Without Recognition

They loved each other before. She was too scared to know it was real and he wasn't ready to admit he did.
How will time reunite them if they can't recognize what they have?


2. Light a Fire in Her Lungs

Her face burned as she continued to walk away from the room and into the living room. She could feel his eyes trained on her back but she refused to give him the satisfaction of turning back to meet his gaze. Her heart thundered in her chest, almost deafening the roaring laughter of the party in the living room. In her firm stance to not turn around, she caught sight of a bottle of cognac sitting on a table. With swift ease she popped open the bottle and poured it in a disposable cup that was placed near it. If she was going to get through this night without leaving earlier than she intended than she would definitely need a drink.

A great number of old friends that she hadn't seen in years were here, all mutual friends of Leah. As they came and greeted her, she smiled politely and as she kept refilling, in time she found herself laughing along with them. The alcohol allowed the blood to burn against her cheeks and made her forget why she escaped out to everyone else in the first place.

Ian eventually made his way out to the rest of the party, however he kept to a bottled water rather than any spirits. Katherine knew why though. He was driving. When her eyes landed on him, she couldn't help but admire him out of habit. Standing at 6'2", dressed in button down shirt and jeans, he was talking to another mutual friend of theirs before he caught her staring and she couldn't work up the will power to look away.

Drunk, warm chocolate eyes locked with his pair of deep bourbon and her breath locked into her chest. The apology in his eyes only served to spark a fire in her lungs and now she found it hard to breathe. Among all the laughter around her, she managed to murmur an excuse and walked outside, allowing the brisk autumn air to cool her down.

Katherine knew Ian was going to be here. She prepared herself mentally for it, but she hadn't accounted for him kissing her. She had no clue as to why he did it.

"Leaving so soon?" he called out, interrupting her train of thought before she even got to began.

"No, not necessarily," she responded, willing her eyes shut as she sat on the brick stone that made up the steps' rail. "What about you?" she fired back.

She could feel his warmth as he stepped next to her. He was always such a space heater. "Nope, just checking on you," he replied.

This warranted a scoff, "Please. I'm not even that drunk, Ian." The man was certainly being more protective than he was when they were together. Surprisingly he didn't say anything and the silence loomed on for as long as she could tolerate before she broke the silence. Hint: she couldn't tolerate it for long. "Why did you do that?" Katherine asked him, in a small voice.

She turned to face him and she could see his face contorted into a strange fashion. In her intoxicated state she couldn't fathom why. He opened his mouth to speak, only to come up short. He seemed to have changed his mind on he wanted to say because he simply shook his head and captured a stray strand of hair that happened to blow across her face, arranging it back with the rest. "Not now," he murmured, before turning around and heading back into the house.

Just like that, she could hardly breathe again.

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