Diaries of a Madman

When Discord breaks free of his stone prison, he proves to be much older and wiser than he was on the show. A being of ancient and unimaginable power, he forces Celestia to make a deal to save her little ponies. What she doesn't realize is that one of the terms of the deal is that she forgets ever making it. Enter Navarone, a poor human just trying to get by—or at least, to the ponies that's what he looks like. Pulled from his home by an accidental summoning from one Twilight Sparkle, Navarone is thrust into a world of ponies and more violence than he expected from such a peaceful seeming world. These are his adventures—with a few asides from everybody's favorite Lord of Chaos, of course.


190. Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Two Part 3

It’s not like he needed it anyway, though my brain was quick to remind me of the task at hand as her fake penis brushed a few nice spots. I found myself clutching tightly to her back. She softly cooed into my ear as she gently rode me, her comforting fuzzy body pressed against mine.

It was hard for me to really think coherently or talk, but I quietly said, “I… I love how you feel against m-me, Fleur…”

“It’s a perfect fit,” she whispered back.

With that, her hooves went to my shoulders to press me down. It was uncomfortable against my wings, so I stretched them out. Her magic found several nodes on my feathery wing that made my hips buck, pressing her deep into me and forcing a moan from me.

She let me catch my breath for a moment before pulling her body away, making me lose my grip on her. Her magic put my hands on her shoulders and then she started picking up speed. I grunted with each thrust. From the mirror, I could see that my eyes were opening wider every time she pressed into me. It was a strange look, but not a bad one.

But soon, my eyes just went out of focus as she continued picking up the pace and finally starting to thrust. Her body warmly pressed against mine every time, perfectly timed so I would grunt right next to her ear.

Once her pace finally reached a climax, her horn lit up and my legs lifted up and placed themselves around her back, giving her much better access. My grunts turned to moans as she pressed fully against me. I was so sensitive that I almost immediately came again, showering her bed and fur with my juices.

She replied by gently nibbling my ear, making my back arch and my body spasm against hers. My eyes involuntarily looked up and I realized I was drooling slightly between moans and my carefully placed makeup was smudged and running.

I didn’t look very lady-like anymore, but I was starting to feel like it.

“You voice is like music, Nav,” she delightfully sighed. “Sing for me.”

Not like I hadn’t already been, but I continued doing it regardless. After a while, I could barely hold myself onto her body and she let my upper body fall back onto the bed, giving her a nicer angle on my body. I yelped after each thrust, the pleasure so great that it almost hurt on my incredibly sensitive body.

Despite falling, I was still at an angle where I could see my face, and got to watch myself cum, see my fluttering eyes and adorable o-face. For some reason, it somehow turned me on even more. Knowing what my partner was seeing added something wholly new to the experience.

The tapered shape of the toy, along with the harder than normal bumps and spines, was making me feel truly wonderful. For a moment, I couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel with different toys, but I couldn’t keep that thought in mind for long.

She hilted the toy in me and leaned in for a kiss. The suddenness of both acts made me cum and moan as she explored my mouth again. I tried to keep it up with her, but I was panting too much to try to catch my breath.

Fleur finally pulled back with what looked like a weary smile. “How does it feel to be a lady, Nav?”

I moaned before croaking, “Stunning, dear…”

She chuckled as the water floated back over. “You’re taking to it quite nicely. We’re almost done, Nav, but the last step might prove to be the hardest. Drink.” She lowered the cup back down to me and allowed me to drink.

As soon as the cup was empty, she pulled it and herself away. The toy slid free with a sexy schlick and my body seemed to deflate at the sudden cold emptiness in me. The dragon dildo was absolutely glistening from my juices.

“Do you still allow me permission to explore your body?” she asked.

“My body is yours to explore,” I answered, opening my legs for her.

“I want you to think, Nav. Think about how much of a friend I am. Think about how you feel about me. Think about how you trust me. And I very much hope you can think about how I will never let any of this hurt you. Can you do all of that for me?”

“You… want me to feel good.”

