The Rough Life

A girl named Dylan and a guy named James are having a rough life. Dylan has 3 bullies and James parents are fighting too much. Will their friends help them or will they have to do it themselves. They go to the same school and they meet. They become friends but they don't tell each other about they rough patch they have in their lives.


5. Meeting the bullies

Dylan p.o.v

I went to lunch after my Spanish class. Grayson and Grace were waiting for me in front of my class.

"So where do you want to sit?" Grace asked me.

"Um it doesn't really matter." I replied.

"Okay then follow me." Grayson responded.

Me and Grace looked at each other and started to follow Grayson. We went in a building, sat in a hallway and started to eat.

After lunch I were heading to biology. Grayson and Grace went to the bathroom before going to class. On our way there I bumped into a girl.

"Hey! Watch where your going!" A girl screamed at me. I just stayed quiet and looked down.

"Hey!" Another girl screamed at my ear.

"Um please don't do that." I said quietly while rubbing my ear.

"Do what? Oh this." She screamed again.

"I'm going to make your life a nightmare for stepping on my shoes and touching my beautiful dress." The girl said once again.

"Camilla, Leah! Let's go!" She demanded. I didn't do anything wrong and she's already going to do bad things to me. Oh goody I have more bullies. Everywhere I go there's bullies, I can't escape from them.

I was late to class because those girls were keeping me and I couldn't go anywhere.

I sat next to my friends they saved a seat for me.

"Hey where were you?" Grayson whispered and Grace was listening.

"I bumped into some mean girls on my way here they said they are going to make my life a nightmare. Do you know who these girls are?" I asked both of them.

"Aria and her minions." They both replied.

"How do you know them?" I asked. How did they know if they barely started this school?

"We'll tell you after school." They responded.

The last class went by fast and Lucas drove the twins, Carter, and I home.

"So how do you know um those girls you told me about earlier." I asked.

Aria and her minions?" They both asked in unison.

"Yeah them." I responded.

"When we were in first period their was this girl named Jessica and she asked us if we were new here. We said yes, so she told us that she was going to give us some advice, from who to stay away from. Jessica said that there are some mean bullies who likes making people's lives miserable for the littlest things, she also said their names are Aria, Camilla, and Leah. Explained Grayson. So now I know why she said she was going to make my life a nightmare even though I didn't do anything.

Lucas took Grayson and Grace to their house and we drove to our house.

"So your getting bullied again, and you didn't tell us about it?" I heard Lucas say. While raising his right eyebrow.

I just stayed quiet I didn't know what's to say. I should've told them first they have always been there for me especially when I got bullied.

We finally arrived to our house and I immediately got out of the car.

"Dylan wait." Lucas called for me. I didn't want to go over there he always lectures me about to always tell family first because they are always there for me and they care about me blah blah blah.

"Yeah?" I asked annoyed.

"You need to tell-" I cut him off he always tell me the same thing when I get bullied and I'm tired of it.

"Lucas I know what I'm supposed to do but sometimes it slips off of my mind and I forget to tell you so stop telling me these lectures I'm tired of it!" I yelled at him.

"I'm just trying to help you if you don't want your help then fine your on your own I won't help you anymore." He screamed back. I ran upstairs to my room and locked the door. I was crying.

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