Diaries of a Madman

When Discord breaks free of his stone prison, he proves to be much older and wiser than he was on the show. A being of ancient and unimaginable power, he forces Celestia to make a deal to save her little ponies. What she doesn't realize is that one of the terms of the deal is that she forgets ever making it. Enter Navarone, a poor human just trying to get by—or at least, to the ponies that's what he looks like. Pulled from his home by an accidental summoning from one Twilight Sparkle, Navarone is thrust into a world of ponies and more violence than he expected from such a peaceful seeming world. These are his adventures—with a few asides from everybody's favorite Lord of Chaos, of course.


189. Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Two Part 2

I did not reply for some time. Her hand in my hair felt very calming. After a few seconds of thought, I found myself wondering if she was pushing water through my scalp to influence my brain, but I honestly doubted it. All of what she said were things that had been in the back of my mind for a while. Did I really care for Flo, or did I just want her to be happy? Did I think the slaps and orgasmic punishments were cute, or did I think they were abusive and unnecessary? I told her that I loved her. Did I mean it? How could I really know?

“What do you think I should do, Naiad?”

Her hand moved from my hair to my shoulder again. “I believe you should take some time away from an elemental, Nav. Clear your head. You are going to be a dragon soon anyway, and we won’t be safe inside of you. While you are a dragon, think. If you find yourself anticipating or expecting abuse or cruel remarks, remember that such things are a sign of abuse. If, after all that time, you find yourself missing Flo, then perhaps she is right for you and we misread the signs. All relationships are different. Some can be difficult to understand from the outside looking in. But I worry for you and I worry for her. So if you find yourself feeling alone but you realize that Flo isn’t right for you, speak to me again. I or any sister you choose will be happy to act as a mediator between you and Flo, to either discuss separation or discuss how she can change to suit you better. And if you find that you prefer your own company, perhaps you might be better served without an elemental for some time. Being a host is not for everyone, and this isn’t a fate you freely chose.”

“...How should I tell her that I want to be alone for the next few days?”

“You don’t have to. I am the last water left aboard the ship. I sent the others away last night, to meet with our sisters near Iceland. After this talk, I will be joining them.”

“And Flo just agreed to that?”

“It took convincing, but she did agree to it. Mist and Brook will likely be having a similar conversation with her soon, if they haven’t already.”

“I have a feeling that isn’t going to go over well.”

“Jealousy and rage are more signs, Navarone.”

Don’t I know it… “You’ve given me a lot to think about.”

“I have one more thing to say.” Apparently she knew her way around the palace a lot better than I did, because we managed to walk in a big loop without running into anyone else. We were coming back up to the skydock now. “The next time you see Flo, look at her. Look very closely. Her default color is no longer pure blue.”

“...And what does that mean, exactly?”

“It means that the dear sister Flo I rescued once upon a time has changed. Flumen is similar. Both spent more time in the ground than any water elemental ever should, and it affected both of them. I want you and Flo to both be happy, Nav. But I’m afraid that asking one broken person to fix another will provide undesirable results. So very often it just results in more pain. So please think about that as well; it is not just for your sake that I come to you.”

“I’ll… see you in a few days, Naiad.”

She stopped me and hugged me. “Go in peace, Navarone,” she whispered. Once that was said, she released me and sped back into the palace, presumably toward the ocean.

It was very tempting to call her an easily manipulated stupid bitch, but… some of what she said rang true to me. That said, I had other shit to do and I had to put it to the back of my mind, but I would definitely be thinking about it and talking to a few others about it.

My next destination was back on the ship, so I walked back over to it. The guards saluted this time instead of bowing, but I paid them no mind and went into the innards of the ship. It was much noisier than it had been, presumably the sound of everyone packing their shit to get off the ship. A few guards and crew members were walking around, adding to the mess.

The mare I was looking for was locked away in her room again. I politely knocked and waited for her to open it with magic. “Ah, Nav. To what do I owe the pleasure?” Rarity asked with what was probably a real smile.

“I’m about to give you what might be a very unique opportunity, Rarity. Do you think you’re up to it?”

“If you’re going to give it to me, I imagine it is a unique opportunity that I am uniquely qualified to handle, so yes. I won’t let you down! Please, come in so we can discuss it.” She stepped back, letting me in. Her magic closed the door behind me. “So do you need another dress, perhaps?”

“I have an informal lunch date with Fleur at noon. I’m expecting it to end with some very lewd acts. Please make me pretty.”