“Yes I do.” She set the water down completely and then magic lifted me up. She turned me over and planted my ass in the air. I had left Twilight’s toy at home, because I figured Fleur didn’t need to see it. “This will feel good, Navarone. I won’t let it hurt you and you are going to relax because you trust me. Right?”

“I’ll try,” I whispered, trying to ease into the bed more. The tip of the dildo carefully pressed against my dark hole. It didn’t immediately hurt, but I still had to fight myself from tensing. I knew she didn’t want to hurt me, so my body finally felt… at ease.

Her strap-on very carefully and very slowly pushed inside of me, using my own cum as lube. It did not hurt once, though she didn’t fully hilt me. “How do you feel?” she softly asked, lightly tickling my ear with her tongue.

“So f-full,” I whispered back.

“Relax and close your eyes, Nav,” she said. “Let your body feel.”

She slowly pulled back out of me. For once, it felt like my body wanted it to return and I expected it immediately, but she popped open a bottle of something and poured some on the toy and some on me. It was extremely slippery, so I guess she just wanted more lube.

Once the toy was good to go, she kissed my neck as it eased back in. My body leaned into it until she got to the large knot at the end of the toy. “What do you think, Navi?”

“Don’t… stop,” I panted.

She pulled back out once again and slowly thrust a few more times. After a few, she pulled the toy out and stopped again. The bottle popped back open and spilled more lube. “I’m about to get more rough.”

“Yes ma’am.”

That made her chuckle. She grabbed my hips before pressing in much faster. My breath caught at first, but as I started picking up her rhythm, I began rocking with the thrusts. She was the right kind of gentle, the right kind of loving, the right kind of sexual and the right kind of friend that I felt I could really trust her.

And it paid off. She changed her angle, forcing me to arch my back down as she thrust into me. It wasn’t comfortable, but I finally moaned in pleasure as the toy in me pressed against my g-spot somehow. It wasn’t as strong, but I was so sensitive that I was starting to lose my breath again.

“You were so beautiful today, Nav,” she said. “So pretty. You don’t know how attractive you really are, do you? You’re so pretty that I did all of this just to see you cum. And you’re gonna do it for me one last time, aren’t you?”

As she asked that, her magic began toying with my wing again. I wanted to make a proper response, but it only came out as a shuddering moan as she fucked my ass.

“I have one more trick up my sleeve, Nav.” I saw something light up above me and her bedding retracted to show another mirror. I watched myself moan like a bitch in heat as she pounded me.

When she saw me bite my lip to try to stifle my moans, she growled and finally hilted the toy, slamming me against the mirror and making my body explode into pleasure. Wave after wave radiated through my entire body, shaking it like never before. “W-what’s happening?!” I cried.

“You’re squirting, my lovely lady.” I buried my head in the bed to try to hide the moans or fight it, but she twitched her hips and send another jolt of pleasure into me. She started grinding and I felt my juices just keep leaking down my thighs. I began crying in pleasure again, hiding it against the mattress.

Once my body finally got too tired to keep responding and the pressure in my stomach was starting to get uncomfortable, she kissed the back of my neck again before tugging. The first try didn’t get it, but the second made her toy pop loose. It very slowly and gently eased out of me. When it was finally clear, I felt my body shudder in perverse delight, though I had a feeling I would probably regret it later.

She was nice enough to roll me face-up on the bed. Her horn lit up and the water flew back over. The glass refilled once more and she passed it my way. I drank before she could order me and then continued trying to catch my breath from one of the most ridiculously intense orgasms of my life.

Because of that, she didn’t try to talk to me. She just looked down on me with a very wide grin. For once, it didn’t feel creepy.

My body didn’t take very long to start coming down. I knew I’d be riding the afterglow for a while, but I could talk just a few minutes after she pulled out.

“So do you regret not giving me a chance sooner, Nav?”

“...Yes. But o-only up to where your marriage ended. I should have been with you that night…”

“No matter. You’re too worn out right now, but there’s always the future. Now that you’ve come to accept this body, you must learn how to own it. I want to teach you how to please you.”

