Boyfriend's New Best Friend

"At this point, a part of me wants to say to leave Ryan and be with me, but I know that's wrong too. It'd be selfish of me. So I'm gonna go ahead and say what's right. It's not my job to tell you what to do nor feel. It's all up to you. If you want space, I'll give you space. You want me to leave right now, I'll go. You want me to stay, I'll keep my ass planted right here for as long as you want."

"Stay, please. I don't want space." Harry looked up at Olivia. "I still can't hook up with you right now. My head says I should but my heart says I shouldn't. Like I've said, you're Ryan's best friend. You can't screw your best friend's significant other. That's the ultimate betrayal. I just need time to think. I have to play things by ear, see how things go. If I can make things go right with Ryan again, I'm gonna stay with him. If nothing changes, I'm leaving him. Lo tengo, amigo?"


1. 1

"I'll be back soon babe, love you." Ryan said to Olivia as she washed her face, in a hurry to leave.

"Oh, uh, where are you going? I thought we were gonna watch X-Men..." Olivia said.

"Crap, I know, baby I'm so sorry, I'll make it up to you soon. I'm going out with the guys to the bar."

"You went last night too..."

"I know, I know, listen the boys are waiting for me, the big hockey game is on, and Jeremy is our designated driver."

"Jeremy? From downstairs?" Olivia asked, completely surprised.

"Yeah, anyways I'll see you later. Love you." He says, planting a kiss on Olivia's lips and whizzing right out of the bathroom and out the front door.

"Okay, see you later then. Again." Olivia said to herself, now extremely disappointed. "Why can't he ever spend time with me? It's always him, him, his boys, him, his Xbox, him, and him. Never me. He went out last night, and the night before that too." By the time she was done ranting to herself about how horrible her relationship with Ryan is, how poorly he can treat her, how she thinks he's cheating on her, and how she wishes she could just work up the courage to leave him, Olivia was sprawled on the floor next to her bed, staring at the ceiling. 

As much as she wishes she could leave Ryan, she knew she couldn't. There's no way Olivia could survive by herself. She has almost no friends, as they're either in California, are super distant due to the fact that she forgot about many of them when she and Ryan would spend all day and night together, practically glued at the hip, or are Ryan's friends. And everyone knows it's hard being friends with your ex's friends after you two are done. Let's not forget her parents live out in Canyon Lake, California- which was over a thousand miles away, and never in a million years would she ask her siblings for help. 

"You know what Olivia? You're going to the bar tonight." And with that, Olivia got up, changed, did her hair and makeup, and took an Uber to Hedz or Tales, the big bar and nightclub where all the locals go. Occasionally you'll see some people from the next town over.

"Going out for some drinks, eh?" The driver said to Olivia, eyeballing her via rear view mirror. Olivia scrunched her eyebrows, thrown off by the fact that an Uber driver was trying to talk to a customer.

"Yeah..." She said hesitantly.

"Nice, well we'll be there in no time."

"Oh, thanks."

"My pleasure." The conversation ended there, due to the fact that the driver could see Olivia growing suspicious. Of course she had thanked the man again for the ride, and she was on her way in. Deep breaths Olivia, it'll be fine, just don't be outrageous and make yourself noticeable, she thought to herself. After a brief moment of anxiety, Olivia grabbed the cold door handle and let herself in. Once inside, the stench of perfume, cologne, sweat, and alcohol burned Olivia's nostrils.

"God that's horrible." She muttered under her breath, already sliding past intoxicated strangers. From time to time she would scan the faces around her to make sure she wasn't about to come face to face with Ryan and or his friends.

As Olivia sat at the bar just enjoying herself, Ryan was sitting at a booth with his friends Ozzy, Stephen, Jonah, Scott, and Jeremy from downstairs. Ryan was always skeptical about Jeremy, as he would often make noise complaints, but that was also years ago, recently he and Ryan became good friends. Eventually Ryan introduced him to his best friends from high school.

All of the boys except Jeremy were on their high school's la crosse team, and of course the more and more they got to know each other, the closer they all got.

"So how's it going with Olivia, Ryan? We've been hanging out a lot..." Said Ozzy. The smart one of the group. A real shy guy towards anyone except his family and close friends, such as the ones he was getting wasted with.

"Same old, it's all good, just wanted to hang with my boys." Ryan said, shrugging his shoulders and giving a sly smile.

"Oh, okay I guess." Ozzy had been curious about why Ryan is almost always out, and not spending time with Olivia.

"Shit, commercials, I gotta piss," Ryan said, "and guys, let's not talk about Olivia, it's a guy night, ya feel?" He got up from the booth and rushed to the bathroom. As he was about to go in, he ran into another guy on the way in.

"Hey! Watch where you're going.." The guy grunted.

"Shit I'm sorry dude, I just really have to pee."

"Damn, I have to too, but you don't see my ass running through as if the bathroom is gonna disappear."

"Like I said, I'm sorry, I really am, I just really have to fuckin' pee!" Ryan stated, becoming flustered as he knew he would barely make it back in time for the game, meaning he couldn't grab another drink at the bar.

"So you're here for the game I see." The guy said casually as they washed their hands.

"Yup, with my bros. Oh shit, sick shirt!"

"Well thanks! I love Coldplay."

"Same dude, no one appreciates Chris Martin's work around here."

"Yeah, true, so where you from?"

"A mile down the street, short drive but a long ass walk, especially if you're hammered. And trust me, I'm speaking from experience." The guy and Ryan both laughed.

"I never got your name."

"You're right, I'm Ryan."

"Nice, Harry."

"You wanna watch the game with me and my pals?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Sweet, follow me this way my dude."

"You know, you say dude a lot." Harry said, following Ryan out of the bathroom.

