your outfit!" "What about it?" "It's rather girly" "Well yeah, it's a new city and a new me!" "You've never really been girly?" "I know that but still!" "Okay then" "Well let's go then!" They look at me worriedly and we walk out of the room and head down to the lift. As we enter it Sebastian and the boys and RDJ enter and as they do they look at me and of the restaurant. I pull out my phone and call Aaron, KB: Hey! ATJ: Hey what's up KB: I was just wondering if maybe come get me ATJ: Yeah, where are you KB: At the diner ATJ: Okay, I'm on my way KB: Thank you and please hurry I hang up my phone and I sit down on the bench and wait for Aaron to get there. I hear the doors to the restaurant open and I see everybody walk out. I see Sebastian and I turn back around as I do I see Aaron pull up. He sees me and gets out of his car and pulls me into a hug. I turn around and say to my parents, "I'm going with Aaron I'll see you later at the school" They look at me and Tom says, "Text me later okay Sweets" "Okay my lovebug!" Aaron walks me over to his car and opens the door for me. He gets in the drivers seat and pulls onto the road. Were driving down the road he takes my hand in his and rubs my thumb with his. I look at him and smile and he asks, "So what exactly happened back there?" "Well you know how Sebastian and I finally got together" "Yeah" "Well, come to find out he already had a girlfriend or whatever she is" "I'm so sorry honey" "It's okay love" We pull up to school and get out of the car and I take my varsity jacket off and put it in the car. Aaron walks around the car and grabs my hand. We make our towards the school and we instantly get of looks. We walk inside and I see a girl with long brown hair run up to Aaron and ask, "Oooooo! Aaron is this your new girlfriend?" "Um hi Elizabeth and no she's not my new girlfriend" "Oh okay" I look at him and then at our hands then back up at him. Then a group of people walk up towards us. I look up at Beck and he says, "Don't worry they'll love you! I'll stay with you today" "Okay I still have to figure out what my audition is going to be." "Okay, We can hang out in the black box and figure out what your going to do" "Okay love" He introduces me to all his friends and then right before we head to the box my phone starts to blare 'Oath' by Cher Lloyd. I pull my phone out of my back pocket and I see that it's Valerie. I answer it and say, KB: What's up VC: Hey KB: What's up VC: Not much, what about you KB: I'm at the school with Aaron waiting for my interview VC: That's cool, wait who's Aaron? KB: Oh my new boo VC: Oooooo! You got a new boyfriend and didn't tell me KB: Well technically he's not my boyfriend just one of my new best guy friends plus I never said he was my boyfriend VC: True KB: Okay, Well I have to go were about to be at the box VC: Okay, Well text me and tell me how your interview went KB: Okay, I will I hang up my phone and I look at Aaron and smile and he says, "Soo, who was that?" "My friend Valerie back over in England" We walk into the box and I stand there in amazement. Aaron looks at me and says, "Pretty cool huh?" "Beyond cool!" My phone blares 'Beauty and a Beat' and I pull out and I see it's the dean of the school. I answer the phone and say, KB: Hello NYIP: Yes, is this Kaydence? KB:Yes NYIP: I was just calling to make sure you were coming in today for you interview KB: Yes I am coming in actually I am already at the school with a friend NYIP: Oh really what friend KB: Uh, Aaron Taylor Johnson NYIP: Ahh Mr.Johnson he is good company to have around KB: Really is he now NYIP: Yes he is and if you are already here why don't we get your interview over with? KB: Well I really wanted to wait on my parents and they aren't coming till later NYIP: Okay if you want to wait we can KB: Okay thank, my parents have my lookbook anyways NYIP: That's fine I take it Mr.Jogia took you to the box KB: Yes and its amazing in here NYIP: Yes all the students love that room KB: I'm not even a student and I love this room NYIP: I will see you at your interview KB: Thank you NYIP: Okay that's all I needed to know I hang up my phone and I turn to Aaron who smiles. I walk over to one of the tables and pull out my laptop and my camera and I look up at Aaron and he's looking at the pictures on my computer and I say, "Aaron lookup" He looks up with a smile and I snap a couple of pictures of him and I plug my camera in and pull up the pictures and say, "Are they bad?" He looks at me and turns my face up to face his and he says, "Bad? Are you kidding me right now? The last time I saw that great quality of pictures was during a photoshoot a couple months ago. They are amazing!" "Amazing really?" "Yes, Amazing" I smile and as I'm about to turn away Aaron pulls me towards him and places his hand on my cheek and turns my face up to face his and he slowly leans in and places his lips on mine and I kiss back and it feels so right to be in this place right here right now kissing him. We break away as we hear the door open and my parents and the boys and EDJ walk in. I step away from Aaron as my face turns redder than my shorts. I walk up to my parents and hug them and ask, "How long have you been here?" "Just long enough for your little photoshoot and see your little kiss" "Oh chiz buckets you saw that?" "Yes we saw it" I walk away from them and Tom, Chris, Jeremy, and Chris H pull me aside and Jeremy asks, "So Kitten was he a better kisser than Seb?" "I am not going to answer that Renni" "Okay, but I'll get it out you sooner or later" "I highly doubt that love!" I walk back towards Aaron and he pulls me into a hug right as who I assume is the dean of the school walks in. He walks up to me and says, "You must be Kaydence Benedict" "Yes it is very nice to meet you finally" "The pleasure is all mine" "So you ready to get this done" "Are you ready to do your interview' "Yes I am" I walk over to my parents and my mum gives me my lookbook and places a kiss on my forehead and says, "You've got this baby girl! We believe in you!" I turn around and walk over to the dean and hand him my lookbook and I turn my computer to face both of us and I show him some of the photos I've taken while I've been in NYC. I look at the dean and then at Aaron and I smile. The dean asks me some of the basic questions about myself and he gets up and walks away for a minute and I look over at everyone and shrug my shoulders. He walks back over towards me and I stand up and he throws his arm around my shoulder and says, "Well Kaydence I would like to Welcome you to NYIP" I look at him and say, "Are you kidding me I made it in?" "Yes you made it" I look at Aaron and I run into his awaiting arms and I give him the biggest hug ever and I say, "I made it!" "I know honey I know" I'm released from his arms and I run over to my parents and I give them hugs also and I walk over to the boys and RDJ and Chris H screams, "HELL YEAH BATMAN!!!" I look at him and say, "You stole my phrase Muscles!" "I'm sorry Kade" "It's okay love I'm to freaking happy to be mad at you right now" I pull out my phone and text Val, KB- VAL!!! I made it in!!! VC-OMG THAT'S GREAT!!!
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