Her face seemed to fall for about fifteen full seconds. It was a little bit awkward. Before I could ask if she was having a stroke, a massive grin split her face and her horn lit up incredibly brightly.

Waterproof mascara, flavored and smudge-proof lipstick, light blush, fast drying finger- and toe-nail polish, and she finished it with a hint of perfume.

“You are a much better sport about this than I thought you’d be, Nav,” she very happily said as I looked at myself in her mirror.

“I asked you to do this, Rarity. I’m not going to complain about you taking time to help me when I want help. As a matter of fact, you did an excellent job. Thank you.”

That got a smile and a small blush from her. “I’m delighted to help, Nav. Seeing you happy with who you are is amazing. For a time, I was genuinely concerned about your mental well-being. But seeing you so… acceptingand even happy about this puts my mind at ease.”

“If you tell anyone I said this, I’ll deny it. I think I needed this, Rarity.” Both of her eyebrows shot up. “Back in the bunker, you were right for all the wrong reasons. This isn’t sexual for me, not in the slightest. I never felt like I was the wrong gender and I never really thought that I was gay or into cross-dressing… but I think I needed to become a girl for a while. When I come from, the gender divide was… very strict. Men were taught not to show emotions, to hide what they thought and how they felt. It was expected that I stay calm all the time. But people can’t do that.”

“Certainly not. Everyone has emotions and showing them is healthy, Nav. Did becoming a mare finally show you that it was okay?”

“Exactly that. Women are supposed to be emotional, men are supposed to be logical. That was drilled into me over and over, but back then, I still felt things. I guess I always assumed that if I ever found myself on the other side, the emotions would be so much stronger that I couldn’t hide them.”

She shook her head sadly and hugged me from behind. “You never could, Nav. We saw the sorrow in your eyes, heard the repressed anger in your voice. But we never knew why you were so keen to hide how you felt.”

“Now you do. When I finally found myself stuck as a woman, I felt… the exact same. I had the same logical thoughts and the same emotional feelings. I mean, sure, during my period the emotional side gets weirder, but my biology stops it from being incredibly overwhelming. But I’m finally realizing that hiding who I am and how I feel is dumb. I can’t have friends if no one really knows me, and no one can ever really know me if I don’t wear my feelings on my sleeve.”

“Because those feelings are a part of you, Nav. They’re the part of you we’ve been waiting to get to know for so long. And I must say, I’m very happy that I’m starting to learn who you really are.”

“Good. I’d hate to lose my irresistible charm. Even though I’m changing who I am, I afraid of losing all of who I was.” I sighed and brushed my fingers against the mirror. “So little is left, these days…”

She snugged closer against me and smiled. “I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but being happy with who you are is more important than anything. You always had a massive streak of darkness in you, Nav. Or at least, you have for as long as I’ve known you. And you still do, but you’re finally beginning to brighten. Don’t let yourself think that’s a bad thing.”

“It’s just… all that I really have left. As far as I know, I’m the last remaining human, and I’ve changed so much that I don’t even know if that fits anymore. I feel like I’ve lost myself. It may be for the better, but… it felt like all I had left.”

She spun my chair around and put her hooves on my legs so she could stare at me, face to face. “It may have been all you had left of your old life, but now you have an amazing new one. Do you know why I don’t want an elemental in my head, Nav? The real reason?”

“No, I don’t believe I do.”

“I want to keep changing, Navarone. I want to evolve as I live. I never want to grow stale. New beliefs, new ideas, new lifestyles, new fashions. Change is good. Learn from your past, but let it stay in the past. Learn to accept and revel in new things, especially when they’re better. Were you happier then or now, Nav?”

“...Probably now, all things told. Loving daughter, noble title, loyal crew, good friends, relationship prospects out the ass, healthy sex life, healthy life in general, I get to see plenty of new things, and I’ll never have to work an unwanted day in my life.”

“Then let the last vestiges of who you were die out, Nav. You were granted a unique opportunity to let yourself be whoever you wanted to be. It may sound crude or even cruel, but your old life is gone, along with your family and everyone you knew. You can be whoever you want. So why would you choose to be someone who’s unhappy? I’ve wondered that about you for so long, but I was always too afraid to ask.”

“I… never really thought of it that way, honestly. I guess it just took that a long time to really sink in for me. My family isn’t here. They can’t judge me anymore. I can be who I want. I can be what I feel is right, or what makes me happy.”

