Diaries of a Madman

When Discord breaks free of his stone prison, he proves to be much older and wiser than he was on the show. A being of ancient and unimaginable power, he forces Celestia to make a deal to save her little ponies. What she doesn't realize is that one of the terms of the deal is that she forgets ever making it. Enter Navarone, a poor human just trying to get by—or at least, to the ponies that's what he looks like. Pulled from his home by an accidental summoning from one Twilight Sparkle, Navarone is thrust into a world of ponies and more violence than he expected from such a peaceful seeming world. These are his adventures—with a few asides from everybody's favorite Lord of Chaos, of course.


51. Chapter Thirty-Nine—I hate Canterlot Part 2

“Well that was pretty obvious,” Celestia murmured. Louder she continued, “I suppose you might as well follow Luna for the rest of the night, Nav, unless you are really that interested in watching me sleep. And if you are, you can definitely follow Luna instead.”

“I suppose I can do that,” I answered.

“Now sit. No reason for you to watch us eat. And you two are also welcome to whatever you please,” she said to me and the two guards with Luna.

I pulled out a chair—seriously, why the fuck do ponies even have those?—and sat. The guards shared a look with each other before moving to either side of Luna. They sat, staring at the food but not daring to actually eat. I rolled my eyes and threw an apple at one. He caught it with his mouth before he even realized what he was doing. It went a bit easier from there.

A few minutes into it, the one I didn’t throw anything at asked me, “What of you, human? Aren’t you going to eat?”

I shrugged. “I ate last night. I’m still fine for now.”

“Last night?” the other guard asked. “How are you not famished?”

“I’m part tree.” The princesses smiled at that description. “It has given me all manner of interesting skills. I barely feel physical contact, I never sleep in spring or summer, and I almost never need to eat.” I paused for a moment, as if thinking about something before continuing, “Oh, and I’ll probably live for thousands of years. You know, the typical tree things.”

I think that if the princesses weren’t there, the guards would have commented on some of those. As it was, they remained silent and Luna took up the slack, “At least eat something, Nav. It’s eerie, seeing you just staring into space. Besides, Rarity mentioned your… condition.”

Dammit, Rarity. “For all you know, this is typical human eating behavior.” She gave me one of those looks for that. “Fine. But only because you asked so nicely.” I pulled a knife out of somewhere and stabbed an apple with it. I raised it to my mouth for a second, lowered it, mouthed, Have I killed someone with this?, shrugged, and took a bite.

Luna rolled her eyes at my display. “Stop showing off, Nav.” I looked up briefly before continuing eating. She just sniffed. Celestia shook her head, wearing a small smile.

After a second, Celestia looked up. “Do you like bananas?” she asked, pointing to a bushel of them. “We don’t get them here often.”

I looked at them. “I haven’t had a banana in… a while.” I grabbed one and peeled it. I saw one of the guards smiling lightly as I took a bite. I flipped him off and continued eating. I knew he didn’t know what that meant, but it made me feel better.

It was a pretty nice meal, all things considered. And it was a nice prelude to a long, long night.

(Sex is coming. Ctrl+f Sex is over to skip)





When Celestia went to bed, Luna left momentarily to arrange the moon and the stars. That didn’t take long, for better or for worse.

Since I was less specific as to what the deal was earlier, here it is: I was Luna’s toy for the night. I would do whatever she told me to do. In return, she was Rarity’s friend for the day, and would be any time Rarity requested her and Luna didn’t have something important to do.

Thankfully for me, Luna was still a princess and still had princess duties to do. I stood guard on her while she did all that mess for a little while. Finally, she called me up. “Oooh, looking at you frustrates me, Nav! Curse this administrative work!” She pulled a key out of… somewhere, and passed it to me. “Go wait in my chambers. If any guards give you trouble, show them the key.”

“Yes… mistress.” She gave me a seductive smile when I said that. Here we go…

I got lost on the way to her quarters because apparently I’m fucktarded, but found the way easily enough after a moment of thought. There weren’t any guards outside her room this time for some reason, but I wasn’t about to question it. I opened her door and walked on in.

And immediately stopped. Oh fuck. Where the hell does a pony get a full set of bondage gear? Why the hell would a pony even ne—Oh boy.

Rarity, you bitch, you really owe me now. I closed the doors behind me and walked on in. I looked over the selection of toys. Let’s see… Riding crop. Table with plenty of straps. A few ball gags. I don’t even know what that is. Strap-on. Paddle. Leash and co—STRAP-ON!

Oh fuck no! I turned around and ripped the door open, only to bump into Luna. A very happy looking Luna. I started backing into the room, trying to get away from her. I stopped when I bumped into the table.

She continued into the room, using her magic to close the door behind her. “I see you found my new toys,” she said, ignoring the expression on my face. “Don’t worry. They’re not for you.” I visibly slumped. Wait, if they’re not for me… I looked up again to see her smiling even wider. “They’re for me!”

“Wait, what?”

She used her magic to gently lift me out of the way and walked over to the table. “Being a princess is hard work, Nav,” she answered, not looking at me. “And everypony always bows and scrapes. You’re always in charge, always responsible…” She turned her gaze to me. “Tonight, I won’t be. Tonight, you get to be in charge of me!

“Oh. Huh.” Not what I was expecting.

She frowned a little. “You don’t like that?” she asked, confused. “I thought you always wanted more control in your… relations.”

“I’m not going to lie, Luna: I have been raped. A lot. It’s getting old. But this… I’ve never really been the dominating type.” I saw her expression drop even more. I sighed. “But for you, Luna, I’ll do it. And I’ll do my best at it.”

The look on her face was almost enough to make me happy I was about to do something uncomfortable. She used magic to scoot all of that stuff off the table and gently lied down. I noticed then how large the table was.

“Pardon me if I’m a little… unused to this, Nav,” she said when she was on her stomach, legs splayed. “All I have to go on are the few times I’ve seen you… Well, you know.” The thing is, she actually had never seen me with Kat, back when it was really bad.

Well, if I’m going to do this… “Flip over, Luna,” I ordered. She did so, to lie on her back. I went to lock the door. “If a guard walks in on us… Well, explaining that is something even I wouldn’t want to try to do.” I walked back over to the table. Hm… “Stretch your legs out.” She did so. I started strapping them down. “You know, in my world, a pony couldn’t even stretch her legs like this,” I said while working. “They’d break in a heartbeat.”

“You don’t sa—mmf!” I slipped in the ball gag and kept going. When I was finished, her wings were strapped in, her tail was strapped in, her legs were strapped in… Hm.

I unstrapped her tail and looked at her. “Luna, if I go too far, swish your tail.” She looked at me, confused. “Look, Kat didn’t give me the option of a safe word. I had to take it from her, and that terrified me. I’m not going to do that to you.” I gently stroked her stomach. “So if you start to think I’m going too far, you swish your tail and I’ll stop.” She nodded.

Suddenly an idea struck me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my ring. She saw it and opened her eyes wide and started shaking her head frantically. I pulled out the riding crop and struck her lightly on her flank. She stopped. I slipped it on her horn and watched her tail. Nothing. Well, this night just got a lot more interesting.

Now, I’m an honest kind of guy. I had no idea what I was doing. Truth be told, after so long of being forced around, I kinda got to like being on the bottom and being submissive. Taking control felt… wrong.

But, I thought, looking at the toys she so thoughtfully provided, I’m sure I can think of something.