“...Thank you, Fleur. I bet you know exactly how much that means to me.”

“After watching you tonight, I believe I do…”

[“Sex is over”]

Once she had her toy stowed away, she dragged me to her bathroom. My makeup had been ruined and my body had been thoroughly fucked, so she took it upon herself to carefully and meticulously bathe me, apparently trying to teach me the proper way for a lady to bathe.

I ended up getting out of the tub smelling a whole lot better than I usually do, though. She had some kind of honey smelling shampoo for my hair and cherry scented soap for my body. Shit was weird, but a good kind of weird.

Honestly, I lost track of time while she was doing things to me. It felt so long, but somehow so short. Turns out the long feelings actually won (if you know what I mean), because several hours had passed by the time I was safely back in my clothes, sans makeup. It wasn’t quite dark, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before Blossom would join us.

“How many truly experienced lovers have you had, Navarone?” she asked.

“I dunno. Two. Maybe three. It’s been a while since I’ve had one as a chick. But you’re… something else.”

“Thank you. Do you think you might like to have lunch at my home more often?”

“I think I can fit that into my schedule.”

In response, she pecked me on the cheek.

Since she had been so nice to do all of that for me, I figured the least I could do to return the favor was make tea. I still very much preferred coffee, but that wasn’t an option. So, tea it was, though I had to have her show me where she kept everything.

“You know, Fancy never had much use for me as a wife,” she said, her voice taking a sorrowful tone. “I was taught so many ways to be the perfect bride while I was a filly. All of it went to the wayside when he found out my secret and talked me into marrying him. One of the few things he ever asked me to do was make him tea… One lump of sugar and two dollops of cream. Every time.”

“Do you regret what you did?”

She looked at her teacup, yet unfilled. The kettle wasn’t quite boiling yet. “No. And yes. When I think back over all the could-have-beens and what-ifs, I know that I could have been a completely different pony. I don’t know if the time is wasted if I learned so many lessons from it all. When I was a filly, I wanted a prince to fall in love with me. For a time, the prince I was wishing for was Blueblood. Then I got married and met him and quickly changed my mind about the particular who. But the hope that someone would fall in love with me and rescue me from that life stayed with me for the whole marriage, right up until the last few months of it.”

“Huh. Was I the only catalyst for that change, or were there any other factors?”

“You were the one who taught me that I didn’t need to be saved, that I could save myself. The books you wrote gave me hope. They showed me that I wasn’t the only pony… or person that felt trapped despite being surrounded by opulence. Meeting you in person and realizing that you were the author of those books was a… revelation. The fact that I was able to reconcile with you filled me with resolve. And of course, your words, both written and spoken, empowered me. As much as it shames me to realize it, Princess Celestia did plenty to assist as well, though I’ve heard talk that was your fault.”

“You mean the whole hair rape thing?”

“I do.” Thankfully, I was saved from trying to explain myself by the sound of the kettle going off. I beat her magic to it and pulled it away from the stove to pour for us both. “Thank you, Nav. To be more precise, the incident with Celestia taught me that no pony is immune to being desperate for love or attention. I have a feeling that I was not the target she had in mind, but she took me regardless.” Apparently she took her tea straight, as she lifted it up to daintily sip at it without adding anything to it.

My palate was definitely nowhere near as refined as hers, so I dumped sugar and then cream into my tea. The shit just tasted disgusting otherwise, even after all the years I had been forced to drink it. “It’s lonely at the top, I guess.”

“Princess Celestia put herself on that pedestal. I feel no pity for her. I will support her, but as long as she holds herself so far above her subjects, she will never find love. I’m sure you, of all people, are aware of that.”

“I’m not so sure.”

“Well, far be it from me to doubt the consort of Celestia. I, however, would be hard-pressed to love somepony who ordered me around.” Is that jealousy talking? She sounds earnest, but…

“That’s understandable. In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons things fell apart so hard with Luna.”

