The Rough Life

A girl named Dylan and a guy named James are having a rough life. Dylan has 3 bullies and James parents are fighting too much. Will their friends help them or will they have to do it themselves. They go to the same school and they meet. They become friends but they don't tell each other about they rough patch they have in their lives.


1. Prolouge

Dylan p.o.v

I have been moving schools a lot due to the many bullies I had. This is my third school this year. I am a sophomore and this year I'm going to a school named Ingraham high school. I have my best friends, Grayson and Grace who have been moving with me throughout this year. Their parents are best friends with my parents, so they don't mind moving them schools. Also the twins are rich so they don't care if the schools cost a lot of money. My family however are not so it's difficult to change me and my brothers school but my parents think its for the best.

James p.o.v

I have been moving houses because my parents fight a lot and break everything in the house. I am a sophomore in Ingraham high school in. I live in Seattle, I also live in front of the school so my parents could take me safely because they don't fight in the car and cause a accident. So my parents moved in fronts of the school. It sucks living in front of that prison, the teachers could walk over to my house and talk to my parents. The teachers could also come in the house and I don't want that, what if he sees the house, my parents break everything that's why we move so much.

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