I started on her wings, gently caressing them. She immediately started moaning lightly. Maybe they’re more sensitive than mine… I kept going.

I brought my fingers in hard enough to start feeling little lumps. She shivered whenever I got near a certain one. Oh ho. I gently fingered it. She moaned. I pressed down on it. She began to shudder. I mashed it in.

Her entire body strained against the straps as she moaned loud enough to get through the gag. I looked at her face and saw her eyes raised to the back of her head. A gentle stream of drool worked its way down from her ball gag. Huh. Why don’t I have something like that on mine?

I looked down to see how excited she was. Her marehood was sopping wet.

I stopped caressing her wing and turned my attentions there. I waited until she stopped straining so hard before gently stroking her lips with my fingers. She was still taking quick, short breaths from whatever I had done to her wings. When I began to touch her, the moans picked up again.

Suddenly a very errant thought struck me: I’m sexually dominating a horse. Never thought my life would take me there. At least it’s a mare.

It’s amazing what you think of at times like that.

I slipped a finger inside her pussy. I knew where her hotspots were, after all my unwanted experience with mares in the past. I pushed a finger to a large one and began rubbing it. When I felt her start to clench around me, I withdrew my finger.

I heard her groan behind the ballgag and her tail swished. I walked up to her head and pulled the gag up. “Stop teasing me, Nav!”

“Is this about me teasing you or me going too far?” I asked.

“Teasing me, of co—mph mmf!” I dropped the gag back into place.

“You gave me control over this, Luna,” I said, caressing the other wing. “And you gave me all these fun little toys… Well, I think it would be a shame to let you cum without playing with some of them first. Now, unless I start hurting you, please don’t stop me.”

In my gentle caressing, I found the same node I had used on the other wing. I pressed down on it and she had a repeat performance, but this time I’m positive she fully came: She began to gush out.

“Now Luna,” I said, “Look at this mess you’ve made! I should make you clean it up…” She was too busy riding her orgasm to give me a look, so I just made my way over to the pile of toys. “Let’s see,” I mused aloud, “where are the clamps…” I heard her moan in response. “Ah, here we go!”

I picked a set of clamps that looked to be just the right size. I walked back over to Luna. “Now, if this starts to hurt, by all means let me know.” I started to tighten them over the nodes on her wings. I saw her eyes widen in surprise and her tail swished. “But,” I warned, “if all it does is make you feel too good, you can deal with it because I’m not removing them.” Her tail stopped and she put her head back down, eyes closed. “Good girl. Hm… It’s a shame you’re the princess… I would love to use some fun little humiliation techniques Kat forced me to learn.” I shuddered, but I knew she couldn’t see. “Just imagine all the night guards watching their beautiful lady getting ridden by the evil human, ball gag in her mouth, plug forced deep inside her, riding crop occasionally hitting that pretty little flank…”

She was getting more and more aroused with each word. I reached over and picked up a dildo from her pile. “Oh, you like that idea? Hmm… I wonder what your sister would say when she saw us like that. She might decide to punish you herself. Maybe use that long horn of hers to give you just what you deserve…” Without another word, I shoved the toy inside of her. She strained against the bindings again, arching her back slightly.

Her tail didn’t move.

“Ah, it seems my lady of the evening likes that! Let’s see how much she cares for this!” I began toying with her clit, leaving the toy inside. She began straining even harder. “Oh, my pretty pony, if you could only see the mess you’re making down here. I dare say your maid will have quite a fit when she sees it. I wonder if you’ll let her toy with you like this to make up for it.” I gave her clit a sharper twist and heard her squeal as she came again.

“You do have a dirty mind, Luna,” I said, patting her flank amiably. “I wonder how far you’re willing to let me take this.”

After a moment, she looked up at me with those pretty cyan eyes. She slowly nodded. She didn’t know what I had in mind, and had probably never even considered it.

“Now, I have no idea if this will work or not, so if I start going too fast or you aren’t getting anything out of it, by all means let me know. But I will have to start slow or I might actually hurt you. This is a human thing, so it might not even do anything but hurt. You trust me, I know, so let me try it.”

She didn’t respond. I slowly pulled the dildo out, teasing her clit gently while doing so. A lot of juices followed the toy out. I looked down, past her marehood. I’m not going to use my fingers on that. I picked up the riding crop and got it nice and wet with her plentiful juices. She moaned deliciously. “Oh come on, I haven’t even gotten started yet!” Didn’t stop her moans.

When I deemed it slick enough, I lowered it down to her ass. “This is where it starts to get strange,” I said aloud, and gently pushed it in. She flinched, but her tail didn’t move. “Now, here is where my expertise starts to drift,” I commented as I pushed the crop in. “I don’t have too much experience with this, so forgive me if I do something incorrect.”

The riding crop sank in a bit further before I began to twirl it slightly, trying to loosen her hole up a bit. I moved my other hand up to her clit and began teasing it a bit more. She knew what I was doing was odd, I know she could feel it.

Soon, I decided she was loose enough for something different. Leaving the riding crop in, I checked the pile of toys again. Is that… Is that a fucking lash? I picked it up and looked at Luna. What the fuck is wrong with her?

I whipped it and cracked it down, causing her to flinch. “Luna, I don’t know why the fuck you have this. But I think I can put it to a use.” Its handle was thicker than the riding crop.

I gently slid the crop out while still toying with her clit. I rubbed the handle of the lash in her juices again and slowly slid it in her ass. It went in easily enough.

“Relax, Luna,” I said. “Any of this starts hurting and you just swish your pretty little tail. Unless… You want it to hurt, I guess.” I looked at her. She was blushing, though I don’t know if that was because of my continuing teasing or if she actually did want it to hurt. I mean, she did give me a lash to use.

I started twirling the handle around, as I had with the crop.

With another low moan, she came again—probably from my treatment of her clit more than anything else. “You’re going to need quite a bit of water, with the mess you’re making down here,” I remarked, still toying with her.

It didn’t take long for her to relax enough that I felt comfortable with the real toys. I left the handle alone for a moment and reached down to pick up the dildo again. I gently pushed it all the way into her pussy, still rubbing her clit. She moaned weakly in response, more drool dripping from the gag.

“Aww, does the princess like having all of her holes stuffed?” I asked with a smile. “I’m sure your followers would love to know that you can please three of them at once!” I slowly pulled the dildo out and yanked the lash out. Turning serious, I said, “This is where it might start to hurt. I’ll go slow. Remember your tail.”

I put the tip of the dildo so that it was gently prodding her hole. With a gentle push, I popped it inside. I felt her body clench and I stopped pushing. I put one of my hands back on her pussy. “Just relax, Luna,” I said, gently rubbing her again. “This will be much easier if you just relax.”

I felt the tension slowly leave her body. I started pushing it in a bit more. She squirmed slightly as it entered her. When she had taken a third of the overly large toy in, I stopped. “Doing okay?” I asked her. She weakly nodded. I gently started pushing again.

She was breathing deeply, and a few moans were still escaping the gag from my hand on her clit. I stopped again when the thing was most of the way in. “Still okay, Luna?” I asked. She nodded, not even looking up.

Since she was currently stuffed and had plenty of her own fun, I decided now might as well be the time I got to enjoy myself. I only had one pair of pants at the moment, so I made sure to back away from the table before dropping them and kicking them aside. After all I had done with her, I was definitely fully erect and ready for some fun. I approached her table with a smile.