“So who do you want to be, Nav?”

“I honestly don’t know.” Her smile grew somewhat wan. “I’ve spent so long being unhappy that it’s going to take me a while to figure out what does it. But I’m old enough now to know that I have nothing to prove to anyone and that being happy is more important than trying to maintain whatever image I thought I had, especially now that I’ve been forced to change so much anyway. If that makes any sense.”

“We all try to cultivate an image. I also never really understood why you seemed to want to be feared or stay aloof from the rest of us. But I do hope you’ll stop. It’s hard to be friends with a person like that.”

“We’ll see, I guess. I’m not quite done with my new path to self-discovery, or whatever you want to call it. I hope I’ll be able to look myself in the mirror some day soon and not feel a pang of sorrow. I hope I’ll continue striving for happiness.” Even if that sounds like the gayest shit ever. “But for now, I have a date soon.”

She leaned forward and gently nuzzled me for a moment before finally backing off and returning to the floor. “Do you have any idea what kind of outfit you’d like to wear?”

“I know it’s cold out, so definitely something that’ll block the weather. A fairly heavy and long jacket. Under that, probably a short sun dress with long leggings.”

“That sounds very cute, Nav. I’m glad you and Fleur became friends… or perhaps more. Do you have everything you need, or do you need me to work my magic?”

“You’re good, but noon is getting pretty close. Thankfully, I have everything I need.”

“Never underestimate my ability to help a friend, Nav. Especially if it might turn an informal date into a much more formal one at a later time.”

“I might consider that when this journey is done, but not until then. For now, I just want a good time with some good company.”

“I would love to hear every detail.”

“Even the icky, juicy ones?”

“...I would love to hear every detail minus the icky, gooey ones.” A look of distaste came on her face for a moment before she shivered. “Ugh, ew. I’m sure you’ll enjoy, but I just can’t…” She shivered again and shook her head. “No thank you. But minus those parts of the relationship, you and Fleur would be an absolutely stunningcouple. You’re both so beautiful and striking. And from what I’ve heard of her these days, clever and intelligent. You two would run Canterlot and look wonderful doing it.”

“I bet…” I slapped my hands against my knees before standing. “Thank you for all of this, Rarity.”

“I am delighted to help, Nav. If you ever need my assistance again, my door will always be open to you. But you’ll probably have to look in Ponyville for a few days, because I plan on returning home soon.”

“Then I’ll see you later.”

She bowed and waved a hoof to the door, which she had thoughtfully closed so we wouldn’t be interrupted. I let myself out and went back down to my room, where I immediately started getting dressed for the coming pseudo-date.

Right as I finished, someone short knocked. I found myself humming as I spun to open it. My daughter was standing at the other side. A very strange look came over her face when she saw me. “Um. Mommy, what are you doing?”

“Going on a date.” She blinked. “What are you doing, honey?”

“Wait, what?”

“I’m about to go on a date, silly. On purpose this time, too!”

“...With who?”

“Fleur. It’s nothing big, just lunch at her house, but I thought I’d doll myself up to see everyone’s reactions. So far, it was worth it just to see that adorably confused look on your face.” Namely, very vacant eyes and a mouth that looked like it was about to drop. “You’re just in time to say bye; I’m almost late!” I leaned down and picked her up under her forelegs so I could hug her. “I’ll see you when I get back, Taya.” I set her down and kissed her on the cheek before waltzing out.

She was too stunned to reply.

Thankfully, Watcher wasn’t back and none of my pegasus guards were on the deck, so I was able to hop off and fly away without any company.

Or so I thought. Right after I stabilized, I was joined by Rainbow Dash and Gilda. “Whoa, Nav! Looking good!” Dash said. She took a moment to fly ahead of me so she could get a better look. “Looking real good! You going to see the princess?”

“No, I have another date today. If you ask nicely, I’ll tell you all about it later.”

“Oh, you’re so on. Looking like that, I know you’re planning on having some fun. I wish I could find a cute marefriend like you.”

“There are plenty in Ponyville, you know.”

“Yeah. I’m actually about to head back. Want me to carry any messages?”

“Tell Vinyl I said hi. And if you don’t mind, check in on Lyra and Bon Bon and see if they’re having any problems with the house. I won’t have time to stop by Ponyville this trip, but I might head there when I get back from Iceland.”

“And you totally gotta let me see you as a dragon, too. Twilight made you sound so hot!”

