Loners to Known

Just read it, I can't explain the story, it will just change, if I explain.


2. 1


      That's me and my brother, Aiden. Me and him are the closets in the family. He always looks after me and I always run to him. So on with the morning. 

       I get up and take a shower. I then go to my walk-in closet and get an outfit for the day.

           I walk downstairs to get breakfast. "Hi guys," I say grabbing some strawberries. "Hi little sis," Aiden says hugging me while I eat my strawberries. "Why are you wearing that? People like you to much anyways. Well I guess only other loners like you, but we have to stay together." Addison said."Well what if I want more in life, what if I want to have friends other than my siblings at school." I replied. "Don't say that little sis, you're just speaking out of stupidity." Mason rolled his eyes. "Don't call her dumb, little brother," Aiden protectively says.

        When we get to school everyone was looking at us because I had color and looked like a normal kid. While my siblings were wearing like all black. Aiden gave me a hug before walking off and Addison and Mason just walked off. They are all Juniors and I'm a Sophomore. They skipped a grade. I was failing Freshman year and I had to get help to pass, I barely made it.

     "Hey look it's the nobody." Zack the schools biggest jerk said. "And look it's the school's biggest jerk," I mock his tone. Then he starts to hit me with all his other jerk friends. I start screaming for Aiden. He comes and starts hitting Zack while I cry in pain. They had never hit me before, so this was new. Aiden looks at me and hugs me, while Mason and Addison are running over here.

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