She sighed and set her teacup down. “Do you ever feel that Princess Celestia might be more loyal to her sister than she is to the law, Nav?”

“Do you even need to ask?”

“I felt it prudent. Many unpleasant things have happened to you, Navarone. And you’ve done one or two of them yourself. The landscape of power in Equestria would be radically different had you never appeared. It would be even more different had Celestia followed the law to the letter from day one involving you.”

“Things certainly would have been much more dull.”

“Perhaps. Which would you have prefered, Nav? A dull life or a life of adventures both painful and pleasing?”

“I dunno.”

That made her chuckle, surprisingly. “A wise answer, even if you didn’t mean it to be. Life is a fickle thing. What-ifs and could-have-beens are nice to explore, but I find it best to live the life we have, not the one that could be.”

“I just so happen to have magic that can tell me what my life would have been. Once upon a time, I could have been one of the scientists that helped recreate all life on the planet. I would have had a badass soldier for a daughter and presumably a wife, though I never got to meet her.”

“That is… interesting. In a way, you are mimicking what you could have been. From what I understand, you are currently fighting for all life on the planet alongside a very powerful battlemage daughter.”

“Hopefully, I’ll be more successful than the other me was.” Though what she said did get me thinking about fate, in a way. If my fate originally was to save the world, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was destined to do it again. A few signs were pointing to it, but I couldn’t rely on coincidences to point me the right way. One or two similarities didn’t mean anything.

“It seems that he was successful to me. There is plenty of sapient life in the world today, is there not?”

“Yeah, but he died. I’m looking for a happier ending.”

“Ah. That is certainly understandable. Of course, you have many allies on your side, Nav. You will win. You willsave the world. You will survive.”

“Here’s hoping, I guess.” I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was the first time I ever really felt like I wanted to survive the coming fight. I always pretended like I would make it, but I honestly expected to fail. What was I compared to what was essentially a god, after all? But for once, I realized that I didn’t want to die anymore.

The sound of distant knocking cut off any more attempts at conversation. Fleur grinned and stood. “That must be Captain Blossom. I’ll ask her to join us.”

“Cool.” She left the kitchen to make the long journey to the door. I took a moment to wonder if it would be polite to set a cup aside for Blossom. She told me that normal food tasted like ashes to her, but she might appreciate the gesture regardless.

In the end, I let my body decide for me. What Fleur did felt truly amazing at the time and I was definitely still feeling part of an afterglow, but aches were already starting to set in. Not moving felt much nicer than trying to get up to get another cup.

It sounded like Blossom was in a hurry. I heard two sets of hooves, one of which was definitely clad in metal, trotting down the hall. Once they got close enough, I could even hear Blossom talking. “It’s got me worried, Fleur. What else is she hiding?”

“Just a moment, dear—”

Before Fleur could tell Blossom to stop, they both rounded the corner and Blossom saw me. Surprise hit her face first, then a large smile. She burst into mist and almost instantly reappeared next to me for a hug. “It’s so good to see you safe, Nav!”

“You as well, Blossom,” I said, hugging her back. She wasn’t too comfortable in the armor, but I guess the warm feelings of friendship or whatever made it all worth it. “But the way you’re talking, something happened.”

That made her pull away, the smile disappearing. “Something did happen. I’m surprised you didn’t hear about it, but I guess the princess didn’t think you were in the need to know. Or she hasn’t had a chance to fully process it herself yet.”

“...What exactly happened, Blossom?”

She sighed and started pacing. Fleur sat back down and used magic to place a chair in Blossom’s path. She got the hint and joined us at the table, though she leaned forward closer to me. “I spoke to Luna through a magic mirror last night, Nav. I don’t know where she is or what Princess Celestia has her doing. Apparently she’s had time to do some thinking, because when Celestia let me speak to her, Luna abdicated her throne.”

Fleur had been trying to sip at tea. When she heard that, her magic failed and the cup fell to the table. “W-what?”

“Can she do that?” I asked.

