He left when i needed him the most ....

He just left why? Like it was easy for me ?


1. 1

As I descended the wooden stair case I felt the cool air from the lounge room sweep around me instantly calming me. Suddenly I heard the door being hammered on I groan inwardly and ascend the staircase again, I opened the door and almost as quickly I tried to shut it but Jason Runes foot shot out and I closed it on his foot I didn't apologise I just left him standing there.

I was down in the kitchen when I heard the bottom stair creak and I looked up there he stood looking as impossible good looking as ever! No stop! Think!

"What are you doing here?" I asked in a server tone

"To see you he said simply "

I didn't want to see him not ever again !

"I have to go" I say grabbing my keys off the bench and hurrying up stairs

"Wait...." Jason called running after me, but by that time I was already in my car and backing out of my white stone driveway headed who knows where.

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