She had her eyes closed, breathing deeply, so she didn’t notice any of what I was doing. Her eyes jerked open when I hilted her and she strained at the bonds again, moaning deliciously under the gag.

Since Luna was larger than your average pony, she wasn’t as tight at first, but one thing I’ve found is that mares have some amazing control down there. As soon as she looked down and saw that it was actually me inside of her, she clamped down with her muscles, slowing me down mid-thrust. My eyes slammed open at the sudden tightness and it felt like I almost broke my dick trying to force it in, but thankfully, she was wet enough that I just slowly slid through.

But it was enough of a wakeup call that I pulled out. “Naughty girl,” I said, walking over to the pile of toys and grabbing the crop. It felt nasty, but I was going to have to take several showers after that anyway. “Trying to hurt me like that.” I gave her a nice switch on the ass, making her gasp. “Tight, but not painful,” I instructed as I lined myself back up and reentered her warm depths.

She took a slow breath and I felt her walls tightening around me, something that’s really freaky. God, what the hell is wrong with horses? Sure, it feels good, but it’s just so weird! Anyway, when she felt ideal, I gently tapped her with the crop. “That’s enough.” Her ears flinched back and she stopped.

One hand held the riding crop and occasionally switched her while the other reached down under her to gently tweak the toy in her hershey highway while I just started fucking her in earnest. I was in an awkward position and somewhat regretting telling her to flip over onto her back, but being able to see her cute face as I stimulated both of her holes at once made up for it.

Her breath quickly began to pick up, since she was so sensitive after multiple orgasms. It didn’t take her very long at all to break again, her maregina going into overdrive and squeezing me just right. Since she’d had her fun and I was getting bored, I decided to stop fighting it and cum, hilting so I can force my seed deep inside of her. The massive blush she got on her face when she felt my cum coating her pink walls made it worth it.

I pulled out with a pop and let some of the fluids drip before dropping the crop and walking around the table. She was heavily panting, so I did her a favor and removed the ball gag. She took a deep breath from her mouth which I probably ruined by thrusting my softening dick inside. “Clean,” I commanded.

I don’t know how she managed a cross-eyed look of indignation at the intruder in her mouth, but she definitely did. In response, I grabbed a handful of her glowing mane and gently jerked it. She began licking me clean, getting a large taste of our combined fluids and making me sigh in pleasure at her relatively unskilled tongue.

When I decided it was clean enough, I let her hair go and pulled out. “Good girl,” I said, patting her gently on the head.

“That was certainly… interesting,” she slowly said, her voice breathy and tired. “I might need some time before we go on to part two…”

“Part two?” I asked, moving back to her lower half. “I thought I was in charge this night.” I touched the toy still inside of her and she closed her eyes, biting her lower lip. I put my hand back on her clit. “If you’ll tell me what you had in mind, though…” I started rubbing her again as I gently pulled the dildo out. When it was fully out, I continued, “I might be willing to accommodate you.” I threw it away from the other toys.

She smiled wickedly and pointed with her horn to her bookshelf. “Top row, in the little bag.”

I walked over to it and grabbed the bag. I heard her adjusting behind me. “What’s this?” I asked, opening the bag. Stones?

The blood drained from my face. She had my gender changing stones.

Without turning, I said, “I think I’ll have to pass on this, Luna.”

I heard a voice much deeper than Luna’s reply, “I’m afraid that isn’t an option, Navarone.”

I whirled around to see a giant pony standing and slinging its head, sending something careening off into the wall. Oh my God. It looked slightly like Luna, but a hell of a lot more evil. Where Luna was a dark blue, this mare was completely black. And Luna’s eyes definitely do not have cat irises. This pony was larger than she was, probably larger than Celestia. Her horn was longer. And was that… was that a helmet? This entire pony seemed to have a malevolent feeling pulsing off of it.

I backed away in fear. “Where’s Luna?” I weakly asked when my back hit the book case.

She smiled. “Don’t you recognize me, Nav?” she asked. “I am Luna. Or perhaps Luna is me. I am Nightmare Moon. Perhaps you’ve heard of me?”

I bolted to the door but didn’t make a step before I wasn’t moving anymore.

“Oh come now, Nav!” she mocked. “Surely you remember your agreement. You’ll do anything I say this night. You are my toy.” She used her magic to bring me closer. “And you got to play with me. Now I get to play with you. Be a good sport, would you?” She set me down.

“I didn’t make any agreements with Nightmare Moon,” I said. “I made my agreement with Luna.”

She rolled her eyes. “You know better than that, Nav.”

Fucking fuck. I hate being a man of my word. Or perhaps it’s a soon-to-be-woman of my word. I started pulling my shirt off.

“That’s the spirit!” the mare in front of me said. “Now, hold up that bag.”

“Luna… Are you sure about this?”

She smiled wickedly. “You promised me, Nav,” she said. “And you always keep your promises.”

I dropped the last bit of my clothes and held up the bag. “Where did you even get these? I thought I had them hidden!”

“You hid them at night,” she answered. “I was watching. Where do you think I went yesterday while you were guarding Celestia?” She used her magic to pull the two stones out of the bag.

“If you turn me into a chick and you use any of those toys on me, you will split me open,” I warned. After all, my female body would be a virgin. Probably.

Her wicked smile turned soft. “You were gentle with me, my first time,” she whispered as she floated the pink stone over to me. “I’ll be gentle with you.” The wickedness returned as the stone touched me. “Relatively gentle, at least…” I flinched as the stone touched me and I transformed. Why did I take these fucking stones from that cavern?

I opened my mouth to respond when her horn lit up brighter. I fell forward as my center of weight shifted and I turned into a pony—a mare.

I shuddered at the feeling. Nothing like being a stallion! I felt so much smaller than I had been as a stallion. And Luna… Oh God!

She changed shapes when the blue stone hit her. She was now a large stallion. A large, evil looking stallion with the tip of her cock gently protruding from its cover.

I saw that and swallowed, trying to back up until I hit the book case again. I am not in my comfort zone anymore. “Luna,” I whispered, my voice choked with fear, “I’m really, really not comfortable with this…” I felt my tail begin to curl underneath me, covering my… my marehood. I gulped again, unable to tear my eyes away from the slowly extending dick under her.

“Navarone,” she cooed, her voice much deeper, “I trusted you.” She began to walk forward slowly. “Do you not trust me?” She stopped when she was right in front of me and gently raised a hoof forward. I flinched back, squeezing my eyes shut. I heard her move back a pace. “Please, Nav!” she—he—pleaded. “I swear I won’t hurt you. I swear it.”

I slowly forced my eyes open. Luna was looking at me with a pleading expression. In a very quiet voice, I whispered, “Don’t gag me.”

She—He—sagged a bit with relief. “If I do anything to hurt you, just tell me and I’ll stop.” If it’s any consolation, he can’t last long. I don’t know why that thought hit me. I shuddered when it did.

Luna led me to the table and gently picked me up with magic and set me down on my back. I saw his legs put him at just the right height to… I closed my eyes again.

“Nav,” he said, “I’m going to get started. Your legs?” I noticed they were curled above me. I slowly forced them down—I had to force them since I was pretty much completely terrified—and he used magic to loosely bind them. He did the same for my upper legs. “And your wings?” They were harder to move for some reason. I was just barely able to force them out.

Luna stopped. “Why are you shaking?” he asked, his voice confused. He probably noticed my eyes were squeezed shut. “Nav?”

I couldn’t answer.

“Try to relax, Nav,” Luna whispered, gently rubbing my wings with magic. I felt him hit a few spots and flinched.

