The Rough Life

A girl named Dylan and a guy named James are having a rough life. Dylan has 3 bullies and James parents are fighting too much. Will their friends help them or will they have to do it themselves. They go to the same school and they meet. They become friends but they don't tell each other about they rough patch they have in their lives.


8. Alone

Dylan p.o.v

James and I were working on a problem the teacher gave us. It was so difficult to solve it we were the last ones to finish solving it and we just laughed. After first period ended I started heading to second period. I saw those mean girls from yesterday.

"Hey girl." Aria said sweetly, but I knew it wasn't going to last long. I didn't say anything I just looked down.

"Are you deaf or something I greeted you and you ignored me! Nobody ignores me!" She said. She thinks she's so powerful so I'm going to stand up for myself.

"Well I guess I ignored you, you think you control everyone in this school but you don't." I said confidently. After saying that Camilla slapped me. I just hold my cheek where she slapped me.

"Actually I do control everyone in this school. They all obey me so better not say anything you'll regret." She responded. She left and once again I was late for my second period. Grace and Grayson were there and when I opened the door to go in the class all eyes went to me. I went to my seat next to a girl named Jade. I was actually friends with her.

"Why are you late?" She asked me. I didn't want to tell her.

"The principal wanted to talk to me." I lied. Jade is always loud when she gets surprised so I didn't want her to blurt it out in front of the class.

"Did you get in trouble?" She asked curiously. Why does everybody think that when someone gets called to the principal's office they get in trouble.

"No." I responded.

"Why did he call you?" She asked. I swear this girl talks too much. I didn't know what to say.

"Um just to have a talk." I replied.

"Well duh I know a talk but what was it about?" She questioned. Can't she leave it alone.

"Its private." I replied.

"Oh okay." She simply said. Finally!

After second period it was time for P.E. I met Grace at the locker room.

"Why were you la-, oh my goodness what happened to your cheek!?" She asked while raising her voice.

"Aria." I all I said

"Did she do this?" She questioned.

"Yea- actually it was Camilla." I corrected her. She left and I knew she went to go tell Grayson.

I went to go meet them and Grayson looked at me puzzled.

"Did Camilla slap you?" He asked.

"Yeah." I responded.

"Look at her cheek." Grace showed Grayson as she pointed to my cheek.

"Guys stop! Yes Aria slapped me big deal! Your treating me like a child!" I shouted.

"We're treating you like a child cause we care about you! I guess you're old enough to take care of yourself! We won't help you anymore, your on your own." Grayson screamed.

They left and I was all alone. I went to go to change and my locker is next to Grace's.

"Grace I-" She left before I could continue.

Fourth period ended quick. I went to go sit where Grace, Grayson, and I usually sit. They weren't there this time. I went into a restroom stall and cried. My brother Lucas is mad at me and now my only friends are mad at me.

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