He left when i needed him the most ....

He just left why? Like it was easy for me ?


6. 6

"The reason I left was because I got scared "

"You got scared!....I burst out he had to be kidding!

"Let me finish I never thought I would be good enough ... he trails off

"Good enough for what ?"

"Being a father"

"And you think I was ready to be a mother please I had no idea what I was doing ! I was young as well just because you weren't ready doesn't mean I was ! I say the last sentence in a whisper shout unable to believe what i was hearing. Seriously.

"Look I know what I did was horrible and I regret it everyday I was young and stupid"

"You where young I am two years younger than you I was 16 for gods sake !!! And it's taken you three years to actually say this to me!!" And with that I storm out he didn't want to apologise he just wanted to prove his honour

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