Boyfriend's New Best Friend

"At this point, a part of me wants to say to leave Ryan and be with me, but I know that's wrong too. It'd be selfish of me. So I'm gonna go ahead and say what's right. It's not my job to tell you what to do nor feel. It's all up to you. If you want space, I'll give you space. You want me to leave right now, I'll go. You want me to stay, I'll keep my ass planted right here for as long as you want."

"Stay, please. I don't want space." Harry looked up at Olivia. "I still can't hook up with you right now. My head says I should but my heart says I shouldn't. Like I've said, you're Ryan's best friend. You can't screw your best friend's significant other. That's the ultimate betrayal. I just need time to think. I have to play things by ear, see how things go. If I can make things go right with Ryan again, I'm gonna stay with him. If nothing changes, I'm leaving him. Lo tengo, amigo?"


3. 3

In a few days, not much had changed. Ryan and Harry planned to hang out Saturday at Ryan's, a week after meeting. Typically, Ryan told Olivia he was planning on having a friend over that day, he just didn't mention who. Never in a million years would she have guessed it would be Harry, the dreamy guy she met at the bar who overwhelmed her in less than 10 minutes and whom she texted often. 


"Is this a friend I know?" Olivia asked Ryan as he put more beer into their fridge. 

"Nah, probably not, I'm really excited for you to meet him though, he likes Coldplay!" Oh woopdeedoo, Olivia thought to herself. 

"Nice, should be cool then." Olivia said with a fake smile plastered across her face. She turned around on her heel and sighed on her way to her room. She knew she'd end up bored. A true smile appeared on Olivia's face once she got an idea. She grabbed her phone and decided to text Harry and see if he'd like to meet up for coffee. 

Hey Harry, you up for some coffee in 15? My treat (: 

Within a minute Harry texted Olivia, who Harry knew as Rachel, back. 

Hi Rach, can't meet up today, I got a few things going on. Maybe tomorrow? 

Besides the heavy feeling of disappointment, Olivia couldn't help but grin at the thought of seeing Harry again. Even if it meant waiting a day. Almost immediately, Olivia rushed to her closet to decide what she'd wear. As she was browsing, Ryan came in to change. She tried not to stare, but she couldn't help but look at his gorgeous physique. Ryan was her boyfriend, after all. While watching him, Olivia felt a pang of guilt. She felt that maybe seeing Harry again wasn't too good of an idea. She also felt guilty for texting him for the past 6 days. But then again, they simply just talked, it was all innocent. Sure Harry would make flattering comments, but she didn't say nor think much of it. 

Olivia never realized, but she got lost in thought as she was staring at her boyfriend. Ryan of course noticed. 

"Sorry." Olivia murmured, very noticeably embarrassed. 

"Hey, it doesn't matter if you look. You can watch all you want." Ryan said with a smirk, he winked at her and walked over to her. Ryan kissed Olivia passionately on the lips, causing her to drop the shirt she had in her hand. As the two made out in the closet, Olivia began to think her prayers might have been answered. These random but passionate make out sessions were what Olivia loved most about her relationship, as it was a huge part of what it used to be. She couldn't remember the last time she felt this happy around Ryan, but then again she couldn't think of anything except the feeling of Ryan's lips all over her body. 

"Oh Ryan..." Olivia moaned softly as Ryan kissed her throat all over. He picked her up and Olivia wrapped her legs around him. He carried her over to their bed and set her down, as soon as she was down she was taking Ryan's shirt off. Once his hit the floor, Olivia's came off as well. The two were all over each other and eventually Olivia broke their make out session to unzip Ryan's pants. 

"I want you so bad, Ryan." Olivia cried, her body aching for Ryan's touch. Ryan pulled his pants down to his ankles and immediately began taking Olivia's shorts off. As wonderful as this moment was for them, it was of course ruined by the sound of their doorbell ringing. 

"Shit," Ryan mumbled, "coming!" He said, the two jumped and scrambled to put their clothes back on. Once Ryan was dressed, he rushed to the front door.

"Are you kidding me?" Olivia whined to herself. "We were so close to doing it!" Olivia kicked and punched the air.  

Ryan opened the front door to see Harry had arrived 15 minutes early. 

"Oh shit, hey dude! How you doing? You got here early, come in!" Ryan said, standing aside to let Harry in. 

"Yeah, I know, sorry I should've let you know. The traffic let up and so I was able to get her faster than expected." Harry laughed. Olivia stopped dead in her tracks. Is that who I think it is? She thought to herself. No, it couldn't be...

"Oh it's no problem, bro. You want a beer?" 

"Of course." Ryan then handed Harry a beer which he of course dropped. Olivia peeked around the corner to see who it was, but she couldn't see, as the two were on the floor. Ryan was the first one up and noticed Olivia. 

"Olivia! Come and meet my new friend, I met him last week!" Ryan said with a smile while he motioned her over. Harry stood up and turned around, for a second he was totally oblivious, but as soon as he recognized her, his face turned white, his eyes widened, and his mouth fell open a little. 

"Um, hi." Harry said awkwardly. 


"You two know each other?" Ryan asked, growing curious as to why the two were acting like this was the first time seeing each other after some awkward incident.

"Oh! No. I've never met him before." Olivia blurted out. Ryan furrowed his brows, unsure of what to think. Olivia walked over to shake his hand. 

"Ra- Olivia, and you are?" Olivia said, shaking Harry's hand.


"Nice to meet you, Harry." 

"Nice to meet you too." 

"I gotta go to the restroom, 'cuse me." Olivia said, and went back into her room where she had the worst panic attack of her life. She began to hyperventilate and rushed into the bathroom. 

"Oh my God." She said to herself, hunched over the sink, staring at her reflection. 


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