“Apparently. As soon as she said it, she… she changed. I haven’t seen her like this since I was first assigned to her command. Her hair stopped moving and went to a light blue and her body seemed to shrink.”

“What the hell did you say to her?” I quite honestly could not believe my ears.

“Well… That’s the uncomfortable part. Princess Celestia allowed me to speak to her on the condition that I kept to a script that I was provided. Luna realized it immediately and demanded that I speak my mind. I… I did. And I don’t think I need to repeat it. But Luna made Celestia swear not to punish me, then officially abdicated.”

“What did Celestia do?” Fleur asked.

“Screamed, then started crying, then physically threw me out of her room. I heard more yelling before I decided to go back to patrolling, but I don’t know exactly what was said.”

“Holy shit.”

“Talk about a power vacuum,” Fleur muttered, leaning back. Her eyes went unfocused as she thought.

“So why were you worried about me?” I asked.

“I thought Luna might be abdicating so she could come after you and not bring any fallback onto Equestria. But now that I know you don’t even know, I think she might seriously stay exiled wherever she is now. It’s possible she may have finally realized what she did was truly evil.”

“And you didn’t catch any kind of indication of where she was?”

She shook her head. “All I know is that the wall behind her was red, so presumably not the moon. There was no one else around and no decorations that I could see.”

“That could be literally anywhere. Damn.” I looked over at Fleur, who was zoned pretty far out. “What do you think, Fleur?”

That brought her back. “I think that Princess Celestia is very, very vulnerable right now. Someone with the proper ambitions could easily take quite a lot of power, but they would have to act quickly.”

“Then you both need to jump into play and make sure no one gets that opportunity,” I said. “If I haven’t heard of it, this news hasn’t spread. Celestia probably isn’t going to tell anyone. Was anyone else there, Blossom?”

“No, just the two of us. It was in her personal chambers, so there were no eavesdropping guards or maids.”

“Then this news is going to stay buried, but Celestia is still going to be reeling. I know she does not want this to spread, so this has to stay between the three of us. No one must know that Equestria is so close to toppling.”

“Agreed,” Blossom immediately replied.

“As you wish,” Fleur slowly said. I had a feeling she wanted to say more, but I knew she wouldn’t in front of Blossom. What she wanted to say did have merit, in a way; I could swoop in and take power right then if I wanted. I would still have problem areas, but I had enough dirt on Celestia to turn the entire world against her.

Without her sister by her side, she would crumple immediately.

“Blossom, is there any way you can increase the guard on Celestia? I don’t think it would be easy or even possible to kill her, but if any noble finds out about this, they might take the chance. After what she did to some of them, I bet they’re out for blood.”

“Consider it done, though she might not like it.”

“I don’t care if she likes it or not. She’s more useful to me alive, so she better not let herself get killed. I don’t have time to take care of the incredible anarchy that would come from her getting assassinated or even attacked. Thankfully, Fleur and I can’t do anything too direct, because we have to pretend to not even know. If Celestia finds out you told anyone, she will be very displeased.”

“I’m aware, Nav,” Blossom sighed, glumly lowering her head to the table. “But I felt that you had to know.”

“You did the right thing, and I’m grateful that you did it,” I said, reaching over to place a hand on her hoof. That got her to pull her head off the table, at least. “I just can’t believe that Luna truly gave up the throne. Willingly, at that.”

“She was not… she wasn’t completely gone, Nav,” Blossom sighed. Her other hoof moved to grip my hand. “She did regret what she did to you. I could tell even before she left. Celestia forced her to leave because Luna was telling the truth to every question Shining Armor or I asked about you. Luna didn’t run to protect herself, Celestia hid Luna to protect her. Given the choice, I think Luna would have preferred to be punished properly for what she did.”

“...Maybe.” Part of me wanted to believe that. I couldn’t help but wonder if enough of the wounds had healed that I could forgive her now. Had it been long enough? Could it ever be long enough?

I guess the better question is, had I changed enough yet? Or again, could I change enough?