“She’s always hot,” Gilda said with a smirk, carefully bumping into me.

“And being a dragon gives me even more heat. But yeah, I’ll probably be leaving in two more days. You’re both welcome to join me at Reginald’s cave in the Everfree for the transformation. You might see me and Twilight flying there.”

“She actually asked me to go with her,” Gilda said. “She needs more subjects.”

“More… Oh! You bring her bodies!”

“Yep. I found all those little critters she experimented on.”

“Which is weird and creepy,” Rainbow Dash said, falling back from her position in front of me over to my side. “Is your date here in town, Nav?”

“Yep. Not too far from the palace, either. I’ll be there in just a minute.”

“Then we’ll get out of your mane. Race you to Ponyville!” They both booked it, leaving me in the metaphorical dust. I smiled and shook my head, continuing on my way.

It was another typical sunny day in Canterlot, despite the deep chill, so I landed at Fleur’s house looking just about the same as I did when I took off. I don’t think it was quite noon yet, but I had no idea what there was to do around her pad, so I just sucked it up and resigned myself to being early. With that thought, I knocked.

“Just a moment!” Fleur sang out from inside. Her voice was fairly loud, so she was either close to the door or was using some kind of magic to amplify it. I wasn’t in any kind of hurry, so I wasn’t really concerned either way.

That said, it was pretty fucking cold out, so I’m glad she didn’t keep me waiting for too long. The door handle lit up with magic and she swung it open. She was already wearing a smile (and a very cute apron), but when she saw me, her entire face seemed to lit up. “Nav, you made it! And you look gorgeous!”

“Why thank you, Fleur. I wanted to see what my daughter thought of me all dolled up and I figured you would appreciate it too, so here I am.”

“I definitely do. Please, come in!” She backed up and opened the door further, allowing me entry. The warmth and smell of fresh cake emanating from within did more than enough to beckon me in. “I’m afraid it’s just the two of us today. I never did get around to finding any new servants.”

“I’m quite alright with that. I didn’t realize you could cook so well, though.”

She casually waved a hoof. “I can bake and do a few basic meals, but I’m afraid you won’t find anything too fancy here. Most rich Canterlot noblemares never learn more than standard baking.”

“Cooking’s a good skill to have. I can feed myself, but I’m definitely no chef.”

As she led the way further in, I got to see more of her house. She had several of Flo’s paintings on the walls, along with more pieces of pony art. I stopped at one of the pieces, some abstract thing.

“I never got why ponies do this,” I said. She stopped and turned to look at the painting. “Or people in general, really. Why can’t you just draw something with meaning?”

She stepped closer to look at the painting. “Hm. I know this artist, actually. He is a fairly recent one. I spoke to him in person and traded one painting for another. Do you know what he wanted, Navarone?”

“Painting-wise? No. What would interest someone like that? They can’t be trying to imitate it.”

“It was one of your original paintings, Nav. One of the very first you drew, that I personally requested Fancy Pants to give to me. He told me that he got into painting because of your work.”

“Did he want to one-up the guy painting old-timey art with his newfangled style?”

Fleur smiled and carefully booped me on the nose. “No, silly. He wanted to imitate you in his own way. He doesn’t paint to sell his art, he paints for the experience of imitating what he sees as the great and putting his own creative twist on it. But he hates your newer work, the paintings your elemental is making. The “Flo originals,” as I call them. He says there’s nothing in them. No soul, no element of something human or equine. But the old paintings that you drew by paw were perfect.”

“Well… She is a machine. It’s not like she actually is one of us. She imitates it well, but she isn’t really… conscious. Just programming that knows how to react and change based on random preset events. None of them really have true creativity or real feelings.”

“What does she think about that? I imagine she has something to say about what you’re thinking.”

“She’s not in me right now. She had to leave me to go to Iceland.”

Fleur sighed and started walking back to the kitchen. “How you live with something like that is beyond me. She sounds obsessive and controlling. Although…” She looked back at me and then to my chest. “She won’t remember this, will she?” she sorrowfully asked.

“...I’m not sure that’s going to be a problem.”

“Well. I do not mean to tell you how to live your life, Nav. But I decided when I met you that I no longer wanted to put up with that kind of behavior directed toward myself. I was Fancy’s whore. To my shame, I learned to enjoy it.” Her head hung and she slowed down. “As you said once, it’s hard to recover from a bad reputation.”

I caught up and placed a hand on her head. “This time, you have me and the princess on your side.”