“Oh, I remember what you did to me alright,” he said with a smile. “But… I promised to be gentle.” Luna’s magic slowly caressed my fully spread wings. I felt a growing… hunger, perhaps, is the right word. When the caressing hit the nodes on my wings, I flinched back from it. I heard Luna walk to my back legs. “Relax, Nav,” he said. “I know it feels good because you just did it to me and I was begging for more.”

I couldn’t help but whimper slightly as he began to focus more on those two nodes. “It feels wrong!” I finally burst out. It did. This entire situation felt fucked up, like something Kat would do to me.

He rolled his eyes and finally just mashed the nodes down. My eyes went wide at the explosion of something—pleasureThis is what chicks feel? Holy fuck! I felt the magic on the nodes slowly release. As a stallion, I was cursed with my circumcision. The naga was too cold to feel good. Kat terrified me too much to feel all that great. Even as scared as I was here, though, I couldn’t deny that this felt… good.

“You’re silent, Nav,” he said with surprise. “Not a peep.” I imagined a grin spreading over his face when he said this next part: “You sure did fight against those straps, though!” He patted my flank with a hoof. “Didn’t do you any good, with those girly muscles you have.”

I was breathing out of my mouth now, panting. If that’s what she was feeling, no wonder she was wagging her tail! “Is… Is that all you got?” I panted, still unable to open my eyes.

Luna laughed. It was an evil sound, terrifying. I immediately decided that I needed to work on Luna’s bedroom manner.

I felt the table shake and fearfully opened my eyes. Luna was right next to my face, her front legs on the table, an evil smile plastered on her face. “The only reason I’m not impaling you right now is because I promised to be gentle,” he hissed.

I felt something hit a tender spot between my legs and I let out a gentle gasp.

“Already wet?” he whispered. “My my, you must really want this after all!” He began to push lightly. I squeezed my eyes shut again, trying to brace myself. “Oh come now, I know it doesn’t hurt already! Or… or does my visage frighten you?” I popped an eye open and realized from his expression that the question was rhetorical.

I flinched as he began to push further inside. I felt… I felt it in me. Oh God this is so wrong… He wasn’t slowing down, though. I think he was fighting to keep from speeding up. “I swear to God if you get me pregnant,” I muttered just loud enough to be heard.

“Shut up, you aren’t in heat. I would know if you were.” Luna was terrible at that and he was doing nothing at all to make me feel better at the situation. It was starting to feel less and less like something I was doing with a lover and more and more like another rape. So I did what I always do: Retreat into myself.

It’s an odd sensation, to suddenly think of basic biological facts when you were forced into a different gender into a different animal race from your regular one while currently being strapped down and fucked on a table. Namely, that since I wasn’t actually born with eggs, there would be no way I could become pregnant. And since Luna had only been a guy for a few minutes, there would be no physical way for her to impregnate me since she hadn’t produced any sperm y—HOLY FUCK!

He just popped my cherry! I let out a loud yelp, straining to pull up away from the massive hunk of meat probing me. Luna wrapped her front legs around me while I was straining with my back arched and held me close. “It’s okay,” he whispered. “Just give it a minute. I know it hurts, but just give it a minute.”

It didn’t just hurt, it hurt! I bared my teeth and if I was still a human, I would have been biting. As it was, I couldn’t do much damage with these shitty horse molars.

I felt something brushing my wings again and I realized his magic was gently caressing the nodes again. “I’m going to start pushing again, Nav,” he warned me, still holding onto me.

It was still stinging, and it started to hurt even more as he pushed further in. Intellectually, I knew Luna would stop if I asked, but… Emotionally, I was so abused in terms of sex that I was too afraid to speak out. If this was Kat, she would love my pain and go faster because of it. If this was the naga, she would just ignore me.

So I just bore it, eyes clamped shut. I felt him inside of me and it hurt but I couldn’t stop it. Luna was moaning lightly at that point, and I was pretty sure it was his first time doing anything as a stallion. Hell, I knew I had to be tight, and my pain was probably making me clench down more.

If nothing else, I had a release in the continuing attention on my wings. Luna’s horn was still glowing lightly, pressing down on the nodes. It was the only thing about this that I liked.

With a shuddering breath, Luna stopped and looked down at me. “I don’t know how you can hold this in, Nav!” he moaned. “It feels so good! I just want to speed up and ravish you!” He gasped. “Are you okay?” he asked, shaking me slightly.

I opened an eye. “It… hurts,” I whispered. I saw him looking at me with concern.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked with an obvious reluctance.

I never wanted to do this at all. “I… I am yours, Luna,” I answered, my voice weak.

“That isn’t an answer, Nav,” he said.

“Yes it is,” I replied, my voice still shaking. “I promised to do whatever you told me. Don’t ask me if I want you to stop. Either stop or keep going.” I put my head back against the table and closed my eyes again. I felt Luna nuzzle me. “I’m doing this for you,” I said without moving.

He sighed and continued pushing in slowly. “I want this to feel good for you,” he said. “But it won’t if we don’t work through the pain. It’ll get better. If it’s any consolation, you’re squeezing me just… right.” He shuddered again, and began to pull out. I couldn’t stop a sigh of relief even though there was still a dull ache.

“That’s… that’s a lot of blood,” he commented. “Are you sure you’re okay?” I didn’t answer; what could I say? I had been a mare all of a few minutes, meaning I never had a chance to have my hymen torn. I felt him leap off the table. “You did this for me,” he said. “I suppose it is fair I return the favor. Though I’m sure you’ve had a bit more practice…”

I picked my head up and looked down just in time to see him extend his tongue and gently lick my clit. I gasped, feeling the pleasure. It still felt wrong, but as he kept going I stopped caring. “Still silent?” he mumbled around my clit. “I’ll make you moan before the night is out.”

I wouldn’t be particularly averse to that, at that point; his continued efforts were starting to build pleasure in my body, making me squirm. After a few minutes of Luna’s efforts, I began to buck, trying to ride a cock that wasn’t in me. Luna giggled at that and doubled his efforts.

Another minute later, I came, sighing deeply. It was like an explosion in my mind and my entire body seemed to shudder in pleasure. If that’s what these mares feel, no wonder they always want sex. I felt Luna lapping gently at the juices coming out of me. He giggled. “Didn’t get a moan, but I think I like this more,” he said with a sultry tone. “Tastes much better than I thought it would, that’s for sure.” I leaned my head back again, sighing.

A moment later, I felt his legs pound back down on the table. “Let’s try this again. But first…” He kissed me deeply, sharing my taste. When he broke it, he looked me in the eye. “Why are you so silent in bed?”

I turned away, unable to look at him. I felt the magic lift my head back up so I was forced to look at him or close my eyes. “Navarone?” he whispered.

“If I’m too loud, she wins,” I whispered, dreading the answer but knowing Luna wouldn’t stop asking until she got it.

His head pulled back and I closed my eyes, fearing some manner of retribution. “What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked.

I couldn’t answer.

“Navarone, it’s just you and me in here. You have nothing to fear. Tell me what’s wrong.”

I sighed. “Kat broke me,” I finally said, opening my eyes. “The only way I could resist was with silence. She… They had Spike…”

He gazed at me with sorrow before holding me again. He held me for a while. Eventually Luna pulled away and looked me in the eyes. “Are you ready?”

I gulped. “I’ll never be,” I answered. I was still scared, but it wasn’t as bad anymore.