Given my luck, I had a feeling I would find out sooner rather than later.

Blossom weakly smiled again and pulled away. “Despite the bad news, seeing you again was a very pleasant surprise, Nav. I heard your ship was in town, but I didn’t think I’d have time to see you. It’s a shame I need to get to work so soon.”

“I don’t suppose you’d have time to fly me back to my ship?” I asked. “It’s getting about time for me to head to bed and it’s only fair that I get out of Fleur’s hair.”

“There’s no rush,” Fleur immediately replied.

“And I can’t fly you anywhere, anyway,” she said. “I’m working with a squad of cadets tonight. But we could walk you back.”

“I think I’d like that, if you don’t mind. And I know there’s no rush, Fleur, but it is getting quite late. Remember, I sleep and wake with the sun, these days.”

“...Right. I just thought… Well, I suppose you need to tuck your daughter in.” I guess that was the cue for us all to stand up, though it kinda felt awkward. “I’d be happy to walk you to the door, at the very least.”

She led the way, though she walked very slowly. Blossom and I followed side-by-side, and she gently bumped into me every few steps. Normally that would be adorable, but my legs were still shaky from my extended vacation to pound-town. It still wasn’t too big of a problem, at least.

The long walk down the hallway was mostly silent. We all had our own inner demons to think about, I guess. Blossom about how to protect Celestia, Fleur about how to profit from what Luna did, and me about when I could have sex with Fleur again.

And also the thing about forgiving Luna, I guess.

When we finally got to the door, Fleur turned and pulled us both into a group hug. It felt very nice and the two of us returned it, of course. Once she let go, she asked me, “Do you know when you’ll be leaving, Nav?”

“The day after tomorrow, probably in the morning. I have no idea when I’ll be getting back. I’ll try to carry some flyers with me.”

“I would be ever-so-grateful. And when you do stop by Canterlot again, don’t be a stranger.” Her voice got quite deep on that last part and her eyes took on a very nice seductive look.

Blossom picked up on that and cleared her throat. “Thank you for the hospitality, Fleur. But I really do need to get back out there…”

“Right, of course.” Fleur’s horn lit up and the door swung back open, revealing a group of three young looking day guards. Their eyes widened when they saw Fleur and I and all three of them bowed.

Blossom sighed and trotted out. “Stand at attention!” They immediately shot right back up. “We are royal guards. If we stopped to bow to every noble in Canterlot, nothing would ever get done. You bow to Princess Celestia alone.”

“And Princess Luna,” I quickly said.

Blossom’s ears twitched and she nodded. “And Princess Luna. That said, there is a list of nobles that can request our presence. Lady Navarone is one of them, and she requested that we escort her back to the palace. So we will put off our patrol for the night until she is safely at home. Any questions?” All three guards slapped one of their hooves against the ground. Blossom turned back to me. “Are you ready, my lady?”

“I am, Captain Midnight.”

“Squad leader, deploy your guards.”

The earth pony of the group stepped forward, surprisingly. He turned to look at the other two. “Lance corporal, three meters in front. Light the way.” The unicorn nodded and started walking, his horn lit up to shine our path. “PFC, fly overhead. Keep an eye on the streets.” The pegasus saluted and shot into the air. “My lady, would you care to walk with me?”

“Nice try, cadet,” Blossom said. “I will stay with Lady Navarone. I want your mind on the mission, not thinking about getting up her skirt.”

“C-captain, I would never!”

“You’re right, you never will,” she replied. “Rear guard.” His ears dropped and he sighed. Blossom and I began following the unicorn and the earth pony followed behind the two of us.

When we were about a block away from Fleur’s house, I shook one of my legs out and asked, “Can I put a hand on your back? Or is that inappropriate right now?”

“Are you unwell? If you need me to fly you back, I can. I was just using this as a training exercise.”

“I’m fine. Fleur just did a number on my vagina and ass.” She missed a step and stumbled. “Felt great at the time, but being a female has its downsides.”

