The Rough Life

A girl named Dylan and a guy named James are having a rough life. Dylan has 3 bullies and James parents are fighting too much. Will their friends help them or will they have to do it themselves. They go to the same school and they meet. They become friends but they don't tell each other about they rough patch they have in their lives.


3. The new home

James p.o.v

I woke up to my parents voices. They were fighting again they always fight and I hate that. They yell to much and sometimes I can't sleep. I tip toed from my room to the kitchen so my parents can't catch me. I quickly ate my breakfast, quickly changed, grabbed my backpack and left to school. I saw my friends David and Brayden waiting for me. We walked and picked up our schedules. They started talking and I didn't feel like talking my parents always ruin my mornings.

"So how are things back at home?" Brayden asked me.

"Not so well." I replied.

"Still fighting?" David asked me.

"You have no idea." I responded.

We headed off to our classes. My first period was math. I hated math it's boring learning about numbers and things like that. I went into my class and saw this girl who had a hoodie over her head and he was staring at me and I gave her a small smile, she gave me one back.

After that horrid class it was time for biology. I had this class with Brayden and David. It was so boring the only thing we were doing was watching a movie, unfortunately I fell asleep, it was way too boring to stay awake. After 4 boring classes it was time for lunch. My mates and I sat where we usually sit for the past 2 years. After lunch the other 2 classes went by fast. When it was time to go home I asked Brayden if I could stay at this house for a while so I don't have to hear my parents yell while I'm doing my homework.

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