I felt his tip gently tease my opening before popping in. I flinched again but he didn’t stop, just kept slowly pushing it inside. It hurt less this time, but it still hurt. He didn’t stop at all, just kept pushing in and out, slowly. I suppose it was much easier, now that I was wetter from cumming.

After a few thrusts, Luna’s magic went back to work on my wings, gently caressing them all over instead of focusing on any one spot. I was breathing deeply, trying to focus out the pain and focus on the pleasure on my wings. Luna was breathing shallowly, close to peaking. She was occasionally letting out a moan, considerably less now than when I had been toying with her.

With a grunt, she thrust in fully in one quick motion that startled me, causing me to gasp in pain. I know she hit her climax, but nothing came out; she had nothing to give. Her shuddering body fell on top of mine.

“I’m… sorry, Nav,” he panted. “I… just had to… thrust.” I let my head fall lean back again. “I’ll give you a bit of a break,” he said, his voice slowly returning to normal as he caught his breath. He fell back off the table. After a moment, I heard him bark a laugh. “If that’s what sex feels like for you, no wonder you flirt with every mare you meet.” Now that’s not entir—Well, yeah.

“That’s my natural response,” I finally said. “I only do it because I can’t tell if a mare is hot or not.”

He sniffed. “Shows what you think of me,” he said.

I picked my head up to look at him. “You are currently a stallion in the most terrifying pony body I have ever seen. The reason I gave in so easily at the beginning is because I was positive that if I didn’t, you would throw me on the table and force me anyway, until I realized you actually were Luna. And even then, I was absolutely terrified the entire time. So don’t you go talking about looks.”

He looked hurt for a moment before looking incredibly surprised. “You would just… give in that easily?” he finally asked. “Not even try to fight back?”

I blinked. “Fighting back is reserved for instances in which it would work. If I had a hand, I would tick off the assaults on my body, but I kind of don’t. So far I have yet to find a situation in which fighting would have accomplished anything but pain and suffering before I got tied down and raped anyway.”

His eyes flicked to my bindings and he flinched lightly. Didn’t think that one through, did you? “Why did you let me do that to you, Nav?” he weakly asked as he released the straps.

I tried sitting up before remembering I was a pony. I flipped over instead and turned to face him. “You told me to get on the table,” I finally answered, settling down in a position that calmed the ache inside me the most.

“I also told you to stop me if I hurt you!”

“The straps didn’t hurt,” I answered. Not physically.

“But the rest of what I did?” he demanded.

“What you did to my wings didn’t hurt,” I answered.

He slammed a hoof down and I couldn’t stop a flinch. “You were in pain the entire time!” he accused.

I just looked at him. I thought he had known. After a moment, he sighed, shaking his head. He closed his eyes and seemed to shrink. I blinked and realized he had turned back into Luna. The pink stone flew at her from where it was resting on the floor and she changed back into a mare.

She opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted by a knock at the door. She swung her head so quickly I thought her neck was about to break. With a bright glow of her horn, everything around me went invisible. “This isn’t over,” she promised me. “And don’t move.”

She walked over to the door and flung it open with magic. A guard stood on the other side. Before he could say anything, she said, “If the next sentence out of your mouth contains the words tax report, I am sending you to the moon for a month.”

The guard gulped nervously, a blush appearing on his face as the smell from the room started escaping. Luna stared at him.

“I believe I requested not to be disturbed,” Luna said after a moment of silence.

The guard finally closed his mouth and coughed nervously. “There’s… there’s a visitor here to see you, Princess Luna,” he finally said. “She says she’s here to report some missing cursed artifacts.”

Luna blinked. “Is this a purple unicorn? Name of Twilight Sparkle?”

The guard nodded, “Yes, Princess. She is a student of Princess Celestia.”

Luna ground her teeth together. “Send her to me!” she demanded, her voice tense with anger. “I’ll be right here. Take a long route.”

The door slammed shut before the guard could respond. Luna turned to me, glaring as I returned to view. “Does Twilight know where you hid the stones?” she asked, walking up to me.

I shrugged. “I don’t think so. But she probably has some manner of detection spell to check where they are. My question is… how the fuck did she get here so fast?”

“Train rides don’t take that long…” Luna muttered something else and said, “Fine. You are the one who… broke her in, right?”

“She was in heat at the time, and needed release,” I said. “I helped her as a friend, nothing more.”

Luna smiled wickedly. “Well, now you’re going to help her as my hands.” The blue stone flew and hit me in the face. I flinched as I changed into a human again. “Get dressed,” she ordered. I did. She mused aloud, “It would be fun for her to walk in on us doing something… inappropriate. But she might alert the guard.” While she was talking, my ring floated up to me from where it had been thrown. “When I get her on the table, you slide that over her horn.” Her wicked smile got deeper. “Let’s find out why Twilight Sparkle is Celestia’s favorite student, shall we?”

I looked at Luna with a bit of horror. “This is rape, Luna,” I said. “There are a few things that I’m willing to go back on my word for, and this is one of them.”

She gave me an odd look. “You really don’t know much about ponies, do you?”

I shrugged. “I spent my time learning more about pony magic and pony history than pony anatomy.”

She smiled. “Trust me when I say that what we’re doing won’t be rape.” I was starting to run very, very low on trust. “Now stay away from the table; we don’t want her to bump into it when she gets here.”

I went back to the bookshelf and pretended to browse the shelves. “Good, Nav,” she said. “Just like this is a casual visit.”

I rolled the ring in my hand nervously. I didn’t know what Luna had in mind. I wasn’t going to hurt Twilight, but I don’t think I could stop Luna if I tried. I don’t even know what she had in mind.

And my mind was still reeling from what had just happened. I still felt a dull ache even though I couldn’t pinpoint where. I heard Luna say, “And we’re still going to have that talk, later.”

There was a knock at the door. I stared at the book case, pretending to look it over. The door slowly opened. “Come in, Twilight,” Luna said.

“Thank you so much for agreeing to see me, Princess Luna!” Twilight said with her usual joy at being seen as correct in a situation. “I’m sorry to disturb you, but—Navarone?” I heard the door slowly drift closed.

I turned to face her with a nod. “Twilight,” I answered.

She turned to face Luna. Instead of asking why I was there, she continued, “Some of Navarone’s magic items have gone missing!”

Luna looked to me for a moment before turning back to Twilight. “Which ones, Twilight?”

“The two strange stones,” she answered. “Normally I’m able to feel a small resonance when they’re nearby, but that feeling was missing today for some reason. I went to check to see if they’re where he usually kept them hidden, but they weren’t there.”

Luna smiled. “You worry too much, Twilight,” she said, walking closer to her. “This could have waited until morning, I think. But since you’re here…” Luna was standing right alongside Twilight now. She lifted a hoof onto Twilight’s back. “I think you could do with some relaxation. You’re so tense! Navarone here has been helping me with some human relaxation techniques.”

“You called him back from the forest to… help you relax, Princess?” Twilight asked, incredibly confused.

“Oh no,” Luna said. “He came back to bring me an old friend, and Celestia ordered him to stay in the city for some time. I’ve been helping him with pony relaxation techniques to get his mind off the arduousness of the forest.” Luna looped her front leg around Twilight’s shoulder and began to slowly lead her into the room. “Do you want us to help you relax, Twilight?”

Twilight’s eyes widened slightly. “I-I don’t know, Princess… I really think it’s important that we find those artifacts! Just imagine the trouble they could wreak!”

