Musical Review #2: Something Rotten

This Musical Review is based off the 2016 replacement cast live production of Something Rotten! A Very New Musical. Previews for the show started on March 23rd, 2015 and opened on April 22nd, 2015 at the St. James Theatre.


4. The Actor's Review

The Actor's Review 

Rob McClure( Nick Bottom): Rob McClure was just amazing. His comedic timing was always perfect so everything he said almost had me rolling on the floor laughing. His facial expressions and gestures always matched what was happening around him which is a vital thing as an actor. He sang beautifully and his expression while he sang really told the story of his "descent into madness" of sorts. 

BRAD OSCAR( Nostradamus): Brad Oscar is currently one of my favorite actors on broadway and let's face it, what's not to love! He was nominated for a Tony award in this role and when you watch his performance you can clearly see why. He just cracks you up the entire show. It seems he has the funniest lines and the funniest character. His singing is very good and his facial expressions match every single word he says. Wonderful job!

Josh Grisetti ( Nigel Bottom): To be honest, I had not heard many things at all about Josh Grisetti before going into this show but when I left he had definitely made his mark on me. He has the skill of being an amazing actor but his singing is impeccable. His voice floats throughout the theatre gracefully and it's a treat to listen to. 

My Favorite Actor: Aaron Kaburick (Robin) Just watch the show... you'll understand why.

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