Without Recognition

They loved each other before. She was too scared to know it was real and he wasn't ready to admit he did.
How will time reunite them if they can't recognize what they have?


1. The Breaking Point

"Hey, I'm already here," he spoke into the phone, calling his best friend.

"What?! You're so early. No one is even there yet," Leah exclaimed, her voice ringing through the receiver.

He gave a lame response of acknowledgement before another voice came through. "Well you might as well go pick up a coffee for me," the voice chimed and he urged himself to not be shocked. Of course his ex girlfriend would be with his best friend. She had told him after all that she was getting picked up.

"Oh, hey Katherine," he greeted, being calm as he could. Usually his monotonous voice fooled everyone.

"Hey Ian," she greeted back, her voice sounding as though talking to him was completely normal, when in fact he hadn't heard her voice in almost two years.

Their conversation continued, playful banter between the three of them taking place before the call ended; he found something to occupy his time and they were on their way back. While he caught up with one of his old friends, he couldn't help but wonder how Katherine was doing while also being afraid of how he would act when he finally saw her.

It was a matter of mere stolen moments before he saw Leah and her boyfriend Jon coming up the block after finding a parking spot. Ian tried not to squint, because he wanted to see her. He didn't want to give that away to his best friends, because surely they would harass him about her. As they approached, he could see Katherine behind them, fiddling with her hair and talking on the phone with who he presumed to be her boyfriend. The giveaway clue was her ending the call as she neared him with 'I love you too'.

Katherine looked up to Ian, having 6 inch height difference, and he had to hold his breath. Her large, expressive doe brown eyes peeked over the brown frames of her eyeglasses, searching his gaze. He gave a curt nod, hoping to end her inquisition, whereas she responded back with a warm smile. However, anyone who knew Katherine and Ian knew that this interaction was filled with tension. Katherine was a physical person. To see her not hug Ian, everyone knew it was awkward.

Throughout their entire time there, she kept averting her gaze from him. She refused to linger on him for longer than necessary. However that was probably his fault. After all, he knew she was perceptive and if he gave any sort of questioning glance, she stiffened and looked elsewhere. He noted how her breathing shallowed in those moments, having stared too long at the rise and fall of her chest.

It wasn't until Leah left them alone, unaware of the heavy atmosphere between them, that Katherine no longer had an excuse to ignore Ian. At first she played on her phone, his guess would be checking social media or texting her boyfriend. Then, she was playing with her long auburn hair. He noted it was down by her waist now, which surprised him because when they were together she didn't like her hair so long. He had to remind himself people change.

His wrongdoing was not announcing he was leaving the room to get a drink. He stood and as he walked to the door, which was half closed, Katherine turned his way and they were stuck. This entire time she avoided speaking to him and now, here they were mere inches apart. Her eyes widened, reminding him of molten chocolate against the smooth chestnut color of her skin. Her pouty lips parted as she held her breath, unsure of how to react with this close proximity. For him to just have her this close, watching these few favorite parts of her, he damn near lost his mind.

Correction, he thought to himself as his hand scooped her to him from the small of her back and his lips pressed lovingly against hers, he did lose his mind.

From there the entire room melted away. The two years apart disintegrated and all that was left was her taste of vanilla and strawberry on his lips and her warmth. He groaned against her and she whimpered against him. He was stupid to have let her go. He felt her hand creep up over his chest before settling on where she would surely feel his heart beating against his ribcage. "Ian," she breathed out against his lips. He groaned again, this time resting his forehead against hers but not letting her go. "Ian," she urged again, trying to shake him from this reverie.

However all he could think of was how sweet she made his name sound and how he longed to hear her sing it. Her other hand came up and he finally opened his eyes, casting them down to see her lips gently parted and her glorious eyes pleading with him. She didn't have to say it, he knew what she meant and seeing her expression caused him to let go of her.

She took a step back from him before opening the door to go to the kitchen and get a stiff drink, leaving him to watch after her. He may have released her now, but he was going to get her back. He didn't get to tell her all of those years but he loved her then, loved her now, and he was going to prove it.

He was getting his angel back.

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