That perked her right back up and put a smile on her face. “And you’d be surprised how much Queen Chrysalis has helped me!” She started trotting. Her house was very long but not very deep, part of the random allure of Captain Blossom’s side of town. When she finally got to the end of the hallway and turned left, I followed her into what was apparently the kitchen.

There’s no way this bitch didn’t expect that I was coming. The place was straight up spotless and she timed the oven perfectly, as it binged as soon as we walked in.

I wonder if I made a mistake when I agreed to meet her for a lunch date. “Good timing, huh?”

She chuckled and hopped forward to open the oven. I moved over to try to help, but there were no oven mittens. She magicked it to the table. “I hope pegasus food cake is alright,” she happily said. Oh my god, she is the perfect wife. “And I couldn’t find any meat at the market, but I did do my best to avoid grass and flowers.”

“Now I’m ashamed all I have at the moment is a shipboard kitchen. I’m gonna have to give you so many belly rubs to make up for it.”

“That would be acceptable,” she giggled.

“Do you think you could enjoy it enough that Blossom would let me rub her belly?”

“Oh, absolutely. She’s much happier and feels more free now. If you want to stay until night, I invited her over when she awakens. She won’t stay long, but she’ll be happy to see you.”

“I’m sure we can find some way to pass the time.”

“Indeed we can. Warm-ups for the show, perhaps.”

“Then let’s dig in,” I said with a smile.

She lied about her cooking abilities. She was an excellent cook. I started to feel like a rabbit with a noose around its leg. I took a second to remember that she was very, very good at seduction in high society.

“As nice as this is,” I said while we were both pausing for a moment, “I’m honestly looking forward to getting back to my journey. Coming down from a life of adventuring is hard, and coming back for these short periods so I can get a glimpse of normal life is tiring. I want this whole thing behind me, you know?”

“It can be tiring on other people as well, Nav. When you’re in town, I feel like I have so little time to spend with you that I have to cancel everything to accommodate you. You’re worth it to me and I’m happy to do it, but it can seriously slow things down with my new activities. It just so happens, you so very often send me in wonderful new directions every time you return. I like working to your tune. It makes me feel right, like I’m guided by the right person now.”

“A soul so inclined to hold onto something makes it more likely to find something better and move on. I’m happy to be your guide, but I think we both know it might not be permanent.”

“...Perhaps. But I think we both know there’s a chance that it might.”

There was, in fact, a growing chance that was the case. “It very well might. The future is a wild thing.”

“And so are you, my lucky chaotic friend.”

We went back to eating, but that gave me something new to think about. I had considered it in the past and decided against it, but Fleur would be a perfect wife if I wanted to build the Everfree into a city. I just couldn’t decide if I wanted to build it with Celestia to help her power or build it myself to unbalance her.

But I knew that either way, Fleur would be happy to help me.

She definitely had that cake done before I got there, because it was already iced with a thin film of lemon icing. That bitch was one hundred percent after the V.

She was one hundred percent going to get it. I was so wet right then that it honestly scared me.

“So I’ve been thinking about the contestants for Miss Solar," she said. "There are so many races to speak to, some with larger populations and some with… much smaller.”

“Have you come to a conclusion?”

“Do you think you could possibly… maybe… convince Kat to be one?”

The sudden relief I felt was ridiculous and I don’t know why. “I don’t think that’ll be a problem. But to prove to you what she’s capable of so it won’t be challenged, I want to let you borrow her while I’m gone. She has talents such that… how shall I say it nicely… She was a slave assassin thug. Very graceful, very good at talking and convincing, very quiet when she needs to be like a proper lady. I imagine she’ll have no trouble at all convincing all the judges that she’s the perfect kind of lady they want.”

“I merely wanted her before, Nav. But now I need her! Can you send her to me tomorrow?”

“No can do, I’m afraid. Previous engagement for me. You’ll get her the day I leave.”

“So be it.”

“What about Gilda, one of the elementals, or Zecora?”

“Princess Gilda has already agreed. The elementals aren’t life-like enough to take a place in a talent show. They don’t have to practice and all that. I did politely approach Zecora the last time she was here and she declined, but gave me the name of another. And before you ask, I am not interested in Doppel being our changeling contestant. I haven’t decided who yet, but I have a few good candidates.” Figured.

“I’m glad you know what you’re about, Fleur.”

She leaned in forward and her eyes narrowed all sexy-like. She grinned and quietly said, “And I have you to thank for it, Nav.”

