The Natterly Case

"Elizabeth Anne Natterly disappeared on 25th September 2016, at 0234 hours. There are eight possible suspects for her abduction and possible murder. Your job is to work out who is guilty."



  Elizabeth Natterly knew she wasn't supposed to be out this late. The moon was almost full above her, casting light upon the rain slicked pavements. She checked the time on her phone, the sudden light startling her. Half past two.     

Her boyfriend, Marcus, had been expecting her home hours ago; there were five missed calls from him, but Elizabeth ignored them. She'd be home soon anyway.  

A shiver ran down her back. She whipped her body around to see a dark, shadowy figure suddenly flitting behind a tree. Shaking off the feeling of worry that rose like bile in her throat, she strode on forwards. Only a few more streets to go.   

There were heavy footsteps behind her. She hurried up. The footsteps started running. A hand clamped around her mouth and she bit down hard. A body slammed into her and slapped her.   

She screamed and the little light from the moon disappeared.

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