The Rough Life

A girl named Dylan and a guy named James are having a rough life. Dylan has 3 bullies and James parents are fighting too much. Will their friends help them or will they have to do it themselves. They go to the same school and they meet. They become friends but they don't tell each other about they rough patch they have in their lives.


2. The new school

Dylan p.o.v

I woke up hearing my alarm going off. Ugh that thing is annoying. I walk down stairs to see my parents and brothers eating breakfast.

"Good morning." The all said in unison.

"Good morning.'' I replied back.

I ate my breakfast quickly, went to my room, and started to get dressed. I hope this a bully free school, I don't want to get bullied anymore. My older brother Lucas drove me and Carter to school. Carter is a freshman and Lucas is a senior.

"Don't worry sis you'll fit in this time, anyways you have the twins as your friends so they'll help you through anything. Okay?" Lucas explained as he drove.

"Yeah and if they aren't there you can always call us even if we're in class we will always be there for you." Carter reassured me.

"Thanks guys." I replied. They treat me as if I am the smallest one. Carter is the smallest one not me.

We finally got to the school and I saw the twins waiting for me in front of the school.

"Hey guys.'' I said while shyly waving at them. I'm trying to fit in the school not be weird.

"Hey how was your ride with your brothers?" Grayson asked.

"It was fine." I responded.

Grayson, Grace, and I went to the office to get our schedules and we all had the same classes except for one, math the first period. Great I'm going to be alone.

We all said our goodbyes and headed off to our directions. I headed to room 458 in the west building. I found an empty seat sat there, and waited for the bell to ring. I saw a boy come in with a hoodie on his head. He reminded of me I always do that.

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