Boyfriend's New Best Friend

"At this point, a part of me wants to say to leave Ryan and be with me, but I know that's wrong too. It'd be selfish of me. So I'm gonna go ahead and say what's right. It's not my job to tell you what to do nor feel. It's all up to you. If you want space, I'll give you space. You want me to leave right now, I'll go. You want me to stay, I'll keep my ass planted right here for as long as you want."

"Stay, please. I don't want space." Harry looked up at Olivia. "I still can't hook up with you right now. My head says I should but my heart says I shouldn't. Like I've said, you're Ryan's best friend. You can't screw your best friend's significant other. That's the ultimate betrayal. I just need time to think. I have to play things by ear, see how things go. If I can make things go right with Ryan again, I'm gonna stay with him. If nothing changes, I'm leaving him. Lo tengo, amigo?"


2. 2

Meanwhile back at Hedz or Tales, Harry, Ryan, Ozzy, Stephen, Jonah, Scott, and their designated driver, Jeremy, were still hanging out. It was half past 12 and the 7 were still arguing about who the best Batman is. These are mostly drunk high school friends, so arguments like this are normal.

"I'm telling you guys, Christian Bale will never compare to Josh Hutcherson!" Scott exclaimed, smacking his hands down on the pool table. 

"Bitch please, Josh just played the Bat in an animated show, not a movie, big difference. He was a voice actor." Jonah scoffed.

Scott rolled his eyes and leaned against the wall. "Whatever bro, we've all been arguing for like, ever." He said

"Thank God I wasn't here at the beginning of this!" Harry said, centering his attention to the pool table, being that it was his turn to make a shot. 

"Well where were you then?" Jonah asked. 

"Yeah!" All the guys said in unison, now eager to know where Harry was and what he had been doing. 

"If you all must know, I was at the bar, talking to some brunette named Rachel." The guys all stood there quietly, as if expecting more. 

"Aaaand, that's it?" Ozzy said. 

"I mean I got her number..." Harry admitted, now a bit down because he remembered the bad news that "Rachel" has a boyfriend.

"Attaboy!" Stephen exclaimed, slapping Harry's back. 

"Yeah but it might've been a waste of time, she told me she has a boyfriend." The guys all groaned. 

"Well let me tell you Harry, if I were a girl, I woulda fuckin' flashed my titties for ya." Scott said, now stumbling around due to heavy intoxication. The boys all laughed and got Scott into a chair and gave him some water, which of course he rejected. "What? I don't want water, I'm fine! Get me a flaming Dr. Pepper!" He said.

"Scott's a fun drunk really, but eventually he gets a tad bit out of hand, but it's all good, he'll be sleeping good tonight." Ryan explained to Harry. 

"He'll be sleeping well tonight, for your information." Jonah said to Ryan. 

"Boy you better get laid soon so you can stop layin' it on me and my grammar mistakes." Ryan joked, nudging Jonah's arm.  

"Shit I might as well bring one of these girls home for myself anyways..." Jonah said, now ogling the women still in the bar. 

"Dude, you have your beer goggles on, these aren't pretty ladies." Ryan whispered to Jonah. 

"See Ryan, this is your problem," Jonah started, ooooh God, here he goes again, Ryan thought to himself, "you seem to focus everything on looks, see these chicks? They're probably suuuper smart! I mean shit, one of them might have a killer political opinion, that I am totally interested in!" Eventually Ryan stopped listening to him and was watching the waitresses clean up. 

"Last call for alcohol!" The bartender said, ringing the large bell on the corner of the bar. 

"Damn, we might as well get outta here now boys." Jeremy said. 

"You're right, party at my place! WOO!" Scott yelled, now standing on a wobbly chair. Jeremy was quick to grab him off the chair, "Oh my God Jeremy, you just like, saved my life bro." Jeremy laughed at Scott's drunkenness. The guys cleaned up, paid their tabs and headed for the parking lot.

"We just gotta figure out how we're gonna fit in this car..." Ozzy said. 

"Hah, well I guess we gotta get real comfy and cozy back here fellas." Scott said, stumbling around with his arm around Jeremy's shoulder. 

"Scott, you're sitting in the front." Ryan said, the guys all laughed and helped get Scott into Jeremy's car. Once he was in, the rest of the guys packed into the 2004 Honda Pilot. 

"To Scott's?" Jeremy asked. 

"To Scott's!" The guys said in unison. 

"Yeah! That's my place." Scott said.  

Once they arrived at Scott's place the night got an extension. None of those guys were leaving, but Scott ended up passing out on his bed. The 6 remaining all swapped numbers and social media accounts with Harry and talked. 

"So like, you have a British accent, and you're in dumpy Michigan....Why not California?" Ozzy asked Harry. 

"It's just too expensive there, and here? Bars everywhere. Yeah the alcohol may be overpriced, but it's cheap to live here. I don't mind it too much." 

Ozzy nodded. "So do you think that chick from the bar actually has a boyfriend or do you think she was lying cause she was scared?"  

"There's no way in hell she's single, she's gorgeous." 

"Did you get her Instagram?" Harry shook his head. 

"Snapchat?" He shook his head again. 

"Anything?" Ozzy asked. 

"Nothing except her first name and number."  

"Damn bro, well maybe you should text her!" Ozzy suggested. 

"Ozzy you nuts? You don't text and or call someone an hour after you just got their number, especially if you just met them!" Stephen exclaimed. Ozzy puts his hands up defensively and leaned back into his chair.  

"And I mean, look at the time, she might be asleep." Jeremy said

Harry yawned, stretching his arms, "If only I were sleeping too. I should probably get going..." Harry said. 

"Yeah me too, Olivia might be pissed." Ryan said. 

"Oooooh, Olivia?" Harry asked. 

"Yeah, my girlfriend." Ryan chuckled.

"Ah, I see, well I'm gonna get going. Bye guys! It was nice meeting you all." Harry said, waving to everyone, giving hugs here and there. 

"I'll go down with you, Harry." Ryan said, following him out the door. By the time Harry and Ryan got over to the parking lot, it was freezing cold. 

"Ah, there's my car...Well I guess I'll see you around, unless you wanna hang out sometime next week?" Ryan asked. 

"Sure! Shoot the date and place." 

"Will do my man." Ryan said, the two bro hugged, and Ryan got in his car and drove home. Harry on the other hand called an uber back to the bar to pick up his car. Once he got back to his car he considered texting Rachel, but he decided to forbear and just go home.

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