Ny movella


1. love is a four letter word

Water. Its strength. it is an unstoppable natural power. And just like my feelings for you, it can't be controlled or contained. And absolutely nothing can stop it on its way. My feelings are like a tsunami. Streaming over me in unstoppable streams and eventually it will drown me.

Fire. With the devastating power to destroy everything in a blink of an eye. With the power to keep you safe and sound, Warm. That is how the love burning in my heart feels, devastating but beautiful.

Earth. Holding everything together. Like the earth you are my safe haven my backbone. But the earth can melt or crack like my trust to you. like a crumbled piece of paper, you can try straitening it out but it will never be the same again.

Air. Without it we would all be dead. My heart needs your love more than my lunges needs Air. The rainforest might be dying but I got my own personal rainforest in my heart, with you as it's gardener and that is all I need.

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