"Trust me, no matter how much you think I swear and say dude a lot, wait til you meet my friends." Harry just laughed, but little did he know how accurate Ryan's statement was. On the way Harry caught a glimpse of Olivia.

"Damn, I just saw a really hot girl."

"Nice bro, you should go get her number, you can find me and my friends in the back corner."

 "Nah, looks like she's already talking to someone." And that was true, while Harry and Ryan were talking, Olivia had introduced herself to the cute guy next to her at the bar.

"Too bad, anyways, here we are, my 5 drunk amigos, well 4 drunk amigos, the blonde guy with glasses is Jeremy, he's our dd." Harry sat down after Ryan, and immediately the other 5 guys were treating him like an old friend.

"Aye dude, what's up? I'm Scott, this is Jonah, Ozzy, Jeremy, and Stephen, and obviously you know Ryan."

"Yeah, guess what? He likes Coldplay, so you all can go fuck yourselves, except you Jeremy, you're cool." The guys laughed. For years they've bagged on Ryan about liking Coldplay, calling it "a band for pussies".

"What?" Harry asked Ryan, completely confused by the guys' laughter.

"Well you see, these dickheads that I love so much have given me shit about my love for Coldplay ever since I met them."

"He fuckin' wore a Coldplay shirt to la crosse tryouts, from that day on we've given him a hard time." Stephen said. All of the guys, except Harry and Jeremny were wearing a Detroit Red Wings jersey.

Harry nodded, "Understandable." He said.

"Shit what the hell did I miss?!" Ryan exclaimed as his favorite hockey player, Danny Dekeyser of the Red Wings, fought with one of the opposing team members. A roar of boos went around the room as the referee called a penalty on Dekeyser for boarding.

"OH MY GOD! DID YOU SEE THAT?" The whole bar yelled, as they always do when the Red Wings are faulted. Harry laughed, not understanding the passion all these drunk people have for hockey.

"I'm gonna go get a drink." Harry said.

"Shit well get us a round of tequila! Take my money!" Scott said, throwing a twenty at the end of the table, the guys all groaned, including Jeremy.

"I will boys." A tall and skinny waitress said, as she took the twenty. Harry shrugged and walked up to the bar, casually glancing over at Olivia on the way.

"What can I get for ya boss? Pop?  A shot?" The bartender said.

"A Jack and Coke please." Harry said, still looking at Olivia from time to time. "Also, I'd like your best margarita on the rocks as well, salted rim, please. Could you send it to that brunette in the sparkly shirt?"

"Sure thing. That'll be 12.50." The waiter said. Harry handed him the exact cash plus a tip and waited for Olivia to receive the drink. He sipped his own concoction, looking around at the various drunks, playing pool, drinking, eating, dancing, and watching the hockey game. He saw the waiter walk over to Olivia and his heart hammered in his chest. The hairs on the back of his neck now standing up, and his stomach sinking.

"Here Olivia, this is from that guy over there with the curly hair." The bartender, whose name is Damon said, setting the drink in front of her.

"Oh, well thanks."

"You should probably thank him, he's been checking you out since he sat down." Olivia's face turned crimson red.

"No way." She whispered, Damon nodded and Olivia took a sip.

"Oh my God this is amazing."

"Why thank you." Damon said. Olivia nodded and looked over at Harry. She smiled and beckoned him over. Harry's heart dropped and he bit his lip, grabbing his drink in the process.

"Thanks for the margarita." Olivia said to him, a sheepish grin plastered on her face.

"Of course, I couldn't resist sending the prettiest girl in this bar a margarita." Olivia blushed and started playing with her necklace, making Harry pay even more attention to her features. 

"I appreciate that, you're very sweet."

"Thank you, please, I have to know, what's your name?" Harry said.

"Rachel, and yours?" Olivia lied about her name, just in case Ryan somehow becomes friends with Harry. She wouldn't want Ryan to find out that she was at the bar.

"Beautiful, my name is Harry." Olivia blushes once again, overwhelmed by Harry's kindness and attention. She couldn't help but think about how Harry's approach is better than three months worth of interaction with Ryan. "I'd love to take you out some time, Rachel, get to know you."

"Oh, Harry... I would too, but I have a boyfriend." Harry's ego was crushed, his shoulders sunk a little.

"Well, why isn't he here with you? Fighting me off and away from you?"

"He actually is here. But I didn't come with him..." Olivia said, now nervously looking around for Ryan. As she searched for him in her seat, she saw the hockey game was almost over, meaning Ryan could possibly be leaving soon.

"That's odd." Harry said, his eyes focused on Olivia.

"It's complicated, you know what I think I'm gonna go home now." Olivia said, sliding off the bar stool and stumbling onto her feet.

"May I at least get your number? I- I would wait for you."

"I mean I guess..." Olivia said, now questioning how Harry could say he would wait for Olivia, when he doesn't know anything about her. The two exchanged numbers and Olivia took another Uber home. By the time she got back, it was 11:54. She changed, took a shower and hid all evidence of her being out, knowing Ryan would endlessly question her, even when he was the one always out and about. Even after everything she did, Ryan still didn't come home. Olivia became worried, hoping he wasn't out having sex with some other girl, even though if Ryan came home to Olivia, he'd be "too tired" or "not in the mood". She sat down on her side of the bed and shed a few tears, hoping she could fix her relationship with Ryan. She got down on both knees and began praying.

"Please God, give me the strength I need to pull this relationship through. Make Ryan care for once, as you already know he never does. I just want everything to be okay. I want the Ryan I first started dating." She crossed herself and said Amen. Olivia crawled into bed, tucked herself in and fell into a deep sleep, filled with dreams. 

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