“Don’t worry about those, Twilight,” Luna purred, still leading her to the invisible table. “They’re already taken care of.”

“You know where they are?” Twilight asked.

“Yes,” Luna answered. “Navarone has them.”

Twilight seemed to sag with relief. “Wonderful! Now, I really need to get back to Ponyville, Princess,” she said, trying to pull back. Luna didn’t let go.

“Nonsense, Twilight!” Luna said. “You relaxed a little, but you still seem so uptight! You really should let us help you relax.”

Twilight sniffed at the air a bit and began to blush. “I… I’m not certain I want to, Princess,” she answered.

Luna smiled. “So uptight indeed! You are definitely one of Celestia’s students; she always was such a bore. I made sure the students I had were always less tense. It always helped their mind, to relieve that much tension.”

Twilight turned to me. “Navarone?” she asked, her voice somewhat frightened.

I shrugged. “I’m obeying Luna’s orders,” I answered. “I had to make a deal earlier to help Rarity out.”

“And what do you suggest I do?” she asked after a moment of thought.

“That depends,” I answered. “If you want to be sexually exhausted and thoroughly pleased—” Luna gave me a mean look at that. “—then stay here. If not, I suggest turning around and walking away.” I looked at Luna and shrugged. “I told you: I’m not going to do that to her unless she’s willing.”

I thought Twilight was blushing before. Her entire face turned luminescent at that. She was still blushing when she finally said, “I’m in.”

I blinked in surprise and Luna smiled victoriously. Twilight looked… determined. Luna turned to me. “I should let her use the blue stone to punish you for that… But I think I’ll let Twilight have some fun.” Her horn glowed for a moment and all of the toys reappeared, along with the table that the two of them were now standing right in front of. “Navarone is going to be taking care of you, Twilight,” Luna continued. “And I’m going to be learning from him. So your pleasure can be doubled: You get to help teach somepony something, and you get to have a bit of fun yourself.”

Twilight was still gaping at the sudden appearance of the table. She finally blinked and looked at Luna. “What’s he going to do to me?” she asked.

Luna’s horn began to glow and Twilight lifted off the floor and onto the table. “You’re the third pony that’s been there tonight,” Luna said, her voice beginning to drip with lust. “As I’m sure you can tell from the puddles.” Twilight shuddered as she was placed against the table. Straps began to tighten down around her legs. When she was in place, Luna turned to me. “It is your show now, Nav,” she said with a filthy little smile.

I walked up and dropped the ring on Twilight’s horn. “Two choices here, Twilight,” I said. “You can either pleasure Luna with that little mouth of yours or you get a ball gag.”

Twilight looked up at me with confusion.

“Oh right,” I remarked. “You don’t know shit about sex. Ball gag it is, then.” I reached down and grabbed it from its resting spot. I don’t know how Luna had gotten it off of herself so quickly, but whatever.

“Nav, I’m… I’m not so sure about th—Mmf!”

I patted her cheek. “Luna wasn’t either. She got over it.” I looked over the toys I now had. Twilight was a lot shorter and smaller than Luna, so I was going to have to be more careful with her. She also didn’t have wings I could abuse. I turned to Luna. “I don’t reckon unicorns get any pleasure from their horn?”

“Nothing non-unicorns can do,” she answered with a smile. “I know there are some techniques unicorns can do to each other, but I don’t know any.”

I shrugged. “I prefer more down-to-earth methods over magic any day.” I walked around to Twilight’s back legs. “Nervous, Twilight?” I didn’t wait for a response, just began rubbing her pussy. She twitched when she first felt me, but settled down a bit. “If I start going too far, swish your tail for me. And too far means I’m hurting you, not that it feels good.” I turned to Luna as I was rubbing Twilight. “I don’t suppose you know the names for any of the things down here?”

“I just know what feels good when you touch it,” she answered.

I nodded slowly. “Figured as much. Damn ponies don’t have any sex-ed in their schools.” I snorted. “Still, I figure what you have is better than what they teach where I come from.” Twilight was finally getting wet, and her clit began to poke out. I grabbed it and began to rub it. “What I’m rubbing right now is called the clitoris,” I said. “It’s probably the best feeling thing you have down there.”

I proceeded to give a very detailed vaginal lesson to Luna—and Twilight, I suppose, if she was able to pay attention through the pleasure of what I was doing; she came at least twice during the lesson.

“I’m honestly surprised how little you ponies know of your own sexuality,” I finally said. “I know you guys have sex for pleasure, so there’s no reason for you to know as little as you do!”

Twilight tried to say something, but I slapped her on the flank with the riding crop. She let out a groan through the ball gag—she had been doing that a lot, and my response was always the same. I was trying to train her out of over-explaining something no one really cares about.

So instead Luna answered, “I really don’t know, Nav. I… I never really had much of a chance to do stuff like this. Now what was it that you did to me earlier? With… that other hole.”

“Oh, that’s called anal.” I explained that to her as well, using a small toy to demonstrate with Twilight. “Most girls don’t really care for it, but if you’re a gay guy, that’s pretty much all you can do unless you want to suck each other off. Any more questions?”

She shook her head.

“So now that the lesson is over, how about we really break Twilight in?”

Luna smiled. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well… I still haven’t had too much in the way of release tonight. I help Twilight learn how to give you some release and you turn me into a stallion so I can rut you both until you drop.” Being a horse was less fun, but I lasted longer since I was less sensitive. The opposite is true in real life, but I was assuming the ponies were more evolved, and could last longer during sex. I mean, stallions in real life? Done in less than fifteen seconds.

Luna looked pensive. “Do you really think you could outlast us both like that?”

Twilight tried getting my attention again and got the same response. I answered, “I’m part tree. I have a whole lot of stamina and I barely feel pleasure or pain, especially due to some scar tissue as a stallion. I help Twilight out, she helps you out, and when I wear her down, I move on to you. Sound fun?” Twilight tried one more time and I finally actually hurt her when I hit her with the crop.

Luna thought for a moment. After a little while, her smile deepened. “I have another deal: If you cum before we’re both completely worn out, Twilight gets to take the blue stone and you get the pink one and your situations get to be swapped. The game itself is what you get if you win, I suppose.” Twilight looked up from her table with a nasty look for me.

I looked at Twilight with a small smile. “Deal,” I said. “Before you turn me, let’s get Twilight started on you.” I led Luna up to Twilight’s head and pulled the gag out. Twilight licked her lips nervously. “Twilight, you were paying attention when I was teaching Luna. Do with your tongue what I was doing with my fingers.” She nodded, not trusting her words just then. “Show me,” I said, pulling Luna so her marehood was level with Twilight’s head.

After a moment, Twilight tenderly pushed out her tongue and began to give some unprofessional licks. Luna let a small gasp escape. I patted Luna on the flank as I turned back to Twilight’s lower legs and began to take my clothes off. “I’m ready, Luna,” I finally said. She didn’t answer, just turned me into a pegasus.

I popped my neck and put my forelegs on the table. “It’s a good thing I already broke you in, Twilight,” I said. “I am just itching to ravish something.” I heard Twilight choke as she pulled her head away from Luna to look at me with horror.

She saw the evil look on my face and gulped. “Don’t… don’t hurt me, Nav!” she said.

“Go back to Luna and I’ll think about it,” I said, my smile dropping some of its evilness.

Her eyes widened and she quickly went back to pleasing Luna with her tongue.