“On a scale of one to ten, how grateful are you?”

She slowly shook her head and whispered, “Say the word and I’ll prove it to you.”

God damn it, she’s going to make me ask for it.

I grinned and sultrily whispered, “Bird.”

She leaned back and blinked. Her head tilted a little, then she chuckled. That turned into a deep laugh. It made her stand and then I felt magic grabbing me. She began carrying me into the other room, where there was a bed.

She tossed me onto it and I hit it with a loud pomf, because she likes that shit super soft. “W-what are we gonna do on the bed, Fleur?”

She laughed for about another minute before putting her serious face on. “If you keep doing that, I can’t ravish you.”

“Oh, now you’re the one wanting it!”

She leaned forward and kissed me for a moment before pulling back. “Tell me no,” she whispered.

“Yes, let’s do it.”

She pecked my nose with a kiss before pulling back and hopping off the bed. I had a good feeling, so I started pulling off clothes. “I told you once that I know every way of how to please a stallion. You remarked that I had done them all a lot. You were correct. And what I learned from those encounters was how to please myself. And I’m only a mare. So I think you might regret not giving me a chance before. I would be oh-so-happy to hear you say it before you leave.”

“That’s a very low chance,” I happily said.

She finally plopped back into view, dragon strap-on ready to go. There was a massive grin on her face. “Then I’ll have to try my hardest!”

[Guess what, motherfuckers? “Sex is ahead”]

I was already out of my clothes, because I’m a super easy slut who knows what she wants. My body was ready and all that. She leaned in and slowly looked me over, still smiling.

“I’ve wanted to see you for a very long time, Nav. I want to take a moment to soak it in, but there are other things I’ve waited just as long for. This night is for your pleasure, Navarone. Will you grant me that?”

Alright, this is either going to be a good night or a really horrible night. Either way, it’ll be an awesome story to tell.“Happily, Fleur. I appreciate this.”

“Then I owe you nothing and you owe me nothing.” Her furry body moved in and she lied on top of me. The toy wasn’t lubed or anything, so it pressed tightly and comfortably against me, her lovely fur on top. She kissed me slowly, letting her tongue explore my mouth at her own pace. After about a minute of kissing me, she pulled back and took in my scent with a slow inhale. “You smell divine. Lavender?”

“With a hint of mint. Suggestion from a friend.”

“Your friend is wise.” She kissed me for just a second before pulling down, kissing and gently suckling as she went. My cheek, for a moment, then all down my neck, making my heart flutter, then to my chest and finally my breasts. She tenderly suckled on one of my nipples, making my breath catch and then force out a moan.

She slowly teased it, prodding it and sucking and feeling amazing. I was already wet, but Fleur knew sensual spots. She knew a woman’s body. There’s no telling what she could do to me that I had no knowledge of. She kissed her way further until she was right above my thigh, pressed against my lower stomach. She carefully prodded a hoof into my right side and started sucking the other side. Twilight had done something similar to me before, but not with Fleur’s wise intensity.

Somehow, some way, she made me moan from a hickey on my stomach. “Have you ever felt this way before, Nav?” she asked.


“You have inexperienced partners. I know male and female bodies.” The amount of pride in her voice felt both comforting and worrying.

She continued proving her skill. Once she got below my metaphorical belt, she sucked on my pubic area. It was cleanshaven because my body is a mix-mash of invisible scar wounds, so she had a perfect shot. One hoof went to my right thigh and started slowly massaging it, being super gentle for a hoof.


“Close your eyes Nav. Explore. Feel.”

If I’m going to be trapped as a female, I’m going to be fucking satisfied. I closed my eyes and let Fleur act on me. Would I let Flo do this to me with no reservations?

That was neither here nor where she was moving her mouth to next. She slowly licked down my pubic area to my clit before just suddenly stopping. I moaned and my legs twitched invitingly, but her mouth moved to my left thigh and began kissing that. My body was so wet that it was leaking onto her muzzle, but she ignored it and slowly licked at my inner thigh. I started whimpering as she got to thirty licks and groaned when she hit fifty. Finally, she stopped for a moment and very gently bit down.

I squirted all over her face. My back arched, my toes curled, and I moaned loud enough that I realized why she didn’t have a maid yet. As soon as I started cumming, she went back to licking the thigh, holding my lower body in place with her hoof and magic. She forced me to ride that orgasm for at least a minute before backing away and letting us both catch our breaths.

