Infinity and Beyond

Our world is cursed, men's hearts are filled with evil, murder, adultery, theft and slander. Everywhere you turn, there is war raging. Mutants versus humans, good versus evil, and civilized vs savage. Monstrous creature, beast, demon, destroyer, and dangerous is what you know me by; it’s what you know us all by. Human beings think we're a threat. To hear the word mutant is an abomination to humans. Mutans have to survive through all the hatred in the world. It gets harder and harder every day, because mutants are brutally murdered because of their genes.

One of the reasons we're hated so much is because of a blood red headed mutant. She is coated with blue fish scales all over her body. Her pupils are black, outlined with a the treacherous color of yellow flames burning like an erupting volcano. She can commute into anyone at anytime and anyplace instantly. Her denominate is Mystique; she is dangerous, wanted, immortal and she is my mother.


1. Chapter 1

      Standing by the window, I look out to see the hot boiling sun setting in the east.  I see the light in my room starting to fade.  “Until tomorrow sun,” I tell myself, and I cut my bedroom light on.  My room is the perfect size, not too small, not too big, but just right.  As I walk to my bed, I stop and look at myself in my antique French mirror.  It’s gold with tiny black aging spots on the corners.  I stare at my wrinkled dark blue jean jacket with the green hoodie.  Then I look at my face, wrapped in my caramel colored skin, deep dark brown eyes topped with my kinky curly dark hair.  My hair is in a curly, messy bun because of the humidity outside.

Ding!  I look at my phone to see who’s texting me, it’s Christian.  

What are you doing?

Christian has been my best friend since elementary school.  He’s tall for his age and looks mature, but he can be really stupid at times.  His skin is the color of butterscotch, and he has a dimple which makes him kinda cute.  

Chris, you just saw me like five minutes ago at school.  Stop acting like humans, and do something with your life.  

Not all humans are bad Coryn.

What do you want Chris?

IDK,  I just need someone to talk to.

I was just about to reply, when I heard the front door creek.  Mom and Zeke must be home.  Zeke is my younger brother who looks just like me, but you wouldn’t think his face is normal.  He was born with a disease called Small Anomalies.  His eyes are where his cheek should be.  He doesn't really have a chin, and his ears are very small.  He’s the best brother to have, and I am the only one who can protect him from this world.

 I walk down the hallway to welcome my little brother home.  “Zeke, is that you?”  No one replies, except for a creek in the floor.  All of a sudden I hear “boo.”  Zeke comes out from around the corner and attacks me,“Ahh!” I scream playfully.  I think to myself, I wish he could play with other kids this way.  

“You scared me you monster!” Then I start to tickle him to the floor.  After a few moments I ask, “Where’s mom?”  

“Coryn.”  I shifted to the demanding sound of the voice.  “I need to speak with you.”  I hear myself swallow.  My mother looks at me with her treacherous color of yellow flames, and I follow her as she leads me to my room.  As I walk in, she shuts the door behind us.

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