“Good girl,” I said. I looked down to aim properly. “Swish your tail or scream or something to stop me when you give up.” With a gentle repositioning, I propped my stallionhood right up to Twilight’s hole. With no other warning, I began to fuck her. Not rough, since I’m not a dick and she was completely unable to resist, but I was going to make this mare walk funny when she was done, if she was able to stand up at all.

I lost myself in the motion of in and out, in and out. I don’t know how long I was at it when I saw Luna pull away from Twilight. “Her tongue stopped working,” Luna complained. She got a look at Twilight’s face, covered in mare juices and drool. She was blushing heavily, her tongue stuck out and her eyes rolled up in the back of her head. “Oh, it looks like you broke her, Nav!” she said. “Keep going!”

I did. I know my legs were getting wetter and wetter as I pounded her, and I felt the pleasure in my dick slowly building, though I knew I was nowhere close to releasing just yet. With a full-body shudder, Twilight came one last time and I pulled off of her. “I think she’s spent, Luna,” I said. “How long have I been at her?”

“Oh, about an hour,” she answered. That can’t be healthy… for me or her. Twilight was unable to do much of anything, I think, aside from maybe sleep. When I pulled out, my dick seemed fine, but I knew it should be smarting.

“Unstrap her and float her to a bed, Luna,” I said. “She’s out for the count.” I walked around and removed the ring from her horn with my mouth as Luna undid the straps. She floated Twilight over to a couch and unceremoniously dropped her.

“Now, where were we?” Luna asked pleasantly, turning to me with a dirty smile.

“I think I was just about to wear your pussy out,” I answered.

Luna sniffed. “It hardly seems fair, I say: I’ve been toyed with all night!”

I shrugged. “Turn around, then, and let me get back to trying to cum. Sooner I do, sooner it’ll be done.”

She smiled. “Now that Twilight is out, we could do something a bit… different.”

I answered her smile with my own. “I think I’ll stick with the deal, Luna.” She clipped a hoof on the floor; I think she was hoping I’d have forgotten. “Now, turn on around so I can give the good princess what she deserves.”

She turned around but couldn’t help getting the last word, “If you want to help the good princess, you’ll have to wake her up.”

I mounted her and bent down to her ear, “In that case, I prefer the dirty princess,” I whispered before thrusting inside her. Thankfully, I didn’t have to go at her for nearly as long as I did Twilight: She gave up about fifteen minutes in.

She bent her neck down, breathing out, “I’m done, Nav!” I sighed and gently pulled out. I still hadn’t cum! Fucking trees, man.

“I just can’t win, can I?” I asked. She turned her head to look at me. With a small glow of her horn, she flipped me onto the floor and put her head to my crotch.

“This should make you happy, I think,” she purred, wrapping her lips around my dick. She slowly took the entire thing in, not choking once. She looked me dead in the eyes. That is fucking hot. I don’t even care if she’s a horse!

She gave me head for five minutes, moaning slightly to ripple along my entire head. Her throat clenched me in just the right places at just the right times, even though I could barely feel it. I finally came in her mouth. Her eyes widened a bit before closing as she swallowed my seed and tried to pump me for more. I finally leaned back on the floor, satisfied.

“Still silent?” she asked when she pulled her mouth away from my dick with an audible pop. She set herself down on the floor next to me. “If this is what it takes to satisfy you, I think I’ll be getting these stones each time we have sex so you can be the mare.”

I sighed. “This time I was trying to make it last so I would win and because it felt really good. If we start having sex on a more regular basis, I’ll be a human so it’ll be more fun.”

She snorted. “Show-off. Rest quickly; I’ll have to do my best to revive Twilight so she can revive me so I can get back to princess duties.”

I raised my head enough to see Twilight on the couch, still looking pretty dead to the world. “I think she’s out of it, Luna,” I said, lowering my head back down. “You might just have to go about your duties leaking mare juices. I’m sure your guards will love that.”

She looked at me when I said that. She did not look that amused. “About your… comments,” she said, glaring at me. “I would not like Celestia’s horn anywhere near my… Ugh! And if you ever tell any of my guards what we just did, I’ll turn you back into a mare and let them have their way with you.”

I couldn’t help but smile at her threats. With her voice still sounding deep and breathy like that, she sounded so cute! “And your maid?” I finally asked, still wearing a smile.

She glared at me for a moment before breaking her mood with a giggle. “She is pretty cute…” She turned her head back. “We really need to get up, Nav.”

“You do,” I answered. “I can stay here all night and you’re the only one that’ll miss me.”

“Our original deal doesn’t expire until the sun comes up,” she said. “So you’re mine until then. If I need to get up, you need to get up.”

I sighed and got to my feet. She looked up at me in surprise. I smiled. “I have a shitload of stamina, remember? Hell, I could probably ravage your pussy again in a few minutes, if you really wanted me to.” Actually, I doubt that. God, my crotch is starting to fucking hurt.

Her eyes widened. After a moment, she smiled. “I think I picked my paramour well.” With a grunt she pushed herself to her feet. She looked over at Twilight. “Yes, she is much too content to be moved. I’ll send her off when she wakes up later in the morning.” Her horn glowed bright and I turned back into a human. I quickly grabbed my clothes; it was cold in that room without fur or clothes.

I grabbed my ring from the table when I had the clothes on. Luna finally opened a window to let some of the interesting smells out. I went into her bedroom and grabbed a blanket for Twilight; we might be leaving her on a couch, but I could at least leave her on a couch with a blanket. I threw it over her and tucked her in. Luna watched with an unreadable expression.

That done, I finally straightened my body out and stretched, popping all manner of joints. I finally turned to Luna. “Ready when you are, Luna,” I said. “Though you really should take a shower to wash the smell off of you.” I grabbed a bit of her still flowing mane and breathed in deep. “Smells like sex,” I sighed out.

“And what’s wrong with a princess having a bit of fun?” she coyly asked.

“Oh, nothing,” I answered. “I quite like the smell. I just thought it was unbecoming of you.”

She rolled her eyes. “This has been fun,” she said. “We’ll have to do it again some time.” Like we just had tea. She led the way out. I followed, shaking my head.

At least she forgot the conversation we were supposed to have.






(Sex is over)




A note from your loving Discord

When Blueblood fled from the garden party, he went straight to his royal chambers, exhausted and humiliated. He stared at pictures of himself for an hour or so, tears leaking from his eyes.

When he finally gained the mental fortitude to flee his rooms again, he went straight to the throne room to talk to Celestia, to try to convince her to punish the human. He peeked inside the room first, to make sure she wasn’t receiving anyone he wasn’t important enough to trump.

He looked in to see the human placidly standing at Celestia’s side while a peasant recounted some manner of grievance, face to the floor.

Blueblood fled the throne room in horror. He sought solitude within the labyrinth.

Instead of solitude, he found me.

I whispered into his mind as though from a great distance, “Do you want revenge, Blueblood?”

He blinked, thinking his mind playing tricks on him. He looked around to make sure he was alone before whispering, “I would give anything to look the same…”

A gentle wind blew an old photograph past him, flitting the image it contained in and out of view. He saw it, saw part of the picture it contained, and eagerly followed. It led him to a small fountain cunningly woven into the bushy walls of the labyrinth. The picture landed face down in front of the pool of water.

Blueblood bent down to flip the photograph when his eyes brushed to the water. He froze, looking into his reflection.

It was whole, unblemished and unbroken. “Do you care so little about your looks that you would let the one who broke you go free?” I whispered into his soul.