“This is going much better than I expected,” she panted, the juices matting her facial fur dripping down onto the bed. Her horn lit up and a pitcher of water I was too busy to see floated over. She also brought a very fine drinking glass with an out of place straw. “Drink, Nav.” She poured water into it.

If she was going to make me squirt like that, I needed that water. When she floated it in, I happily drank it down. “So what does that mean?” I quietly asked.

“That our bodies are similar enough.” The water flew back over to its place on the only nightstand, and then she leaned in for a much more carnal kiss.

She was very tender with my lovely lady lips. I was absolutely not as sensitive as a pony there, which she quickly found out when I only whimpered and didn’t moan.

In response, she moved her attentions back to my engorged and very ready clit. She took it in her mouth and ran her tongue around it before suckling. She repeated that while her hoof continued to massage my thigh.

When I finally moaned, she moved lower, into my sweetest of holes, though unwanted it may be. Her tongue cautiously entered me, trying to decipher my taste like a professional chef. After several joyous slow, careful laps to see if she liked it, she finally began exploring in earnest. My body moaned with pleasure as she poked and prodded everywhere she could get her impressive horse tongue.

Finally, she began narrowing her search down, wonderfully pinpointing just the spot that I liked the most. She finally found the right one and made me gasp for breath as she slowly teased its length. She continued past it until she found herself out of me. She smiled darkly with her tongue still out and stood enough to kiss me deeply. I wasn’t expecting it, but I moaned at the act and the taste.

She chuckled and pulled back. “Can I be rough with you, Navi?”

“I want you to!”

“I respect you for saying that.”

I had no time to reflect on what that meant, as she immediately began muzzlefucking me. Both my hands went to her head to try to help her, but she slapped them away with her hooves and used her horse nose and tongue to hit my g-spot. She once again used magic to hold me in place as she brought me to a level of pleasure I had not felt in a while. I actually started crying and laughing from pleasure, overwhelming my senses.

She finally pulled back for a moment before thrusting her whole snout into me, stretching me much wider and stroking my fun-button so much harder. My body exploded in pleasure and I started hearing messy gulps below me, so I knew I squirted again and she was having her dessert.

When my body was too weak to struggle against her anymore, she finally eased out and fought to catch her breath. After thinking for a moment, I figured she could probably hold it for a very long time.

Once her breath was caught, but before mine was and while I was still crying, she chuckled and asked, “Strawberries and bananas, hm? Perhaps a hint of… watermelon? In winter? I do envy your life in the palace, Nav.”

There’s no way those were guesses. Chocolate covered strawberries, banana splits, and grilled watermelon are the healthiest things Celestia has for breakfast. “Your… your taste is impeccable…”

“As is yours, my lovely lady,” she said with a wink. My body tried blushing even more, but I was still coming down from a retard-moment orgasm, so there wasn’t much more it could do. I think she got the message either way, though. “Oh, Nav... Would that I had a mirror or a camera now, to show you how you look.”

“I… I don’t….”

“But wait, that’s right…” Her horn lit up and the top of her canopy bed released, trapping us in the bed together and revealing the mirror underneath. “I do.”

She hugged me, forcing me to look in the mirror at my bright red face, a dopey looking grin, and eyes that were aglitter.

“Are you ready to tell me you regret it yet, Navi?”

“N-no…” Two intense orgasms weren’t enough to stop me from talking shit. And of course, I had a feeling that denying it meant more fun.

“Well, we’ll see about that. I want you to keep an eye on yourself, Navi. You don’t want to ruin your lovely makeup, after all…”

With the angle she was holding me in, I couldn’t really look too far away. Honestly, I always tried not to think about it. My body and face felt wrong. All my mannerisms were right, but the body they tried them on didn’t like them, so to say. I felt too feminine and that always bothered me, but as I sat there and let Fleur treat me like a true lady for the very first time, I finally felt that it looked right.

Even if I’m still very shocked about it.

“Do I have your permission to use your body, Navi? Do you trust me with it, with no questions asked, relying totally upon my experience?”

I don’t know about that one. But fuck it. She knows my body. “Teach me how to be a lady.”

“With, assuredly, both our pleasures.” She finally hugged me again and kissed my ear as she lined her body up to mine. She either had magical assistance or her years of experience guided her well, because she slowly began easing her dragon-dildo into me. Ten oughtta ten aim. Gonna give Spike’s crossbow to her.

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