He left when i needed him the most ....

He just left why? Like it was easy for me ?


3. 3

After five long hours of drinking beer and talking about Jason I fell flat on my face asleep, next morning I awoke at 11:23am shit! I was meant to be at work two hours ago!!!!! I run around grabbing all my stuff I brush my teeth with Trisha's spare brush quickly ran a comb through my hair and dash out the door .

When i got home I was so tired I ordered Chinese takeaway and watched a movie at around 8:45pm my phone started ring I had left it on the little table in he entrance way I groan and lift my self out of my favourite chair and walk to where the sound was coming from Jason flashed at me from across the screen. I froze so I answer it or let it go to voicemail? I answered it with trembling fingers

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