Blueblood just continued staring.

“Do you remember what it was the human told you, that night in the tower?”

I felt his mind flick back to that night. I saw him recall what I had said: Do you really think she would waste all that energy to send me here to babysit you? I’m not a guard, and you’re in no danger here.

“You were in no danger… from anypony else.” I felt his mind rushing as he looked into the water, past the reflection. “Why do you think he was there, Blueblood? As he said, he was not a guard. He is an agent, one who specializes in dirty tasks. What is more dirty than transporting a poison used to kill an upstart noble? You saw him around that black cat. You saw him feeling her up. It was the perfect chance to pass on any kind of package.”

His mind was still trying to deny it. “But… the dog! It couldn’t have been the human… He was poisoned too!”

“Yet he suffered no ill effects. And yes, the dog. Do you remember what happened right after you recovered?” He most certainly did. The whole changeling crisis can’t be so easily forgotten, even by one as self-centered as Blueblood. “The dog vanished, Blueblood. He could very easily have been one of Celestia’s agents who was relocated when his use was fulfilled. The changelings were a perfect scapegoat.”

“Auntie Celestia would never… She loves me!”

“Does she? Or did she? Flip the picture over.”

With a trembling hoof, he did so.

Depicted on it was the transformation process between Navarone’s human body and Egill’s body, with the beginning and end result clearly shown.

Behind the shock in his mind, I felt the rage begin to grow. I continued, “Oh, he is hardly the ideal replacement: He’s no unicorn, for example. And he doesn’t have any highborn blood in him. And he’s not even the same species, or at least not really. And he certainly doesn’t have any manner of honor.” I felt his mind grow a bit more enraged at each word. “In fact… Celestia must just really hate you to replace you with him… Or perhaps she just really loves this new human.”

“Love?” I felt his shock grow a bit. Mind, I had no clue if Celestia actually did love Navarone: I decided that trying to pick through her mind would ruin the game for me.

“And she isn’t the only one. Think: Who all did you see today with him?”

Luna,” he whispered. “He has them both in his pocket.”

“And he’s building more and more friends. Fancy Pants, for example, just seems to adore him. And I’m sure you remember how they all treated you.

He ground his teeth so hard together that some of them broke under the rot and pressure.

“Do you just want your looks back? Or would you prefer some manner of revenge on those that did this to you?”

Revenge,” he whispered, voice dripping with hate.

“And how far are you willing to go to see them suffer?” I ask, my voice growing in his mind as though I was getting closer.

“I would do anything to make that human suffer.”

I filled his mind with laughter as I stepped out of the picture still at his feet. “I think you might recognize me, Blueblood,” I said, keeping my voice relatively grave.

“The draconequus statue…” he whispered, flinching back from my presence. “I thought you were a myth!”

“I am quite real, I assure you.” I said. “And I am very, very powerful.” I snapped my fingers and brought forth a mirror. I held it up for him. “I can make you whole again. I can bring you revenge against Celestia and her servants. And I can give you power.”

He was staring in the mirror with a disturbing sense of desire. I lowered it for a moment and pointed to the water. He looked at the mirror for a second, wishing it would snap back up, and finally contented himself with looking into the water. He gasped, seeing himself as he was: broken.

“You must choose, Blueblood,” I told him. “You can stay here and be replaced and forgotten. Or you can come with me, and remake Equestria as we wish it to be.”

He stared into the water for a long while.



“Blueblood disappeared yesterday, Navarone,” Celestia told me when we met the following morning. “Right out of the palace.”

“I was with Luna. I’ve been with at least one of the two of you since you stole me away from Rarity,” I answered.

“I wasn’t blaming you, Nav,” she replied. “I was just commenting on it. Now, before you leave, visit your friend from Ponyville. I’m sorry your short stay was so stressful, but you seem to be an absolute magnet for trouble.”

“I don’t suppose there will be any manner of trouble over what happened with Blueblood?” I asked, pretending to sound hopeful.

“Not from me,” she answered with feigned disapproval. “But he did have a few allies in court. There will be no official discipline, but don’t be too surprised if you find yourself unwelcome by a few ponies here.”

“I was unwelcome by a lot of them just by being different. I suppose I might as well give them a real reason for it.”

“Being different is something you could have overcome with time. You might have made some life-long enemies, Nav.” After a second, she fixed herself, “Their lives, anyway. I don’t suppose you have to worry about that as much.”

“Truth be told, I don’t really care what happens in this court. I take my orders from you and Luna. The rest of them can fuck off.”

“I’ll remember you said that, Nav. Now go on. I don’t have all day to devote to watching you, and you still need to visit Rarity.”

“I don’t really need to do that…” I caught Celestia’s look—it was one of those—and sighed. “But I suppose it might be good for her mind to know I’m okay. I’m sure our departure yesterday didn’t leave her with much confidence.”

“Then go tell her you’re okay, Nav. I will see you again later, I suppose. At the Gala, if not before.”

I left and made my way to Rarity’s apartment. I found her there, pacing the floors worriedly. “Navarone, you’re okay!” she yelled, throwing herself at me as soon as I stepped inside. I barely managed to stop from flying back outside.

“Yeah, Rarity. Celestia decided I was too important to go too hard on. She just made me pull guard duty for several hours.”

She dropped her hug immediately and said, somewhat disgusted, “Guard duty? I spent all night worrying about you for guard duty!?”

“It was really, really boring,” I tried placating her with. She sniffed and turned her back to me. “It’s not my fault Celestia has a mind built for cruel and unusual punishments. Maybe worrying about me was your punishment for using me and Luna yesterday.”

She turned back wearing a smile. “I’m not mad at you, Nav. Not after what you did for me. I was just… shocked, is all. Tell me, did anything happen to Blueblood after his display?”

“He apparently disappeared sometime last night,” I answered. “No one knows what happened, or if anyone does, they aren’t saying.”

She got a bit of a sad look on her face. “I know he was a stuck up self-centered jerk, but I can’t help but feel sorry for him… He might have been able to change, now that he didn’t have as much to be proud of.”

“He was too full of hate, I think. I’m just worried about what happens now; will he want revenge against me for my part in it?”

She sighed. “Let’s not talk of such matters, Nav. This is a happy time! After what you did for me yesterday, we’ve both been invited by Fancy Pants to everything he does in the future! There’s a Wonderbolt show happening today in a few hours. I don’t think you’ve ever seen them fly before, so this would be a wonderful thing for us to go to!”

That actually did sound kind of interesting; Rainbow Dash managed to make watching pegasi fly in circles sound interesting. However, I really didn’t want to get caught in Canterlot again. “Sadly, I can’t. I need to get back to the forest.” She gave me her puppy dog face, which I was able to ignore. “Blame Luna. I’m her knight and this was one of her orders. The only reason I’m here right now is because I knew you’d still be worrying about my departure yesterday.”

She sighed. “Well, thank you for putting my mind at ease, at least. I’ll be sure to tell Fancy Pants that you send your regrets for not being able to attend. I’m sure he’ll understand. I suppose I’ll see you back in Ponyville in a few days?”

“I should be back in a week or so. This little break kind of cut into my plan of a week in and a week out. Have fun with your high society people. Oh, and you were right: Fancy Pants does seem to be someone worth having as a friend. The rest, I don’t know.”

She smiled. “I’ll be sure to tell him you said that, too. Good luck in the Everfree forest, Nav. Celestia knows you’ll need it…”



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