“I… I see. Feel free to place a hand on my back, Nav.” It didn’t make walking too much easier, but at least she got to be uncomfortable as well.

“So what’s with this cadet thing?” I asked.

“One of the few good things Shining Armor implemented in his time as captain. He decided that before guards can be sworn in, they have to go out on several dozen patrols with experienced squad leaders. This was after an attempt on his daughter’s life, if I remember right. Apparently one of the guards who passed the screening process was unfit for duty and was helping the assassins. This was designed to put more experience on the streets and let dutiful squad leaders keep an eye on the trainees. So far, this is the first group I’ve ever participated with.”

“Is it working?”

“Oh, absolutely. It hasn’t helped knock crime down any, but it’s greatly increased the professionalism of new guards and it’s reduced the number of complaints we get. Crime in Canterlot is practically nonexistent, so that’s the best outcome we could have hoped for.”

Before I could ask more questions or try to get to rub her belly, the pegasus guard landed in front of us. “Captain, there’s an armored diamond dog bothering a deer two streets over.”

“Ugh. Night falls and all the deer and weirdos come out,” she sighed, shaking her head. “Nav, you mind if we detour to deal with this? It won’t take long.”

“It won’t break my heart. But if we get attacked, you better be my hero in not-so-shining armor.”

“Tch. FALL IN!” The unicorn up ahead spun around and trotted back. The earth pony behind us joined the other two. “Looks like we got a standard dispute. Probable dog aggressor, bothering a deer. It’s likely just a dog being a dog and a deer being a deer, so we’ll just break it up and make them disperse. I’ll take the lead.”

“You gonna cheat this time, Captain?” the earth pony asked.

“You learn nothing if I use my powers,” she said, rolling her eyes. “So that’s a last resort.”

“All you have to do is just make us vamponies too!”

She glared at him. “You don’t want this curse, cadet. Now move out and don’t make me repeat myself again.” Their ears dropped and they started trotting, letting the pegasus take the lead.

“So uh…”

“Fleur put it in newspapers less than three days after Princess Celestia said it was okay. The whole city knows.”


She started galloping to catch up. I followed at a more sedate pace, because I didn’t really figure I had any business getting involved.

I regretted that decision when I turned the corner and saw Blossom opening a can of whoop-ass on both the dog and the deer. The shoes I chose didn’t make running easy, but it didn’t matter anyway since they were both out cold by the time I got there.

“So what exactly did I just miss?” I asked. The three cadets were just staring in awe, so none of them answered.

“Our little puppy here didn’t like being interrupted,” she said with a hoof on his back. “And as I’m sure you’d know if you’ve ever met a deer, they’re one of the most arrogant races out there and don’t like being rescued. Both were inebriated. Cadets, take them to medical and then to gen pop. I’ll continue walking with Lady Navarone.”

A direct order knocked them out of their stupor and all three saluted. “Yes, Captain Blossom!” She walked away from the scene of violence and joined me once more as the three of them started working on getting those poor bastards to a doctor.

When we were far enough away, she giggled. “I love making them do all my paperwork.”

“That is exactly why I hired an accountant. Also, that was fucking awesome.”

“And it felt good! I’m glad I can finally be open about what I am. It means I don’t have to hold back.”

“Which is definitely good, but something something be careful, something something don’t abuse your powers.”

“Did you just say something something twice?”

“The point is, with great power comes great responsibility. I know you were worried before about getting in too deep and making a mistake because of it. The more you use your powers, the more careful you have to start being.”

“...Yeah.” We walked in silence for a few long seconds before she grinned again. “But did you see the way I had that deer by the antlers?”

“You have no idea how wet that made me, Blossom. No homo or whatever, but god damn.”

That made her burst out laughing, of course.

Unfortunately, it did not make her put out when we got back to the ship.

Fortunately, Twilight was still upset about the previous night, and did her best to put me back in my place. It was fun, but Fleur was definitely better.

Of course, telling Twilight that Fleur was better made her try much harder, which made the night last a lot longer than it should have.

Totally fucking worth it.

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